Wednesday, April 30, 2008


As you know, last night was "GNO". We had a great time and I got a ton of awesome presents! (BETTER than Christmas!). I know I have mentioned it before but I want to say again how blessed I am to have such amazing "sisters"! We have seen each other through so much. We have been through pregnancies, loss, husband "woes", tears, health crisis......we have also celebrated so many things together! That is a sign of true friendship, when you can feel the pain or joy just as much as the friend who is experiencing the situation. My "Sistas" are like no other! They are CRAZY enough to get a "tat" with you-but compassionate enough to hold your hand when it is your time to get "inked"! (Karen!). They will not take "NO" for an answer and insist on driving you to the doctor's appt where you'll find out the results of your medical tests (Nikki!). They will show up at your door with bags of groceries and a Publix gift card when they know you are in need (Tanya!). They will talk for hours and hours until we realize that the sun will be coming up soon and we'd best be gettin' home (Karen-after a movie and Melissa-in the drive way of her house!)They will make you laugh until you "pee" yourself (Erin!), cry with you until the pain is gone, grow with you and remain with you forever! I know that my sisters will be standing in line with me when it is time to join the "red hat society" and we will probably do something outrageous to celebrate when we do (red hat tat anyone?)! I am so grateful that God has placed these amazing women in my life. I have a few new "sisters" now -Jodi and Amee have become a part of our "family" too! Thank you all for being my "sisters"!! I love you all!

Our "GNO" last night

Our tattoos in Dallas-2005 (above) and my B-day 5 years ago (below) -when my friends got me an "I Love Lucy" birthday cake!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Girl's night out!

Tomorrow night is "GNO"! I am looking forward to being with my "gal pals" for the night. We are going to TGI Friday's for supper and then my best "gal pal" and I are going to see a movie! Earlier in the month someone mailed me 2 gift cards-one for Friday's and one for AMC-for doing some work on a DVD for her. We have not been to Friday's in over a year and I was so excited when I opened the card and saw the gift card for Friday's -since I knew that was were we are going for our GNO. I thought it was funny how that worked out! I count it as a blessing form God-she may not have known that my GNO was there this month, but God knew! Anyway, I am especially looking forward to my GNO this month since we are celebrating my birthday (and another "member" of our group)! I will update you on how the night goes-I plan on bringing along my camera-it is about time I got an updated pic of all of us together! Now.......I need to find something to order that will fit into my "points budget" (weight watchers)!

Date night

"Our wedding bands"

Last night was "date night"! I love spending time just relaxing with Brett! A brand new "Cracker barrel" just opened up this week-right by our house, so that is where we went for supper. Good "home" cookin'-yum! Chicken and dumplins-almost as good as Mama's! After supper we went to the beach to watch the sun set-it is one of my favorite things to do! There is just no better way to relax and unwind than kickin' back and listening to the waves hitting the shore and watching the sun-with all the beautiful colors "disappear into ocean". After we left the beach, we went to (can you guess?) "Starbucks" (we all KNOW how much $ I waste there-right?-if you do not know what I am referring to-read several posts down). Date nights are such an essential part of our marriage-it is so important to take the time away and just spend time together. We make it a habit to reconnect every night and spend time alone-once the kids are all down, but there is something special about getting away from everything else and just being able to enjoy each other's company.

Here is a pic I took at the beach last night.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Letters from God

