Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am always interested in other people's ideas and thoughts....I guess that is how I became a Pshyc major...huh? Anyhoo, I would love to hear what resolutions or changes you plan on making this new year! Either email me or leave a comment...I would really like to hear from each of you! My resolutions? I stated already....sticking to my "no diet-diet" would be at the top of my list! There are also several other personal growth goals that I have too! I am reading a book by Jentezen Franklin titled "Fasting". I enjoy listening to him preach, I subscribe to his podcasts ( I LOVE MY ipod!!-FREE preaching!)! Anyhoo, each year his church goes on a 21 day fast beginning Jan 1. I think that is an awesome way to start the new year! In his book, he describes several different types of fasts, and the meaning for each of them. I would encourage you to read the book and see if God leads you to go on a fast! I really think that great things would start to happen within our churches (and outside of our church walls!) if we all gave some type of sacrifice to God-asking Him to reveal Himself to us as a result! I have been praying the last 2 days about what God would want ME to give, I got my answers! I know that if it means something to ME.....then it will mean something to God! I am believing that God is going to move in my life as a result of my obedience. I pray that you will seek Him too so we see an outpouring ( a TRUE outpouring) of His power! did I get off on all of that? So, as far as my resoltions go.....I also want to get more organized. Some people would argue that my house IS organized....I guess it is, but I am always scatter brained, looking for this or that......I want to try to fix that! Every year, I resolve to be a better wife and mother....I try, GOD knows that I TRY! I guess that is one of those things that can not be accurately measured-but it is still something I want to work on. I reckon that is about it really. Can't wait to hear from ya'll!! Happy new year!

New year's eve

Every year, the kids and I stay up and watch the "ball drop" together. We watch movies or play has become a tradition in the McCann household. Brett always has to drive for the limo company on he misses out :( Tonight, we have borrowed 3 movies from the library and we will also be watching "Benji"-a movie Spencer got from the Christian book store! Poor Spencer always has to sit through the movies that the girls and I like! Tonight's playlist includes "Sense and sensibility"; "Pride and Prejudice"; possibly "The secret garden" (we will check it out-I heard that there was some questionable things in the movie, but in reading the description-I do not see it.). I am SO glad that the girls love all the old movies like I do!! We will also be making cookies for our "party".

Anyhoo.......sales! The sales are amazing right now! Yesterday, at Target, I got bags of "willy wonka" candy for .02 cents each! I also got bags of Hersey's candy and Nestle candy for .20 cents a bag! (They have 75% off of their Christmas candy....and I had coupons on top of that!) We do NOT need candy...what was "Santa" THINKING.....filling up our stockings with so much!? Since we do not need candy, we are going to be using it as incentives in Children's church. Brett and I are going to be heading up the children's church at the new church-so we are stocking up on all kinds of goodies for the "Bible buck store"!

Well, I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year! BE SAFE!

Monday, December 29, 2008

What a Blessing!!!!!

Today I received a Christmas card.....inside was $2,000 CASH! (and NO, it was NOT from my Mom and Dad...if you are wondering!) I about fell over! God has always been faithful to our family, and He often uses other people to meet our needs...but $2,000 cash ?! WOW! Amazing! My goal for 2008 was to pay off all of our credit cards-we have been so blessed this year and we are down to only one card-and now, with this blessing, we are going to be able to pay it off in January! NO MORE credit card debt! We owe on our house and our car-but that is ALL! God is so good! We stopped using our credit cards a long time ago-after we charged my equipment for the photography business. We have since learned how to manage without using them-that is a blessing all by itself! So, now, when we get our tax return back, we can afford to fix up our house and our plumbing issues (my Daddy tried to fix the tub while he was here but he said that we are going to have to go through the wall in the girls' room to repair it!). We also have issues with the back bathroom, the kitchen sink, the toilets (both bathrooms), the dishwasher is broken and most recently........the washing machine is now leaking! We should be able to fix at least SOME of that with the tax return! Then, our next goal is going to be to get life insurance for Brett and me and then start saving $$-so we do not have to wait for the next tax return to fix any other house issues! Anyhoo, I am so excited and grateful to God (and the people that He uses!) for being able to pay off our card! AND for being able to pay our bills! Some of that $2,000 will go to our budget next month-Brett's 2nd job has been sloooooooow! Two weekends this month he did not have ANY work! Well, I just wanted to share my joy with everyone...I really hope that I am not coming across the wrong way-I really just wanted to share how good God has been to my family! Trust me when I say....there have been MANY, MANY times when I sat and heard other people's testimonies-about how God dropped 2 grand into their lap....or how God canceled all their debt-and I did not understand why God did not ever do that for us! I can not pretend to understand why God provides "more than enough" for some people and for other people (like us sometimes).....just barely enough! Or, why He seemingly doesn't provide at ALL for some people. I do not understand! I know that there are many of you who are reading this who are on the very brink of losing everything you have, and you wonder how you will provide for your children-please do not give up! He does not always come (almost never!) when we think we need Him-but if you stay faithful....He WILL provide. One way or the other! You may be under a much smaller roof-but He will provide shelter (to some people, my little tiny house is a mansion!). You may not be eating steak.....but He will provide food (Ramen noodles are still considered food-right?)! "Give and it WILL come back to you, good measure, pressed down and shaken together..". There are many weeks (MOST!) when we put our tithe into the offering, I pray. I remind God that we are giving out of obedience to His word and out of obedience to His voice. I ask Him to stretch and multiply our (His) tithe money and use it to bring souls into His kingdom. Then, I ask Him to remember the covenant that we have with Him and ask Him to meet our needs. It may sound strange, to remind God of anything... after all, it is not like He forgets! But, none the less, I do. He always provides! Praying lots of blessings over your families too, Sha

When Bubba saw the money...he screamed "we can stay at Disney world FOREVER!"! Too funny!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today's deals!

CVS.....what I found at CVS today:
6-B1G1 Dawn dish soap $1.99 (minus .50 off EACH one= 2/.99) * limit 6
2-Colgate toothpaste $2.99 (earn $2.00 in ECB (extra care bucks)= .99 can also use a Colgate coupon....but I already used mine) *limit 2
1-Schick quattro razor $8.99 (earn $5.00 ECB and -$2.00 coupon= $1.99) * limit 1
4-Rohio eye drops on sale for $4.99 (earn $2.00 EBC and -$2.00 coupon= .99 each) * limit 5

Walgreen's......what I found at Walgreen's today:
2 Glade oil candle starter set-on clearance for $3.29 (-$2.50 coupon= .79 each)
2 Revlon eye make up-on clearance for $2.79 AND B1G1 (-$1.00 off coupon on EACH= 2/.79)
2 Revlon lipstick-on clearance for $2.29 (-$1.00 coupon=$1.29)
5 Robitussin or Dimetapp cough meds-on sale for $4.00 (-$1.00 off coupon on each, PLUS $10.00 reward bucks-when you buy $20 worth=$1.00 each)
Wrigleys extra gum-3/.99 with Walgreen's coupon in the "saver booklet" located at the front of the store.
PLUS...for some reason, when my reward bucks printed, I got 1-$10 one and 2- $5.00 ones=$20.00 in reward bucks!!

