Monday, April 28, 2008

Girl's night out!

Tomorrow night is "GNO"! I am looking forward to being with my "gal pals" for the night. We are going to TGI Friday's for supper and then my best "gal pal" and I are going to see a movie! Earlier in the month someone mailed me 2 gift cards-one for Friday's and one for AMC-for doing some work on a DVD for her. We have not been to Friday's in over a year and I was so excited when I opened the card and saw the gift card for Friday's -since I knew that was were we are going for our GNO. I thought it was funny how that worked out! I count it as a blessing form God-she may not have known that my GNO was there this month, but God knew! Anyway, I am especially looking forward to my GNO this month since we are celebrating my birthday (and another "member" of our group)! I will update you on how the night goes-I plan on bringing along my camera-it is about time I got an updated pic of all of us together! Now.......I need to find something to order that will fit into my "points budget" (weight watchers)!

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