Today our pastor preached from Jeremiah 29:11. I thought I would share a story with ya'll about the way God confirmed this scripture in my life one day. I have already told many of you about this but I thought I would share for those who I have not already told. It happened several months ago-I was having a really hard day. I was in so much pain that I could not do even the mundane tasks that were on my list for the day! I tried to go to the grocery store but I had to leave because I was not able to reach and bend to get the things I needed. I was even having a really hard time walking. When I get like this I get so frustrated! I am a independent soul who hates asking for help with ANYthing! I feel like I am just "taking up space" when I am not able to care for myself and I am not able to do what I need to do. Well, this one day that I had to leave the store, was hard for me. I just could not see God leaving me in this place. The scripture Pastor used in his sermon came to me that day and I began to pray it over and over and over again that day. I just kept saying "God, you know the plans that you have for me, they are plans to prosper me and not to harm me, they are plans to give me hope and a future!" I just kept saying that out loud all day and I am began to sing the scripture that says "He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it". I must have repeated those two scriptures hundreds of times! I did not relieve my pain but it gave me HOPE for a better day! Well, I just love the way God confirms things and He speaks to us-the next morning I was obligated to go to a meeting for moms-in that meeting the mothers were doing a craft. They were painting and decorating picture frames. One of the moms there asked if I would like to make one as well. I was still in a lot of pain and I really did not feel like doing it so I said that I would just take the materials home and I would complete it another day. When they finished the frames they passed around a stack of papers-each one had 2 verses on it, they were supposed to pick one and put it in the frame they had just made. Well, I was sitting at the end of the table and once the papers were passed to me I just took the one off the top and passed them to the next person. When I looked down at the scriptures that were on my paper I began to cry. Wouldn't you know it!? Both of the scriptures that I had been praying the day before were printed on that paper! There were only two verses on it-and of all the verses that could have been printed on it BOTH were on the same page ! I felt so relieved that day-I felt like God had heard my cry and that He confirmed that He really does have a plan for my life and I have a future, a hope. It is a sad thing to lose hope-once you have lost it there really is nothing left. That day, God gave me my hope back-I am not healed YET but I have hope that one day I will be and my future is in His hands. I am always humbled when something like that happens-when God-the God of the entire universe, stops to listen to my cry and confirms to me that He hears me. Why is it that we don't cry out more to God? He really is there and He really does hear us!

I never did make that frame but I did come home and put both the scriptures in frames.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weight Loss-#2

Have you ever eaten so much "junk" that you actually started craving vegetables? That is "me" today! I guess since today was so hectic, I really did not eat properly and now, at the end of the day I am craving raw veggies! Funny how your body knows what it needs and begins craving what is healthy. I was thinking about my 10 lb weight loss goal today and I was starting to become frustrated by how slowly I am losing, then I thought of the scripture in Galatians (6:9) " Do not become weary in well doing for in due season you shall reap a harvest is you faint not". Now, I am pretty sure this was not meant to be a "weight loss" scripture but I think that it can apply to anything that you are trying to accomplish. The problem usually lies in us giving up before we can reach our goal or finish our task. When we do not instantly see the results that we want we often just quit. I was thinking the other day how we all want what we want, when we want it! We are often like little children and we "throw emotional tantrums" when we can't have what we want.That is why so many Americans are overweight and drowning in debt! (ouch!-I know.) I also think that we have a sense of entitlement. We feel deprived if we can't have everything we want, even if it is not what we need. We have a hard time denying ourselves of anything. One thing I learned from our 40 day fast was I am not going to "die" without chocolate! Huge revelation, I know. I have always allowed myself to eat my favorite foods, I have just learned (and am STILL learning) how to have them in moderation or how to modify them to make them healthier. While I was losing my weight I always had people ask "are you allowed to have________?" my response was always "yes, I am allowed to eat anything I want, BUT-I am choosing not to". I am giving up something today so I can feel better and look better tomorrow-delayed gratification. I hope that I have not been too harsh-it is not my purpose to make anyone feel badly about themselves but rather to encourage others on their own weight loss journey.
A tip to remember: Small steps add up to big rewards! Try to make ONE small change this week-start out slowly and build upon it-rather than trying to change everything all at once it and giving up before wednesday. :)
Need some ideas? Go for a 15 min walk after supper, set a goal to only have dessert/sweets one day, reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee/tea, stop eating after supper,............ . Pick just 1 and stick to it all
week. Let me know how you do and I will let you know how I do as well!

Science fair results!

We got back from Science fair. Madeline got second place!!! We are so proud of her! There were 330 projects all together! I have a bad headache right now, so I am going to keep it short, but I wanted to update everyone on her success !

District Competition

Madeline's science project was chosen (out of all of the 3rd grade classes in her school!) to go to district competition! We are very proud of her!! We will be leaving this morning (registration is at 8:00 am) and we will be there all day long. I will be sure to take lots of pics-so look for them soon!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today was "take your child to work day"-my girls batted their eyes at their Daddy and he allowed them to stay home with me today. The "plan" was for them to experience life as a "stay at home" mom. They folded a couple of loads of laundry and vacuumed but I can not say that they got the "full effect"! By the 2nd load of laundry Maddie said "I am so sorry, mommy"-I guess she was sorry that my life is so "boring". I also had Noah today-it was nice to get to spend some time with him! I miss him so much when he is not here! Maddie got her glasses today-I think that she looks really cute in them! She is adjusting to wearing them but I think that she will do well. I wanted to share some pics!
I went through my closet today and Noah found my neck brace-that I probably should have been wearing while I was cleaning but, I hate that thing! (it doesn't help anyway). He loves dressing up which is why he is wearing a helmet,fishing boots and a batman suit!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today we got back the picture we had taken at the school dance. The "Oydessy of the Mind" team was doing it as a fund raiser-they are going to WORLD finals!