There are lots of other great deals going on at both these stores...but this is what I took advantage of this week!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love Lucy

Christmas is over and now my house reflects that! Today, we took down the Christmas tree and all of the decorations. It feels good to have that behind us! We usually wait until New years day to take everything down, but this year I was just "over" Christmas and today we had the perfect opportunity to do it-so we took advantage of it. Anyhoo-while we were taking everything down and cleaning everything, I finally put up some of my "Lucy" stuff that was just sitting on the front entrance table. It is a bit crowded on my new "Lucy wall"-but it is my spot...just for me. Each one of my "Lucy" things means something special to me-as they are all gifts from friends and family. Karen bought me Lucy book (it ROCKS!-it has copies of real the marriage certificate and newspaper articles) and the key holder, Nikki bought me the Lucy clock, Brett's aunt made me the Lucy B-day card, my parents bought me the signs, Brett bought me the photos, a secret sister bought me the frame (the pic in the frame is of me at my "surprise" b-day party-where Nikki made me a "I love Lucy" b-day cake!), Nikki also bought me the frame that has little Lucy pics in it. My favorite episode has got to be the "Vitameatavegimin" one, where she gets drunk doing a vitamin syrup commercial! Also, I love the one where Ricky and Fred trick the girls by telling them that the potato sack "dresses" that they "bought" them are really very expensive and trendy french dresses......the way that they "strut their stuff" wearing those dresses just cracks me up! I love that they think everyone is starring at them because they are admiring the dresses! Then, there is the "fishing" episode where the girls bet the guys that they can catch a bigger fish-and then BOTH the girls and the guys go out and BUY a large fish from the fish market......then they try to hide it from each other! So classic! I have all but the last season on day I want to get that one too! The pic bellow is them wearing their potato sack dresses!-thinking they were ALL THAT!

Today we took the kids to see the movie "Bolt"-it was really cute! The tickets were only $5.00 each and at the Oldsmar theater, they let you bring in "outside" food so we packed a lunch and brought it along! I think it is awesome that they allow people to bring in their own food! They said that customers could bring in a large pizza as long as it does not distract other customers! Anyhoo-the movie was really funny, and I have the feeling that it is one of those movies that you "catch" more and more each time you see it!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, as you can imagine, things have been a little bit crazy in the McCann household lately! My parents are here (yippee!!) and they have brought along Gillie! Beau (my brother) was here for Christmas eve too! We have 9 people and 6 dogs in this 1152 sq feet house! Reminds me of that beautiful song "Little houses" by Doug Stone. It has a line that says "love grows best in houses just like this". It makes me love my home even more. Anyhoo, this Christmas has been a bit stressful-it seems like almost every present that he kids got from "Santa" is not working properly! Things have settled down a little bit today-so I hope that we can at least "maintain" today!

Ok, now that I sound like the "Grinch"!......the kids did have a good Christmas! My parents bought us a Disney vacation package and I am SO excited! Brooke went to Disney when she was 2 years old, but the other kids have never been! Our package includes-2 days at Disney, 3 nights at a Disney resort, 2 meals and 2 snacks each day and a refillable mug for each person! We are going to go in February-this will be our very first family vacation!
Brett and I did not spend much money on each of the we are DETERMINED to pay off our last credit card next month! But I was so proud of each of the kids because they showed such appreciation for what the got! They have not stopped thanking us for the "best Christmas ever"! Brooke got some boots, make up, watch, hair dryer..... Maddie got a watch, clothes for her dog, rings from Claires (when she opened them she held up here hand and said "he went to Jareds"...and had us cracking up laughing!), an out fit.... Brooke and Maddie together got a Nintendo DS-I bartered for it. I did pictures for a friend and she gave it to me since her daughter was going to sell it anyway! Spencer got a nerf gun, a electronic fake "lap top" game, air hogs...... . Yesterday, after we ate our Christmas lunch, Brett and I laid down to take a nap before trying to tackle the Christmas mess! When we woke up, our house was SPOTLESS! The kids (all three of them!) had cleaned the entire house-top to bottom! And they even folded the laundry! I am such a proud mother! I appreciate having kids who appreciate even the "little things"!

Brett and I did not buy presents for each other this year (we did buy each other a FM transmitter for our ipods-on black friday), but we did get gifts from our little Noah! Noah bought me an awesome Victoria's Secret tote bag, with several VS items in it! He bought "Daddy Brett" a Starbucks gift he could take "Mama Sherri out on a coffee date"! How sweet is that!
He also got each of the kids presents too (his adopted brothers and sisters :) -BTW, Lisa...Spencer has already colored the entire Star Wars book!

I have been so proud of myself for sticking to my "no diet-diet". I know for all you "normal people" that must sound insane! Maybe it is....who knows? I have never been accused of being sane...LOL! Seriously-I believe that my mindset is really starting to change! I feel the "pull" of junk food becoming weaker! That is NOT to say that I did not eat any!! But there was not any "frantic eating" going preparation of starting a "diet"! AND...with my "all or nothing" mentality-that is amazing! I even went for a walk this the past, if I was being "bad" and eating junk-I would not exercise at all-it felt use less to, know that there was NO way that I was going to work off all the junk I ate! is that "all or nothing" part of my brain at work!

I have a had a TON of positive feedback from that blog post-it really helps me to know that there are other people taking the "no diet vow" with me! I really believe that this will truly work for us! If we can just focus on healthy eating and quit worrying about every lb or even every 1/2 lb gained or lost...I believe that our bodies WILL find a perfect weight to STAY at! Think about it.....isn't that the way that God designed us? I think that Satan will find ANYthing and EVERYthing he can to get our focus off of what it needs to be on! Whether is is us beating ourselves up about our much we have gained throughout the years (or days!)-or if it is focusing SO much about dieting and how much weight we are losing! In either scenario-our minds are consumed with it and our lives can not be truly whole! If we focus on what God wants for our lives and our families, I believe that HE will direct us in EVERY area of our lives!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Right now, I am sitting in my bed, having my coffee and watching a movie. The house is so quiet, with my "babies" gone (they'll be back some time today!!!). Anyhoo, I am going to enjoy the time that I have to myself before I have to go to the neurosurgeon this afternoon. I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family! My Mom, Dad, brother and niece will all be here to celebrate with us! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.....enjoy every moment with the ones that you love!!

