Saturday, February 28, 2009

My CVS trip

I bought 1 Gillette Fusion Razor (on sale for $7.99) and 13 packs of gum (on sale for .99 cents each) -my total after coupons was $1.18 and I got back $4.00 in ECBs! I used 13 Free Wrigley gum coupons and 1 $4.00 Gillette coupon and 1 CVS $4.00 off any $20 purchase coupon (which I got from scanning my CVS card at the store)and I paid the $1.18 in cash (used NO ECBs) so I literally MADE $2.82 on the deal! Remember-when you get those $4.00 (or $5.00....or whatever) off a $20 (or $25.....) purchase-the SUB total has to be at least $20 (before taxes and BEFORE coupons!). So even though the packs of gum were free with my coupons, they still counted toward that $20 total!
On a separate transaction I bought 3 Renuzit tri scent starter kits (on sale for $5.49-used 3 $4.00 coupons and earned $2.00 ECBs for each one=.51 profit for each one), a bottle of CVS brand vitamins ($2.99-earn $3.00 ECBs-for a .01 cent profit), & 1 box of Carnation instant breakfast($4.99-used $1.00 coupon and earned $4.99 ECBs=$1.00 profit)......after coupons and ECBs I made $2.54! I spent ECBs to get these deals-but made I more ECBs than I spent-since I had coupons for all the free items!
Make sure you grab these deals EARLY tomorrow....they sell out fast! If they sell out before you get there, ask for a rain check ...make sure they print the price of the item and the amount of ECBs that should be earned on the deal. Happy shopping! PLEASE....I am BEGGING....PLEASE post or email me the good deals that you find....I gotta know that taking my class (or reading my blog)has actually helped you! Thank you!


It has been a whole year since I have even had my hair TRIMMED! Y'all who know me best KNOW that's CRAZY for me! I love trying new haircuts and colors! That is...until the JC Penny FRIED my hair and I had to grow it out and kept cutting the ends until the blond was gone! Anyhoo, I have been wanting to get my haircut for months but I just do not know what I want to do with it! I want to get a cut that I do not have to go to the salon every month to keep up with it....that gets expensive! Well, today I was playing around on the computer and I decided to try on some different haircuts....some of them are just for laughs...that first one just cracks me up!! I thought I'd share the results with you! Eventually I WILL get my haircut.....IF I ever decide what to do with it! It has not been this long in YEARS! It is almost to the middle of my back and I am just so sick of it! Anyhoo, you go! Click here to get your own makeover! You can try on makeup, haircuts,haircolors, highlights and lowlights...for FREE!


Here is the CVS monthly ad (Thanks to HCW). These deals are available for the entire month of March!

Click here to view some of the CVS weekly deals!
I know I have had about "50" (JK) posts in the last day or so.....I just did a separate post for each topic-to keep it all straight. Anyhoo, this one is just about my day today. Brooke is off on a youth group trip and Brett is working , so it is just Maddie, Bubba and me. I am not gonna make it to my WW meeting this morning, but I weighed in at home and I did not lose anything since last Saturday. I know that it is because I chose to use my weekly flex pts (ALL of them!) and because I used them late in the week. My body holds enough water to drown someone when I eat anything sweet or starchy-so I think I did well considering!
Anyhoo, I have to run up to the church to drop off the food for the food pantry...I have about $15.00 left out of the $100 the church gave to me to spend (about 1 month ago). I have just been spending a little each week on whatever deals I can find....thankfully, it has gone a loooong way! There is a certain "weight" that comes from spending "God's money". I struggled with every purchase, trying to get the VERY best deal possible! After I drop off the food, I am going to go to the gym....didn't get there enough this week! I got a card in the mail yesterday that GIVES me a shapes membership starting Monday! My health insurance company changed the policy and because I requested "Shapes" to be my gym several months ago (before they told me MY policy did not cover gym memberships) they automatically gave me a "Shapes" membership. I can call and have it changed to whatever gym I choose, but I think I will keep it at "Shapes" for now...I love their hot tub, steam room and sauna! As you already know, we got a YMCA family scholarship a few months I will work out there still-since it is closer. I do not plan on keeping my health insurance for much longer...I am "itching" to go back to work! I am going back to the doctor on Monday, I am going to discuss an out patient surgery with her-if she recommends it then I will go ahead with it (sorry Mom ......I really think it needs to be done) and once I recover from that, I want her to release me to go back to work (which unfortunately means I will lose my Medicare well as my "Shapes" membership). I am a bit worried about losing my insurance.....I just think about all the screws and rods...... that are in my back and it scares me to be without the means to get "checked out" if need be. I will leave it in God's hands when the day comes. that I have rambled on-I am gonna kids the youngins ready to go. Hope you all have a SUPER Saturday!