An emotional morning

This morning has already been a roller coaster of emotions! First, I was all set to head out the door for my weekly grocery store trip and the phone rang. The caller ID said it was the school-THAT is never good! (well, once I guess it was-a teacher called to tell me what an amazing student our child was) It was Spencer's speech therapist wanting to know if I was going to show up for his IEP (individual educational plan-it is a yearly planning meeting for kids with disabilities)meeting! I thought that it was NEXT Wednesday & the whole team was sitting there waiting for me! Ok-I am in a panic at this point-so I run out the door and head to the school. I have never made it through an IEP meeting without having a complete breakdown and looking like a fool in front of the teachers, doctors and therapists!(Once I even had all of them crying too!) Today was no different. It is really hard to hear some of the things discussed at the meetings. No one wants to hear what is wrong with their child, even when that is what it takes to make a plan. He is doing well, but he is struggling with the "auditory processing disorder" and because he is on a high reading level, he is not able to process all that he is reading. He has special equipment that he needs to be able to hear the teacher clearly (an FM system-which ia a system where the teacher uses a microphone that transmits to a special hearing aid), he gets speech tx twice a week and he also has a "deaf and hard of hearing" resource teacher come in and work one on one with him, but because we are putting the kids in private school next year, I knew that he would be losing the resources he gets at his current school. I was all set to go and "fight" for his rights and try to keep the resources that I felt were an absolute necessity for his success. I was relieved when I found out that his "DHH" resource teacher was "fighting" for the same thing! She is applying for him to get his FM trainer sent to the new school. That is a huge answer to prayer! I know that it is going to take a miracle for it to happen but that is what I am going to believe for! The other resources he gets now we can get for him outside the school system (and if we choose, we can have him transported between the 2 schools for the speech therapy). They mentioned that Spencer may need "occupational therapy" in the meeting today. This is the first time I have heard this concern. I guess they are concerned about the way he holds his pencil and some other observations. They are going to have him evaluated in school and see what the therapist says. Anyways, it has been an emotional morning-I pray the rest of my day goes better!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Didn't your Mama ever tell you....?

For the person whose comment reads- "Perhaps you may have more available cash, if it were not for Starbucks........You seem to spend a lot of cash there. May God bless. " Really?? Are you FOR REAL? I go to Starbucks-once a month for my "girl's night out" (and btw-just because I go WITH them doesn't mean that I always ORDER a coffee). And yes, when I go out on a date with my husband we stop for coffee. Unbelievable. I can not serious believe you. You make it sound as if I go there everyday! If I can not "splurge" on a cup of COFFEE-what do you suggest I do with my friends? I pinch pennies and cut coupons all month and you want to cut me down for going out for coffee? WOW! You should know the facts before you make a comment next time. There. Not that I really needed to defend myself for my "splurge"on coffee 2xs a month...but it sure feels good to let my voice be heard. I realize that by "putting myself out there" for the "world" to see I am opening myself up for criticism but I am not going to let it prevent me from being "real". I have not complained about our finances on this blog but rather I have given God all the glory for the ways He provides for us. So, when you say "God bless"-do you mean "God bless them-but not enough to be able to afford a cup of coffee?"