PS.....Like my new website "logo" that I designed.......(upper right hand corner)?
I am still not "in love" with the name.....but it got the majority of the votes. So, until the perfect name hits will have to do!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My experiment

Brett and his friends are playing Xbox.....just a couple of boys! He NEVER has his friends over here (he goes to their house once a month)-so I am glad that he is having a good time with them! With the kids gone-I am just sitting here on my laptop surfin' the net. I was looking up all kinds of diet plans-just to see what was "out there". WW has a brand new plan but I did not make it to a meeting this month to get the info on it. Anyhoo-I am just really tired of following ANY plan! Tired of counting points, calories, fat, carbs.....or whatever the current diet has me counting! I am not even CLOSE to giving up though! I can not afford to "not care"-I know that I could easily end up being 225 lbs again! But.....I was thinking, what if I just stopped counting and planning and stopped worrying about it? I believe in good nutrition-I realize that we only have ONE body, if we abuse it, we do not get another one! As you know, I have been re-reading my Bob Greene books, he is ALL about healthy eating and even more focused on exercise. I love to read all kinds of books on healthy living-some of them offer really great advise, others are so crazy and unrealistic that it is insane!! I am almost positive that at LEAST 1/2 of my readers (probably more!) plan on going on some type of "diet"........come New Year's day! You will get all excited and hopeful and promise yourself that THIS year, you WILL lose the weight. Now, I am NOTHING if not an optimist-but at the risk of sounding pessimistic, I want to bring you back to reality and ask you WHY will THIS year be any different than every other year? Will you try a "brand new" diet program? Will you try an old program that once worked? If it worked.......REALLY worked, why would you need to lose weight now? If you can not live with the plan that you are considering for the REST of your LIFE....then it will not work! Now I KNOW that I have lost some of you! I am just as guilty as anyone when it comes to this! When I lost my weight-I reminded myself that I was making a LIFE long change.....I knew that walking (my form of exercise) would be a part of my life forever! STILL......11 years later, it IS a part of my life! Unfortunately, the eating plan that I choose is NOT! I counted calories and only ate low fat foods.....some days I would not even get 10 grams of fat! Over the years I have learned more about healthy eating-but I still have had that "diet mentality". I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have said "I will start my diet tomorrow!"-dead set that I was REALLY going to do it! Only to get 2 days into the week and promise to start again another day! Sound familiar? Well, I have decided that I WILL NOT be starting a diet tomorrow..or next week, or even Jan 1st! I am doing a little experiment-what will happen if I just STOP dieting? I will continue to make healthy choices-but no counting and no guilt about unhealthy choices that I may make! I will continue to walk.....I really do enjoy it and it is so important for my mental and physical well being! However, I will make no promises of walking "X" amount of mins or hours each day! I am choosing to listen to MY body.....not to the people who swear that they can not tell that I have gained 20 lbs in 2 years! Not to the media or magazines that tell me that I need to be 110 lbs! MY body will dictate where I end up on this journey! I am not aiming for a certain size (although, I'd really like to FIT IN MY CLOTHES again!) or a certain weight. I will weigh myself 1 time a month and report to you all what my stats are. I already feel liberated! If you would like to join me on this "no dieting" journey.....please, send me an email and let me know!! If you are starting a diet plan come New Year's day......I really do wish you the best of luck!! Many diets DO you know, WW was my favorite, but if you get tired of counting and planning and then "give up"-you will only gain it all back. Please consider that when deciding what plan you will choose!! I will be sure to keep you all updated on my day to day progress! Now, how do I retrain my brain to quit counting??

Money makers!

If you are reading this and NOT at are probably too late to get in on this week's amazing deals! Today and tomorrow CVS is giving away tons of products free! Lots of them are money makers...once you use coupons! I will not bore you with the details....since by now every CVS is sold out! Anyhoo....if you are lucky enough to live in a area where no one cares about saving money-then you may want to run out right now! Crest toothpaste, Listerine, Loreal eye shadow, nail polish, cleaners......are some of the things offered for free!

Well, the youngins are in Cross is just Brett and I until Tuesday! I miss my babies :( . Last night, Brett and I watched a movie while we wrapped ALL the presents! We are DONE!! Yippee!!!! Today, Brett's best friend and his friend's twin brother are coming over to watch the BUCS game, then we are going over to Michael and Liz's house for supper! Tomorrow I have a doctor's appt to get the results of my tests, and Tuesday I have my appt my appt with the new neurosurgeon-for my neck. I will be glad to get through those two appts and move on!

BTW, Brett has told me that my readers are going to think that I have "sold out" because I have allowed ads on my blog and because I have recently begun to write ads for the advertisers. Most companies will not allow me to disclose that I am being paid to write the ad-in the actual post, but just so you know, I am being paid to write ads and you will be seeing more! I get paid $5.00-$60.00 per post and, although I will not get rich writing ads-every little bit helps! So, that being said-I promise to be honest in every ad post that I take-but I can not vouch (myself) for these companies-unless I have used them myself. There is a limit of 3 paid posts per day-and there must be unpaid post in between each paid one. So, my blog will still be the same-with the exceptions of a few ad posts here and there. So far the "paid per click" ads are working out-I have made a few bucks with each company I am signed up with-again, I am not making it rich, but at least it is something! And I am not having to do anything for it!

Well, I am ready to eat lunch....Brett has set out a TON of food-for his little party that he is having! It is really cute-he has even made it "pretty"! I told him that I was going to take a pic and blog about it.....should have taken a pic before they started devouring!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Today's deals!

Today was kinda hectic, I woke up and took Bubba to his audiologist appt-then we rushed to school (late!) for a day of Christmas parties! I bounced between Maddie's class and Spencer's class so I could help out both teachers. Thankfully, their classes are across the hall from each other! In Maddie's class we went caroling in the neighborhood, THAT would never happen in public schools! I love that the kids are in a Christian school, it is SO nice to have a "Christmas vacation" instead of a "winter break" (as it is in public schools!). Anyhoo, I wanted to share some of the great deals I got today! At CVS they have BOGO free on Maybelline lipstick. Well, the CVS that I went to ASLO had a 50% off clearance on some of their Maybelline lipstick, so a $7.99 tube was on clearance for $3.99 AND it was still BOGO! So, without any coupons you'd get 2 for $3.99- BUT, I had (10) coupons for $4.00 off any Maybelline lipstick-so I got 2 for -.02 cents! I ended up buying 18 tubes of lipstick in all, and my total (with the manufacturer's coupons and some cvs coupons) was -22 cents! Spencer had to pick out some candy just so they did not owe me money!

Also, a great deal that Publix is having this week is 40% off all cover girl lip and nail products. In the front of the store there are flyers with coupons in them and there is one that has a -$2.50 off ANY cover girl item! So the lip gloss that was $4.99 is now $2.99-with the coupon it is only .49 cents! AND, in my Publix there were "sticky" coupons on the product for $1.50-so it was a $1.01 money maker! (Not all Publix stores will allow you to use coupons over the value of the item-but some do!). Last night, I bought 2 tubes of lip gloss and 3 cans of Old Spice shave gel (that was on clearance for .75 cents) and my total (with tax) was .60 cents!