New coupons!

There are new printable coupons available! On the right side of this blog there is a "coupon bar"...go to the VERY bottom of that bar and click the tiny print that says "by" and it will pull up a separate page that allows you to "clip" the coupons you would like to print out (click "next" at the bottom of each page to view the next set of coupons...there are several pages)! Some of the new ones include: $5.00 off one Huggies gentle care product, $3.00 off one Huggies natural fit product, BOGO Welch's aquajuice, $1.00 off 2 frosted flakes cereal, $1.50 off dove body, print and save! Get them the good ones go fast! (I guess there is a limit as to how many can be printed out nation wide). Be sure to print your limit...usually 2 of each, to get your 2nd set you can hit the "back" button and then "refresh" to automatically print the ones you just printed or you can go through and recheck the ones that you want.
Thank you for choosing to get your printable coupons from this site...your support is greatly appreciated! :)


The Mueller's pasta is BOGO this week at Publix. Several weeks ago there were coupons in the Sunday paper, one for .55 cents off any 2 Mueller's pastas and one for .55 cents off any ONE whole wheat Mueller's pasta. These coupons expire make sure that you use them if you have not already! I went yesterday and I loaded up on pasta! I ended up paying .27 cents for TWO boxes of whole wheat pasta and .82 cents for 2 boxes of regular pasta!

Friday, February 27, 2009

CVS deals 03/01/09

CVS Deals 3/1 - 3/7/09
Nestle Carnation Instant breakfast $4.99, get $4.99 back in ECBs. (Limit 1). I think there is also a coupon for this product-if there is use it to make this deal a money maker!
Act Total Care Trial size 3oz $.99, get $.99 back in ECBs. (Limit 1).
SlimQuick Energy shot 2 pack $4.99, get $4.99 back in ECBs. (Limit 1). Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Embrace or Spa Breeze $7.99 get $4 ECB. (Limit 1) If you use your $4 coupon (from P&G 2/8) it is FREE after coupon and ECBs

To my newest readers: DO not get discouraged because you may not have the coupons that I recommend that you use this week....keep at it and soon enough you will be all caught up!

