Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feelin' better yet!

I am feeling so much better than I was yesterday! Those antibiotics kicked in quickly! I decided NOT to take the steroids....since I am not having any trouble breathing and since the package warns that it may interfere with my body's ability to fight off infection.......and since I already have an infection that I am trying to get rid of-I thought it sounded pretty dumb to take them! Anyhoo, I am feeling TONS better already!

I did my weekly shopping this morning and I saved a total of $231.33!! I went to Walgreen's, Target and Publix. Some of the items I got great deals on are mascara, lipsticks ($8.49 lipstick-I got for .24 cents each!), Intuition razors (SUPER deal on those...when you use a manufacturer's coupon-from last Sunday's paper and a store coupon-located at the front of the store-they end up being $1.99 each!), hair products, and tons of grocery deals too! One tip....this week Publix has the Listerine mouthwash on sale for $4.49 each and the store has a coupon for $2.00 off. The packages I bought also had bonuses attached to them-"Reach access" flossers with 8 refill heads. Since I use the "Reach flossers" I bought the Listerine with the attached flossers for $2.49...about 1/2 what Publix charges for just the flossers! If I had not already "spent" my Listerine coupons ( darn it!) , I could have used them along with the store coupon and got them for even cheaper! Reminds me of that old Kenny Rogers song......"Gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em........." LOL!

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