The deal with the Aleve is STILL available! I noticed that they still had plenty of Aleve with the $-1.00 sticky coupons on them still! Along with the -$5.00 off 2 Publix coupon-they are ONLY .05 cents each!

Hope you all have a Happy weekend....filled with lots of savings!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I am STILL debating on a blog name...not crazy about any of them, but so far the "nifty and thrifty" one is winning....but only 6 of you have voted! Give me some feedback-let me know what you think!

My gifts

I wanted to post the pics of my Christmas presents! I have used my coffee cup every morning since I got it-I just love it! I think of Karen with every sip! I still have not hung up my sign-maybe tomorrow! There is just something about my new earrings that make me feel like a "rock star"! Don't you just love having that one thing that just makes you feel good about yourself?
Today is a busy, BUSY day for me! The very last day before Christmas vacation (the last day of school is tomorrow, it is a 1/2 day-but I will be at the school all day for the class parties), and I am trying to get everything done today! I had to buy gifts for the gift exchange that Spencer and Maddie are having, I had to finish making teacher's gifts....and I need to get my housework done! It was clean yesterday, but today?? Not so much! How does that HAPPEN!? Anyhoo-hope you are all having a "Happy Thursday"!

Here is a close up of the earrings that carol bought me, I wish that you could see them in person-the pics do not do them justice!

Discounted eyeglasses!

We all know how tight money is for everyone with today's economy being the way that it is. People have lost their jobs, businesses are slow.......times are tough right now! I think that "we" have finally awakened and started cutting out all the "mindless" spending that Americans have grown accustomed too. There are plenty of things that we can "cut corners" on, lots of things we can live without, but there are some things that we simply can not ignore.

If you wear eyeglasses, then you know the importance of having a great pair of glasses that you feel comfortable wearing and that look nice on you. You also know how expensive eyeglasses can be! I found an awesome website where you can order prescription eyeglasses at a fraction of the cost (as low a $15.00 a pair!)!

"Optical4less" has every kind of frame imaginable! They offer tinted sunglasses, bifocal reading glasses, progressive reading eyeglasses, photochromic sunglasses, rimless frames (aka "Sarah Palin glasses).......... all at deeply discounted prices! With the prices they offer, you can afford to buy several pairs of glasses (one to match every outfit!), and STILL not pay what you would have paid for just ONE pair of glasses from your local eye doctor! AND, if you order more than one pair, you'll get FREE worldwide shipping!! They even have children's frames (I need to order some for Maddie, she can be rough on her glasses!). They also have a "virtual try on" system! I have a friend who ordered her glasses from them and she was thrilled with the service and with the glasses! Visit Optical 4 less, and see how much money YOU can save!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I think I am gonna have to wait until tomorrow to post pics of my awesome presents....I am tired! Too tired to blog even! I am ready for my body rub and Brett and I are gonna watch the "Biggest loser" finale show (we recorded it last night, so we could watch it together tonight...I had GNO last night)-even though I already saw on MSNBC who won! It was staring me right in the face when I woke up this morning! Anyhoo, I have the "bestest" friends ever! I got "Brighton" earrings and a gift card from Carol today. My earrings are beautiful! I have to say, I was "struttin' " my stuff around Publix today-feelin' pretty good about the "bling bling" I had hangin' from my ears! Karen got me a awesome travel mug that says "You'll always be my best know too much!" and a totally rockin' "I love Lucy" sign-with hooks for my keys (which I am always losing!). I opened the presents she bought me first-I started to laugh when I saw the mug, because I special ordered a picture from -with the same exact saying on it!! Too Funny! I promise to take pics tomorrow-I really want everyone to see my gifts! Poor Brett, we decided not to buy presents for each other this he is not getting ANYthing (well, his family draws names, so he will get one present). Even though he is not buying me a present-I still got great gifts from my friends! I have wife guilt!

Alright, I am ready for my Dormia, see ya tomorrow!! Hope you all had an awesome Wednesday.....just because you were alive to enjoy it! Don't get me a whole other blog!
Today's shopping trip was so much fun! Yes, that is right-I get a thrill from grocery shopping! Pathetic? Quite possibly, I am not sure. Anyhoo, at Publix I spent $115.00 but I SAVED $156!! I got great deals using store coupons combined with manufacturer's coupons. I paid $1.49 for Crest spin toothbrushes, I bought 6 (MORE!) boxes of Aleve pain reliever for .05 cents each, 4 boxes of Alka-seltzer plus medicine for .45 cents each............ .That is just some of the deals I got today! At Walgreen's I bought 6 tubes of Almay lipstick and a Oust candle and I spent less than $3.00! I will blog more later...gotta run take bubba to speech therapy! I am going to take some pics of the great gifts I have gotten from friends...I will post them later tonight!! I am spoiled....and I feel loved ;) .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Carry those coupons!

Why you should ALWAYS have your coupons with you: Today I ran to Toys R Us, to pick up a few things, while I was there, I saw that they had a three pack of "Trident White" gum on clearance for .98 cents. That is a great deal all by itself! BUT, since I had my coupons in the car (even though I had not planned on using them!) I ran out and got my " -$1.00 off any three pack of Trident gum" coupons and got four packs for -8 cents! Of course, I still had to pay taxes on them-but what a super deal! It pays to keep your coupons with you, you just never know when you will be able to get something for free!


Look to your vote on a name! If you have come up with another name-share it!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I just came from Walgreens and I want to share some of the deals that they have going on this week! Skippy PB is on sale 2/$3.00, Splenda (100 count) is on sale for $2.99, Coffeemate creamer is 2/$2.49 (with walgreens coupon-in flyer), Progresso soup is .99 cents (with coupon in flyer), Scotch packaging tape is 2/$2.99 (with coupon in flyer), Children's Zooth toothpaste and tooth brushes are on sale 2/$4.00 (and you get $2.00 in reward bucks back when you buy 2!) Colgate toothpaste is .99 cents (6.4 oz) with coupon in flyer. Use your manufacturer's coupons along with these products and you will save some BIG bucks! After my coupons, the Splenda ended up being $2.44, the Coffeemate creamer ended up being 2/$1.49, the Progresso soup ended up being -.11 cents each (meaning a "money maker"!), the toothpaste and toothbrushes were 2/$3.00 (not counting the $2.00 rward bucks earned from buying them!), the Colgate was .25 cents each, and the packaging tape was 2/.99 and the PB was 2/$2.20! I spent a total of $10.51 on the Splenda, 2 jars of PB, 2 cans of soup, 2 tubes of Colgate, 2 toothbrushes, 2 tubes of kids' toothpaste, 2 rolls of packaging tape, and 2 bottles of coffee creamer. And I earned $4.00 in reward bucks on top of that! Anyhoo, just wanted to give you an idea of what the deals were at Walgreens this week!