Weight loss

"Before"-YIKES! 1996

I have had a few people ask me about my weight loss recently so I decided that I would do a series on my blog. I have my weight loss story on another website -so if you would like the details that led me to begin my journey you can find "my story" there. The site is somewhat outdated so that is why I thought that I would share some things here. As many of my entries are, this is a personal experience-but I know that there are many people who struggle with their weight who may benefit from hearing my story and my thoughts on the subject. I used to wonder how I got to the weight I was (which, I am embarrassed to admit,was around 225lbs)-it seemed that I went to bed thin and woke up one day "fat"! Of course, that is not exactly how it happens. I, like many other people, got to be 225 lbs ONE lb at a time. As a young "stay at home Mom" with NO transportation I sat at home and ATE. It was all that I had to do-at that time I had not discovered "MOPS" (mothers of preschoolers)-which is where I met all my "sistas" (my girlfriends who are more like sisters) and I had no outlet, no friends, no hobbies, nothing-so I stayed home and ate. The bigger I got, the worse I felt about about myself and the more I ate and the cycle continued. I remember waking up each morning promising myself that I would eat healthy and lose the weight-but, by 10:00 am I would give in eat the junk food that got me to the place of desperation I was in. Brett, being the amazing man that he is, NEVER-not even ONCE made me feel anything less than beautiful. He never mentioned my weight and he told me everyday that I was the "most beautiful woman in the world". I am so glad that he was able to look past my weight and see "me". Once I became pregnant with our 2nd daughter I was so ill that I LOST 30lbs within the first trimester. "Maddie" gave me a jump start and once I had her (11 years ago)I decided to change my unhealthy habits and I made the commitment to myself to lose the weight and change my life. Unless you have lost a large amount of weight you can not truly understand how it really does change your life! I found out that I was capable of so much more than I gave myself credit for. And even though I was never shy, in a sense, I "came our of my shell". I vowed to NEVER go back to the place I was in and once I heard that "95% of dieters gain their weight back" I became even more "stubborn" and decided that I would beat the odds! I still struggle with my weight-it goes up and down about 5-10 lbs but the difference between now and then is I am "aware" and I am committed to myself . I know that my value does not lie in the number on a scale but I value myself enough now to take the time, effort, and energy to live a healthy lifestyle. I will be blogging more on this topic and I plan on keeping you updated on my goal of losing 10lbs. (see, I TOLD you the struggle never ends!)
"After"-although my son told me I "looked like I had another baby in my tummy" as we were walking into church this day! KIDS! Gotta love 'em! (April, 2008)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Family Fishin' Fun

We went Fishing today-we did not catch much (I caught 3 (tiny) mango snapper and Brett and Maddie each caught one). We still had a good time tryin' though! We also went to the "DQ" for a blizzard. Our church just came off of a 40 day fast and, since one thing we gave up was sweets, we were over due for some ice cream! I just wanted to share some of the pics from today!

The Chronicles of Narnia

Last night, while I was busy ordering pictures (for Maddie's science project-she's going to district!!), Spencer asked me if we could "all watch a movie together" (something about "all watching it together"-which is always the way he asks, makes it more fun). At first I told him "no, not tonight, I am busy right now". Then he asked "well, can I just lay here and watch it and PRETEND that you are watching it too?". OK, he "got me" there and of course I welcomed him up into the bed and we started the movie. He wanted to watch "Narnia"-I have seen this movie at least a dozen times but each time I watch it I get more and more from it! If you have not watched the movie yet, I would HIGHLY recommend that you run out an buy it today! For the longest time I would not let my kids see it because it looked "evil" and I was afraid it would scare them. But this movie is anointed by God and had I only looked into it I would have seen that. The movie is made up of symbolism which depicts the sacrifice that Jesus made for our sins. All my life I was raised in church and I have always heard the story of the cross but honestly, it was not until I saw this movie that I saw vividly that it was Christ's LOVE for me that drove Him to the cross. He did not give Himself just because it was "ordained" for Him to do so but because He LOVED us so much that He could not bear seeing us suffer the punishment we deserved. That may seem so elementary to you-but I guess, seeing it in the movie made it even more clear. Last night I saw another symbol that I had not seen before. It was the scene where Peter was fighting off two of wolves (demons) and "Aslan" (Jesus) came to rescue him but instead he restrained one of the wolves ( he knew Peter could not fight them both) and let Peter fight off the other on his own. Sometimes, when times are hard and we are going through a spiritual battle we may wonder where God is or why He hasn't rescued us but He is still there restraining the enemy and yet letting us grow by still allowing us to fight what He knows we can handle. I am not sure why this movie has captured me the way that it has but I can feel the presence of God each time I watch it. I just wanted to share with you and encourage you to watch the movie-it REALLY is anointed by God!

Friday, April 18, 2008

More blessings!!!