Walgreen's deals 03/01/09

Walgreen's Deals 3/1 - 3/7/09
Blink tears eye drops $7.99 get $7.99 back in Register Rewards (RRs).
Use the $2 coupon from SS 3/01/09 it is FREE plus moneymaker after coupons and RR !
Colgate max toothpaste $3.99 get $3.99 back in RRs. Use $.75 off coupon from SS 2/22/09 or this and it is FREE plus moneymaker after coupons and RR !
Nabisco cookies or crackers 4-6 oz $1.99 BOGO Use $2 off coupon from SS 1/25/09 (if you did not already spend them at CVS a few weeks ago!) and they are FREE after coupon!
Reach Dental care $.99 with In-ad coupon. Use $1 off coupon from V 2/8/09 and it is FREE after coupon !
Coffee Mate creamer BOGO free $2.49 Use two coupons here FREE after coupons!
Garnier products $2.99.Use $2 off coupon from Easy Saver book (page 18 )and combine with recent $1 off coupons and it is FREE after coupons!
Colgate Total advanced $3.49. Use $2.50 off coupon from ES book page 24 and combine with $1.50 off from All You Magazine (or other "sources" you may have-Michelle) and it is FREE or a MM after coupons!
Glade Sense and Spray Starter Kit $7.99. Use BOGO coupon here. If you can't print the coupon, try again later. The site has been overwhelmed with traffic.Use $4 off coupon from ES booklet p29. And they are both FREE after coupons!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yesterday Michael Vinson (Vinson Heating and Air) worked 12+ hours replacing our air ducts and I believe that it is going to make a HUGE difference in Spencer's asthma flair ups! I am also excited about not having DUST blown out all over the house! I am going to get started dusting every crevice of this house (even though I just did it last week!) ! After I get my dusting done, I am off to Tanya's to go for a walk! I have really enjoyed our walks together, it has been a great way for us to get to know each other better and to release the stresses of motherhood! She is my WW accountability partner-it has helped me tremendously to know that I have to answer to her! I am not sure how much weight I will lose this week, the only exercise that I have gotten has been on my walks with Tanya, and my body is used to being worked out a bit more in the gym on the days I do not walk with her. There are no excuses...y'all KNOW that I hate excuses! I just did not MAKE the time to go this week. I could have gotten my bum out of bed early to go (which is all I can do when I have a busy day)-but I chose to sleep until 7:00 am. Anyhoo-I think that not working out may effect my weigh in this week (I weigh in on Saturday).
This afternoon I am picking up my little Noah! I am excited about that! Things have been so crazy around here that I have not even seen him in WEEKS! Lisa (his Mommy) told me today that when she told him that I was picking him up-he started to "fake cry" and said "I miss my mama Sherri". Can't wait to squeeze him :) This evening we are going over to my Aunt Ruby's house for supper, my Aunt Aggie is down from Georgia and I am looking forward to spending time with her! She (along with Ruby and Maggie) came to my class on Monday night, but I did not get to really sit down and talk to her much, so I am looking forward to eating supper over there tonight! I wish that my Mom was here too...., I know that she misses everyone! Well, that is about all that is going on today (unless I am forgetting something-like I did Tuesday! I forgot that Maddie and Bubba had soccer practice, and I showed up at school to pick them up anyway and then I ALSO forgot that Brooke had piano lessons starting up again and I was surprised to see her teacher pull into the driveway!.....too much "stuff" going on, for one small brain!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Publix deals starting Thursday!

Here are SOME of the BOGOs for this week: Be sure to click on "Publix Essentials" on the right side of my blog (Ads by Google), to see the entire Ad (if it is there-sometimes it changes)!
Mueller's pasta
Classico Pasta sauce
Kraft Delux Mac & Cheese
kellogg's raisin bran
Quaker Cap'N Crunch cereal
Delmonte tomatoes
Kellogg's pop tarts
Green Giant canned veggies
Lipton tea bags
Hormel chunk breast of chicken (canned)
Pam cooking spray
Keebler right bites
Doritos chips
Betty Crocker Supreme brownie mix
I Can't believe it is not butter spread
Green Giant frozen veggies
Yoplait yogurt
Lysol all purpose cleaner
Lot of great deals when you use your coupons!

I am told that there is an unadvertised deal going on at Target this week...if you buy 5 boxes of pop tarts ($2.40 each) you get a $5.00 Target gift card. I am not sure if there is a limit or not but if you can get 2 deals this would be the best way to do it: Buy 10 boxes use 5 -$1.00 off 2 coupons from this week's paper and use 5 -$1.00 off 2 Target coupons (printables-from the web or in the store.) Since you'll be getting $10 in gift cards, it is like paying only .40 cents a box for the poptarts. Again, I am not sure if you can get two deals so ASK!