New blog name

I am sure you noticed, along with with the new blog address, this blog is "trying on" a new name. The reason being? I have joined multiple "blog rolls" (sites that post your blog address)-in hopes of creating more revenue from my ads. "My Thoughts"(the title)-did not target the readers I am trying to attract. My actual blog will be the same, I will still be posting on the same topics as I always have, in case your were wondering. Anyhoo, I am not "in love" with the new name and I am looking for suggestions-once I have a few suggestions, I will be taking a poll. If you can think of a "catchy" title, that will "fit" my blog, please comment on this post OR email me directly! I am looking forward to hearing your ideas! I came up with "Cookies and Coupons" -while thinking about the upcoming coupon class. When Michelle suggested that I charge money for taking the class, I told her..."just make me some cookies". And, since I am always sharing, on this blog, about my struggles and triumphs (sometimes the same week!) with my weight...."cookies" just seemed to fit. Anyhoo, please share your ideas on a name!

Last night, we went to feed the fish and the turtles, then we played in the park a bit. Maddie and I were walking along the sea wall when we passed a group of teenagers. Once we passed them, one of them said "Merry F******* Christmas"! I turned around and looked at her, when I turned back around, she said it again, only LOUDER! I was angry at the nerve of this little girl-talking like that, TO ME, in front of my 10 year old daughter! I turned back around, forced the biggest fake smile I could muster and I said "God Bless you"! Maddie got all freaked out, thinking they were gonna "jump" me or something! Anyhoo, when we met back up with Brett, I told him what had happened-he walked over to where they were still sitting on the sea wall, and he told them that he "did not appreciate them speaking like that in front of his wife and daughter". This young girl told him that she had "freedom of speech" and she cold say whatever she wanted to! Unbelievable! Freedom of speech, in a park where children are playing?? I think she needs to go back to school and relearn a few things! So, when Brett came back and told me what she had said I told him that he needed to go back over there and start preaching or praying really loudly-standing right in front of them! Reminding them that he ALSO had freedom of speech. I am sure that they would have at least gotten up and moved! Brett, being the "level headed" one in the family.....would not do it. He did say that he felt like telling that girl that she had a "dirty mouth and she needed a bath" and then push her over into the water! He did not want to get arrested...bummer! I know that those kids have issues and that God loves them, but it just aggravates me to no end to see such disrespect!! THAT is why we are no longer youth pastors! Been there, done that, NEVER want to do it again!

Yesterday morning, at church, there was no children's church....for several different reasons. Bubba does not do very well sitting in the main service-but we decided to try to make it work. Yesterday was communion at church-now, you'd think that since the boy was raised in church, he would have seen it at some point, but apparently not! He saw the plate being passed around and he said "what is THAT?....cause I am starving"! Oh, my! It was hard not to laugh at this point-laugh at what he was saying and laugh at ourselves that our 8 year old son had never seen communion! We went ahead and let him partake, and we planned on explaining it on the way home from church (there was no way we could explain it right there...with his hearing, we'd have to talk loudly and it takes a LOT or "words" to explain new concepts to him!). Well, the laughter just kept rolling! The first person prays over the bread...then Brett tells him to eat the bread. Spencer says "But, I wanted to DIP it!" (meaning into the grape juice). Then, Brett prays over the juice, and in his prayer, he thanks God for the blood that was shed.......... . After Brett finishes praying, Spencer takes a small sip of the juice, scrunches up his nose and then he says "was that blood?"! I laughed so hard! On the way home, he says "So, what are we having for our REAL lunch?". Oh my! He is just too much! He's been really excited about my Mom and Dad and Gillie coming down for Christmas. Recently he said "I do not like it when Gillie goes into my room, she makes a mess! (he has"issues" about his room being in order and looking perfect...ALL the time!). I tried to tell him that Gillie was older now (almost 3!) and she can start helping. He said "it is not fair! I am not going to have much time to spend with maw maw and papa if I have to keep cleaning up my room!".

Well, I just got back from my walk, now it is time to do my strength training and cut my coupons!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coupon Class!

We have a date set for the coupon class! It is going to be Jan 13th at 7:00 pm. I sent out evites, but if you are a friend, family member or friend of a friend/family are invited to come! Email me and I will give you the details! Instead of charging for the class, I am asking each person to bring at least one personal item (such as shampoo, soap...) or a non perishable food item-to donate to one of the families that we try to help out!

Today, Brett and I went out for a walk.....the two younger kids were caroling with the children's church and Brooke was selling Christmas trees with the youth group! Once we got home, I started working on organizing my coupon box...going through the coupons to take out the expired ones....and utilizing a brand new technique that I learned...I will tell you all about it in the class!

Brett got called into work tonight (thank was dead all day!)-so I took the kids to the Christmas parade! At first we wound up in a really bad spot...there were a lot of people smoking (yuck!) and the people in the parade were ignoring our side of the street! Because Spencer has asthma-we decided to leave, before he got sick. Well, while we were walking back to our car we found a PERFECT spot...only a few one even near us, and the kids caught tons of beads and candy! Now that we are home from that, we are going to watch "Funny Lady" together (the sequel to "funny girl"-which we watched recently). Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

LOVE this! they make the inmates clean up after the police horses!

Bubba, being a gentleman, is pumping my gas. So sweet!

Friday, December 12, 2008


I've got a lot going on these days.. as you may have noticed, I have included ads in my blog layout. I am going to give it a try for a while and see how things go! Anyhoo, FYI (because I KNOW how much you all just love me! :) LOL) clicking several times over and over on the ads will only raise a "red flag" to the advertisers. Oh! And, PLEASE!! If you EVER see anything offensive on the ads, let me know asap! I am allowed to pick and choose what companies I allow to advertise on the blog, but I am still a little worried about something questionable showing up. I have noticed that other products (not approved by me!) are displayed while the approved ad is "loading"-so far I have not seen anything offensive though.

So! Today I had coffee with Liz (and baby Finn!), I am glad that I was able to spend some time with her! She came over several times, during my recovery, and sat with me all day long!! It was such a blessing and it allowed me to get to know her better. After that, I had physical therapy, picked up the youngins and started supper. Where did the day go?

FYI, several people have been asking me about teaching another coupon class and Michelle has opened up her home for me to do so! We are going to wait until after the new year but be looking for the details soon!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend.....Floridians, you gotta love this weather!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My day!

This morning I woke up at 6:25 am , got on my workout clothes, got my ipod ready, laced up my sneakers, grabbed my weights and headed out the door.......only to realize that it was raining! OMG! I was so aggravated....that I walked anyway. That's right, in the rain! I am a stubborn person (hard to believe...I know!) and I was motivated enough to wake up early and I was NOT going to let it be for nothing! So, after I went for my walk....(and got soaked to the bone! Brett did not know it was raining and when I got home his mouth dropped open-he thought it was sweat! LOL.....I would have been DEAD if I sweated THAT much!), I came home and showered and took Bubba to see his audiologist. He is finally getting new hearing aids and new ear molds! He has been using an All Children's loaner (after losing his left hearing aid on the playground at school)for a couple of months.....and it does not work very well! Anyhoo, yesterday we had the "conversation" with him......about if he was ready to move to clear ear molds-I explained that they would not be as visible as the colored ones. He immediately said he wanted to get the clear ones because he is "tired of people asking him about his hearing aids". I then explained that people could still see them, but not just as easily. I told him to think about it and let us know what he decided. He decided that he wanted blue and yellow swirled together. I did not want to push the issue either way.......eventually I think he will choose clear ones, but for now......I guess colored ones are still cool!