Today we received even MORE blessings!! It started this morning when a $75.00 exam fee was "waived" at my new chiropractor!! Then I got a call from the hearing aid repair center-earlier in the week I took in one of Brett's hearing aids that was dropped into water and was no longer working. Usually a repair cost about $300.00 but sometimes they are able to adjust it right there in the center for no charge. Well, the audiologist called me today and she said that there was a hole in the receiver and she had to send it out-she then told me that she may have caused the hole while she was adjusting it and that the center was covering 100% off the repair costs!! Then, this afternoon I got a return call from the Christian school that we are sending the kids to next year-I had called them to find out how much money we would have to come up with the cover the remaining tuition,enrollment fees and book charges. At first the lady was giving me numbers that were adding up to about $2,600!(we figured it would be around $1,000) Then she had me hold while she asked someone else about multiple student discounts-after all was said and done we are now only going to owe $222!! AND, we only have to pay $74.11 up front to be able to register them!! WOW!! What a HUGE blessing that is!! AND, though it may not seem like a blessing to some people, it is a HUGE blessing to me-I found out that my insurance pays 100% of a gym membership! I went today to check out some of the gyms that take my insurance-I found one that I am VERY happy with! It is a brand new gym and it is beautiful. As most people know, I walk most every day for exercise, and with summer coming up quickly, it will soon be too hot to walk outdoors, so now I will be able to go there and workout in AC. God has been so good to us and His blessings just keep coming!! My daughter, Brooke, squealed with excitement when I told her about the school and then she said "Mom, the clouds are starting to clear!"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

School dance

Be sure to "click" on the pics (to enlarge them)-some of the expressions are priceless!

Tonight was the annual elementary family school dance. This year the theme was "country western". We had a lot of fun just being "goofy". Spencer was not very interested in dancing-he just wanted to eat! (and eat and eat and eat!) Brooke got to see some of her old friends who were on her "Odyssey of the mind" team last year. Maddie had fun running around with all her friends-and I noticed a "certain boy" who seemed to be following her around. I can not believe we are to THAT point already!! Brett did not want to accept the fact that a little boy was chasing after his "baby girl" so he stood up real tall and flexed his muscles hoping to intimidate this little 3rd grader! Of course, I was the one behind the camera trying to capture the fun. Next time I think I will wear a T-shirt that says "I do not work for the school OR the newspaper!". I had tons of little ones under my feet trying to get their pics in the paper ( I guess my camera made me look "official" because I also kept getting asked by strangers how much it cost for a picture!"). Well, we had tons of fun and I wanted to share the pics with everyone! Oh and YES, that is my Kooky husband (and son!) doing the ROBOT! Sooner or later Brett is going to realize that if DOES crazy things, they WILL show up on my blog!! :) That's OK-his "goofy" personality makes me love him even more!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My "Prince" and my "little Prince"

Yesterday Brett brought home a beautiful card for me. Inside, he wrote a very sweet and touching letter and he enclosed a gift card to "AMC" theatres (so I can use it to see a movie with my best friend on our upcoming "Girl's Night Out"-YIPPEE!!). Now, you all know by now that I am married to an amazing man-in fact I am told by my MOTHER that if I do not quit blogging about him then people are going to start "hating" me!-I am still not sure if she was kidding about that or not :) . But truthfully, I have already stated that I intend to be completely REAL in this blog and I am not going to "appologize" for or hide the fact that I married such an incredible man and that I fall more in love with him everyday. Of course, we have had our share of "knock down drag outs" in the past and I will PROMISE to blog about any future "disagreements"-(should they occur) if you will "allow" me to brag about my man for now. Now that I have THAT off my chest (happy Mom??) let me get to the REAL purpose of this blog. I am so happy to see our son, Spencer, following in his Daddy's footsteps!! He is turning into quite a gentleman! He is learning how to treat women with respect (we are still working on respecting his sisters, however), he is even learning how to hold the door open for me! Last week, the kids were on spring break so I took them along on my weekly grocery trip. Spencer saw a bouquet of flowers and said "Mommy, I should have gotten you those for your birthday!", then he said, "Well, maybe I could get them for you for Mother's day". I told him that I thought that would be a great idea. Then, he looked at me and said "Mommy, can I buy you those pretty flowers now?". Now, no matter WHAT my budget was I was NOT going to let an opportunity like this pass me by!! I told him that it was very sweet of him to want to buy me flowers and he then picked out the best bunch he could find-he put a lot of thought and effort into his choice. So, that day-my son "bought" me flowers, even though he did not have any money to pay for them-I really believe that he would have paid for them if he could have!! I am so happy to see Spencer turning out so much like Brett and I am equally as happy that my girls are growing up seeing how a woman SHOULD be treated and that "Prince Charmings" really DO exist!