After his appt I went to Michelle's house to have coffee with her and Melissa. I had a really good time chatting with them and enjoying some great coffee (and delicious cookies!). I am blessed with a few different "groups" of friends......and I am grateful for all of them! I enjoy getting to know people better.....and there is no better way to get to know someone than over a cup of coffee! Thanks Michelle....for the coffee,company and beautiful ornament! Tomorrow, I have a coffee date at Liz's house (It's a BOY! BTW!!).

After I got home from Michelle's, Googled (thanks for the tip Michelle!) tips on getting ads put on my blog...and getting paid for each "click". Anyhoo, I am still looking into it-but I hope to get something set up soon!

Tonight, after supper, I had to go for my mammogram (oh, the joys of womanhood!)......that is right-crazy as it sounds, my appt was at 7:00 pm! Glad it is over with!

Now......I mean RIGHT now, I am getting my body rub so I am going to quit typing so I can enjoy it!!

New blog address soon!

FYI...within a few days my blog website address will be . I got a domain name because I am looking into selling Ads on my blog, and it was necessary to complete the process. Google will redirect all my readers to the proper address once it is switched over, but I am not sure how long they will be doing that. Anyhoo...hope you will all join me "there" soon!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kids say the darnest things....

Years ago, my Mom told me that I needed to write down all the cute, silly things that the kids say. I wish, now, that I had followed her advise! Today, while I was driving Bubba to therapy, he said..."Mommy! In 5 more days it will be only 10 days until Christmas!" So funny! His brain just seems to process things differently than any child I have ever known!

A few nights ago, we were driving along SR 54 and Spencer saw the lit up cross that is at the church off in the distance...he screamed..."That cross is MOVING! (it does kinda look like it is moving as you are driving along)" We tried to tell him that we were the ones moving, not the cross, but then he rolled down the window and started screaming..."JESUS!! JESUS!!" as if he was trying to get His attention!

One funny story that we still aggravate Maddie about-when she was little, someone must have said something about getting a head cut off (I have no idea why this came up! Brooke says she thinks it was because the lesson at church was about the body of Christ being made up of different parts-using actual body parts for an example)...anyhoo, she said "If your head got cut off, you would DIE!" -then she said "'cause if your head got cut off you could not see where you were going and then you would run into a wall and DIE!"

We were watching something on TV about the importance of nutrition and drinking plenty of water, it said something about the fact that humans can not live past 3 days (or whatever it is!) without water. Maddie breaks the silence and says...."I would die next Thursday!".

I know that there are tons more things I can use to embarrass my kids...I will have to look in their memory books to try to find more! I have a few ZINGERS on Brooke (she better not EVER get "out of line" ! ha ha!) ...but, she will not let me share them here. :(

Feelin' better yet!

I am feeling so much better than I was yesterday! Those antibiotics kicked in quickly! I decided NOT to take the steroids....since I am not having any trouble breathing and since the package warns that it may interfere with my body's ability to fight off infection.......and since I already have an infection that I am trying to get rid of-I thought it sounded pretty dumb to take them! Anyhoo, I am feeling TONS better already!

I did my weekly shopping this morning and I saved a total of $231.33!! I went to Walgreen's, Target and Publix. Some of the items I got great deals on are mascara, lipsticks ($8.49 lipstick-I got for .24 cents each!), Intuition razors (SUPER deal on those...when you use a manufacturer's coupon-from last Sunday's paper and a store coupon-located at the front of the store-they end up being $1.99 each!), hair products, and tons of grocery deals too! One tip....this week Publix has the Listerine mouthwash on sale for $4.49 each and the store has a coupon for $2.00 off. The packages I bought also had bonuses attached to them-"Reach access" flossers with 8 refill heads. Since I use the "Reach flossers" I bought the Listerine with the attached flossers for $2.49...about 1/2 what Publix charges for just the flossers! If I had not already "spent" my Listerine coupons ( darn it!) , I could have used them along with the store coupon and got them for even cheaper! Reminds me of that old Kenny Rogers song......"Gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em........." LOL!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On my way to feeling better!

As my "facebook" friends already know, I was up all night with an ear infection :( . I started running a fever last night and about 12:00 am, I woke up in pain. I went to the doctor first thing this morning...(I bet they think that is just where I LOVE to spend my time!). When I was there yesterday-my ear did not hurt, I was not running a fever and I just had a slight cold......what a difference a few hours make! Anyhoo-I saw a different doctor because I went in as a "walk in"-since I did not want to wait until the afternoon to be seen. In the doctor's office there was a sign that had a Hebrews 11 on it and then underneath it said "I believe in the power of prayer..if you would like me to pray for you-please do not hesitate to ask"..or something along those lines. I thought that was pretty cool! I told him that I liked his sign and he said "well, I have accepted Jesus as my personal savior..and I strongly believe in prayer!". How many times do you hear THAT coming from a doctor!? Anyhoo...I have an ear infection and a sinus infection. He put me on some antibiotics and methylprednisolone ( a steroid..just what I need when I am trying to LOSE weight..huh?)! I took the meds right away...hoping that they will kick in soon and I will get to feeling better! Hope ya'll have a blessed Tuesday! Thanks for all of the emails and prayers!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Monday!

Well.....I did it! I got up early this morning and I went for my walk....I also picked up the pace a bit from my usual walks! Then, after I took the kids to school, I came home and did strength training! Yeah me! (The kids tell me I watch too much "Suite life of Zack and Cody" when I say "yeah me"! LOL) Anyhoo-I feel good know that I am taking the proper steps to get healthier! I had a (ANOTHER!) doctor's appt this morning...I asked her how many calories I should be eating to lose weight...she told me about 1,500-1,600 based on my height and weight and since I am active. Today's appt was just the dreaded yearly check up....NOT fun-as all the women out there say "Amen!". Anyhoo-I have to go for another mammogram....(again, NOT fun)...because she found some "lumps". I am not in the least bit concerned about it...every year I get sent for a mamo, I guess I am just "lumpy" LOL! Anyhoo....I asked them if they were sick of seeing me yet-it seems I have a part time job going to doctors! I know I am tired of it! I have to go back in two weeks to get the results of all the tests...I hope that is it for a while! I am SO grateful that I have insurance and I can even GO to the doctor!...but enough already! Last year, the Susan Koman foundation paid for my mamo and ultra sound (always end up getting those too)-I was surprised at how easy that process was...unlike any other "help" we have ever gotten! There were no forms to fill out, no income verification......... the doctor said I needed it, I had no insurance and that was all they needed to know! "Shout out" to the Susan Koman foundation!

So, now that I am home, I am going to cut IS Monday! Happy Monday everyone!

Thrifty Jinxy

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our tree

Here are pics of our decorated Christmas tree. I was goofing off with the settings on my pro camera. Anyhoo...gonna watch the Steelers vs Cowboys game with Brett.....and get my body rub! I love football season! Game long body rubs!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well........last night I started feeling sick again :(.....what is THAT about!? I have felt crummy all day long today! I went out and loaded up on cough meds, benedryl, cough drops, vitamins......I even bought the kids sore throat ice pops...but they think they are gross. Now, we are all sick! I am grateful that it is not a major, full blown cold! It is mostly just a scratchy throat and stuffy head. Anyhoo....I ran a few errands today...library, bank.... . Then I came home and (almost) finished up the Christmas present I am making for my Daddy! Brett says that he thinks it will be his favorite present this year...we'll see! I really hope he likes it! I may decide to take a picture of it and post it...but more than likely I will wait until after Christmas to do that...just in case he is standing over my Mom's shoulder as she reads my blog!

Today I pulled out all my old books by Bob Greene. He used to be Oprah's trainer and I have almost all his books-I have read them several times. I have been doing fairly well with eating healthy but I have been slacking in the "working out" department! I know what I need to do to lose the few lbs (......or 18!) that I need to lose-but reading about nutrition and exercise helps to motivate me. I am afraid that I am going to have to start getting up early-like I used to do, to get my work out in each day. I love to sleep that is going to be really tough for me! But as Bob says...."dedication, commitment and effort are needed to accomplish anything worthwhile." isn't that the truth?! There are NO shortcuts...bummer! "Working hard and earning your results is exactly what increases your self esteem. That sense of accomplishment is what will drive your results-not a shortcut". -Bob Greene
I know this to be true....I worked HARD......REALLY HARD at losing the 92 lbs I lost 10+ years ago! I put some serious effort into it! I know that I am going to have to regain that focus and order to do it again. It may sound really (REALLY!) dumb....but it seems to be harder to lose 10 lbs than it was to lose 92 lbs! I guess the "pain" of being overweight is not nearly as present as it was when I was obese! Make sense? Anyhoo..I am rambling on for sure now-I am going to go read my book in bed! Hope you are all having a great weekend!

BTW....I have read on the message boards that Weight watchers has a brand new program! I weighed in 2 weeks ago, but I did not stay for the meeting. I have a doctor's appt on Monday morning...or else I'd go to my meeting to hear all about it! I guess I will have to wait until next Monday! Why does the news of a new program thrill me?? I have not even been following WW............!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I think all I needed was a little time to rest, because I am feeling so much better this morning! Thank God! I cancelled all my appts already- so this morning, after I took the kids to school, I came home and a gave my house a "good scrubbin' "! It seriously needed it! We have been so busy that we have not had the time or energy to keep up with all the little things that pile up quickly! So, I am almost finished with that...gotta run the vac and make my bed and put away my laundry! After I have lunch with Brett(he comes home every day -but I have not actually been able to eat with him at all this week!), I am going to run to the store to pick up a couple of things...and exchange a few (I changed the plan on a couple of gifts)! Tonight, I need to cut Brett's and Spencer's hair -but then we can just relax and watch a family movie...knowing everything else is DONE! That is such a great it just me or isn't it so much easier to relax in a CLEAN, organized house?!

Anyhoo...I made my appt with the new neurosurgeon that is in Trinity-NOT Tampa!
They are going to decide what to do with my neck....I did not tell many people (VERY FEW!)-but the MRI I had last month showed a tumor in my neck...that was not there in May (when I had my last MRI)-so they sent me for another MRI, with contrast. Thankfully, it showed that the "tumor" is just a "perineural cyst"-which is typically harmless and rarely show any changes. It is pressing on the left nerve root so they want to have the neurosurgeon check it left side is what typically goes numb, so it may be related to that. Anyhoo...chance are, they will just leave it a lone and keep an eye on it like they do with the other lesions!

Well, I am gonna finish up on my housework and relax a bit before Brett gets home!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Just as I was crazy too! I think that I have been spreading myself too thin and now I am paying for it! I either have a cold or my allergies have kicked in-either way...I am tired! I am so overwhelmed right now! There is so much left to do! I canceled a coffee meeting with a friend for tomorrow and I am going to cancel my physical therapy too.....I just want to stay home and get caught up-and rest! The last two days I have not even had time to eat right! THAT only makes me feel worse! Both yesterday and today I ate a hand full of almonds for lunch as I ran out the door! Anyhoo...I am home now-on strict orders from Brett to not do ANY housework and just rest tonight. He is at Brooke's first b-ball game with Maddie and Bubba. (And YES, I have MOM guilt about that!.......but I just could not "go" anymore today.)
Spencer's appt went well today. They changed a couple of his meds around and are trying something new I hope that it helps! He had a breathing test today and we have to go back in Feb to see if he improved any.
Well...that is all I have in me today. I hope I feel better tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just wanted to share the link to Jodi's website-she is one of my "sistas" and I love her dearly! She makes AWESOME, personalized gifts....great for grandparents, teachers, friends...... . If you need a unique, high quality Christmas gift, I encourage you to visit her site and place an order!

My day and my "Babies"!

Well, as I mentioned before, we are so proud of Brooke for not only making the B-ball team, but making it as a STARTER! She was so worried that she would not even make the team! I think she is a lot like that she puts more pressure on herself and is harder on herself than necessary.

After Spencer's therapy, I went over to Jodi's house and we got to "chatting". I am so blessed to have her as a friend! Anyhoo, Spencer played with her son while we were busy "running our mouths" and when we got into the car Spencer said "That boy was actually nice to me! He let me play with his Legos!". When I got home, Maddie had supper cooked! I was worried about the time and I knew I was cutting it close to supper time, but I figured that I'd be ok on time still (even though Wednesdays are nuts with church and all!). Well, once her Daddy got home (she knows not to touch the stove when Mom and Dad are not home)-she started cooking! She cooked the entire meal by herself! She made spaghetti (without meat-cause she did not know what to use) and peas. I thought it was sweet of her to do that...and she did a great job!

Now, my house is quiet......everyone is at church (I have to stay home because Brooke's school youth group gets out at 7:30 pm and I do not want her to be dropped off to an empty house at night). I was in desperate need for some "down" time and I am grateful for every second of it! Brett told me today that I need to be careful not to "over schedule" myself (he's worried because he sees how worn out I am)...I asked him what he would like for me to cut out! It seems like there is just SO much that is an ABSOLUTE MUST (like doctors appts, Spencer's therapy, My physical therapy.........). Tomorrow, I am afraid, will not be any less hectic. I AM going to meet Carol for coffee in the morning and I am really looking forward to that! But then, I have to pick Bubba up from school early and take him to Tampa for his appt with the pulmonologist . That is going to take up half the day right there! Brooke's first B-ball game is tomorrow evening.I hope I make it back from Tampa in time to go! I understand why, but I hate that they charge money to go to every game! It is usually not much-I think about $3.00 per person-(I think the students get in free), but it really adds up when they have several games each week! We went to almost all of her home volleyball games so I am sure that we will also make it to most B-ball games too.

Well, while my house is still quiet, I am going to revel in the silence! Hope all is well with each one of you!

The craziness of it all....

Today I have been running,running,running........ . WHEN will it stop?! I had to volunteer at the school this morning, then I ran to Sam's club, then I had a doctor's appt, finished up ALL my Christmas shopping and had yet another, doctor's appt. Ran to get the kids-and now, I am about to take Bubba to APD therapy! I got a LOT done today-but I am WORN OUT! Anyhoo-God is good and He is ALWAYS faithful to us! He ALWAYS has a plan!

God has lead TWO families to us (one I have never even met called me last night!), who are in need of the basic necessities-and because of HIS faithfulness to us, we are able to bless them with items from my "coupon closet"! I was running out of room in my I am glad that He directed them to us! God is GOOD!

Well, gotta run for now! Gonna be late! I want to post later about my "little Brookie" making it on the basketball team as a STARTER center!! YEAH BROOKE!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Monday!

"Tired" is not a big enough word to describe how I feel right now! It has been a long day!! This morning, Brett and I filled up 17 balloons with helium to take to Maddie's class. They tied cards to the ends of the balloons and asked the person who finds the balloon to call the school and tell them what city they found the balloon in. I thought it was a pretty interesting idea! Can't wait to hear the results! Anyhoo-we dropped off the balloons and watched the balloon release (I actually shot it for the teacher...I am the "class Mom" and we are going to put together a scrap book at the end of the year). After that, I ran to get gas...GOTTA love these gas prices huh!? I paid $1.69 a gallon at Sam's club! Then, I went to Walgreen's,Target and Publix. I gotta a lot of great deals.....and, keeping true to my word, I am not going to tell you every single thing I got!! I will give you a little tip-at Publix, they have flyers at the front of the store with "STORE" coupons (meaning not from the manufacture), inside they have a ton of great coupons! And can use BOTH a "store" coupon and a "manufacture" coupon on the same product. Just for example.....They had "aleve" pain reliever for $3.55 each. ON the box they had a $1.00 off coupon (if your publix does not have the coupon on the box...there was coupons in the paper recently-you can use that instead), and in the Publix flyer they had a coupon for $5.00 off any TWO aleve products (or a number of other brands too-but I choose Aleve). SO....$3.55 times two (because you have to buy two to use the store coupon)=$7.10. Take off the $5.00 store coupon and the price is now $2.10....take off the two $1.00 off coupons and the final price was only .10 cents (for TWO bottles!). Got it? That is just one example...this flyer is FULL of great deals like that! ANY Cover girl product = $2.50 off .....ANY Revlon tool= $2.00 off...........go check it out! And TRUST me....I know there are a few of you out there that are afraid to try this-it is completely legal and legit! If you are really concerned, ask for the manager before you shop...he or she will tell you that you CAN use 2 coupons on ONE product as long as one is a STORE coupon and one is a Manufacturer's coupon. Ok....that is it on the coupon talk.....for now! I have become passionate about...I hate to admit this, but this morning when Brett woke me up and brought me my coffee in bed-I was actually DREAMING guessed it, COUPONS! Maybe I should put a call in to Dr. Phil....what do you think?
In all seriousness...I thank God for giving me the insight and opportunity to get great deals like this...I know that it was all in HIS plan when I took the "coupon class" in Minneapolis-I am blessed to BE a BLESSING! I am just a vessel that God uses to bless my family and the people who receive the products that I buy!
Hope you are all having a "Happy Monday"!
Oh! Can I just say...I love this picture of Brett....if you look closely you can see that his feet are off the ground. He jumped up so I could shoot it-and it would look like the balloons were carrying him away!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I know you are all probably sick to death of reading about my coupon deals......but......I just have to tell you about today! I'll try not to talk so much about my coupons in the promises-but I WILL try! I went back to Kmart and I bought 4 boxes of Kellogg's mini wheats, 2 boxes of Kellogg's Special K cereal, a can Lysol spray, 4 boxes of Pop tarts and a can of frosting and my total was $5.46!! Whoo hoo! The cashier jokingly said "Someone call my manager...I've just been robbed!" I just LOVE double coupon week!

Happy Monday!

Yesterday we went to church, then I went to Kmart for some double coupon spending! I got SOOOO much stuff...a lot of it was FREE!
The items I got for free are:

4- (4 packs) of Olay soap

4- large bags of Lifesavers

3-bottles of Men's Gillette body wash

3-packs of Pledge dusting wipes

4-cans of Endust spray

The rest of the items I got were things like (multiples of each product!) Dove shampoo/conditioner, Tylenol, Oust disinfectant spray, Aussie S/C and styling products, Bengay cream, napkins, Pur water filters and Water flavorings, soda, Chocolate "turtles" (for a gift)...

My total went from $176.00 down to $40.00- since I had to spend $20.00 (after $9.00 in coupons!) on the Pur 3 pack of filters and the 2 pack of flavorings(which I had set aside money to buy anyway)-I only spent $20.00 on all the rest!
Last night we decorated our tree...when we plugged in the lights-all but about 6 lights were blown! I had to run out to CVS to buy more lights. We bought 8 (100 bulb) packs of lights, 3 boxes of candy canes, 2 bottles of febreeze fabric spray and 2 bottles of febreeze air total was .18 cents! The guy in line behind me just looked at me like I was nuts! The reason it was so low was because I used about $36.00 of my reward bucks, along with coupons. I ended up making $5.00 more in reward bucks though! It hurt to let go of that many reward bucks...knowing I was only gonna make $5.00 back! I still have $29.00 reward bucks THOSE I will save to use to make more

After we decorated our tree we watched the Bucs vs Saints game. I wore my Saints shirt and cheered for the Saints...mostly just to aggravate Brett and Spencer! They ended up losing....20 to 23 . Shocker! Anyhoo....I had fun torturing Brett and Bubba! My Daddy kept calling...KNOWING that we were watching it on DVR.....and telling me what the score was. There was not too much suspense in watching it for me....I would not DARE tell Brett what the score was though!! He is serious about making sure he does not find out ANYTHING about the game before he watches it!!
Brett and I ran out to buy ice cream (vowing to "start our diets tomorrow! LOL) and we watched the movie "Fred Clause" with the kids while we ate our ice cream! I love family time like that!
So...that catches you all up to today! I am going to call my Physical therapist and set my 3 appts for the week, then I am going to walk up to the work off some of that ice cream!
Have a HAPPY Monday everyone!