Today I did my grocery shopping, I have to share what the guy cleaning the store said to me! I was in the freezer section of Publix and he was cleaning the glass, He came up to me and said "Lady, it takes a whoooole lot to impress me, but I have got to say...I am impressed!". I guess he's never seen so many coupons before! :) I saved $126.66 on my bill today, I spent $168.70 which is a bit high for my Publix bill, but I had $58.22 in COUPONS ALONE (apart from the bogos and other deals), so I thought that was pretty good! Anyhoo, I am really looking forward to hearing how much money you saved this week! Let me know if you hear of any great deals that you would like to share on this blog!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Promised codes

Here are the codes I promised to last night's class:




Enter them BEFORE you check out and you will get your REBBOX rental for FREE! I am guessing that each one can be used only 1 time per bank card that you use...but I am not certain. They can be used at ANY REDBOX location, on ANY day! Go to to see what movies are available at the REDBOX near you and you can also reserve a movie, right from your computer! Enjoy!

Coupon class booklets

Today I sold 3 of my "coupon class" booklets that I put together (without trying to-people just asked for them), so I thought I'd offer it to anyone who may read my blog but can not attend one of my classes. They are $5.00 (+ shipping, if you live outside the NPR area), the topics covered are: where to find coupons, how to cut your coupons, how to file your coupons, how to use your coupons (lots of little known tips!), it also covers the basics of CVS and Walgreen's shopping. If you are interested, you can just email the details and I can send it right out to you! You can pay via "Paypal"-there is a link on the right side of this blog that says "donate". Obviously, if you are in this area, it is better to take the class-as it is only $5.00 a person to attend-that way you can ask any questions you may have and I can clarify anything in the booklet that you may not understand. If you would like to get some people together and have me teach a class for you, email me and we will try to work it out!
My husband keeps telling me that I need to just make a video of me teaching the class and then post it on a site where people can just pay to view it....I am not sure that would work out too well-but it is a thought. I actually LIKE the contact with other people who share my interest in saving money-I love watching the faces light up when they realize what can be done! Anyhoo-I just wanted to put out that offer....hope you are all having a great night with your families!


I just wanted to welcome my newest readers from last night's class! I enjoyed sharing all my tips with you guys! I hope that you are able to use the info that you got last night and you are able to save your families tons of money! This blog originated as a tool for me to keep my family and friends updated on my everyday life, but I have also incorporated frugal living and couponing into this blog, so you will see posts about my family as well as posts about saving money. Feel free to browse my entire blog, but if you are only interested in saving money, go down to the section labeled "labeled posts" and click on "coupon queen"-that will ONLY pull up the posts I have on saving money. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have and comment on all the great deals YOU find!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Redbox code for 02/23/09

Here is the redbox code, good for a free rental at ANY Redbox location-today only! S39XKT

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another CVS find

Renuzit tri scents are on sale for $5.49 and you earn $2.00 ECBs, use this week's-$4.00 off coupon and you MAKE .51 cents on the deal! Limit of 5!


So much to share......! Today we stopped by Tanya and Chris' house to see if we could park at their house and go around their neighborhood to try to sell the rest of Spencer's candy bars (we figured we'd have more luck on the "other side of the tracks"). Well, when we pulled up at their house they were all outside playing and Chris and Ryan took Brett, Spencer and the girls around to sell the candy...they sold out within a few minutes! Tanya and I just sat on her front porch swing and enjoyed the quiet! Brett and Chris played baseball with the kids while Brooke and Maddie took care of Ellie in the house, so it was a nice break for us! Anyhoo, I really appreciate Tanya and Chris allowing the kids to come play and for helping us get rid of the candy bars!
Ok...I have some "breaking news" that I am so thrilled to share with you!! Today I learned that you can print Target coupons AT Target! Those computers at the front of the store (that are for wedding/baby registry) also print STORE coupons (which means you can match them with MQs to get GREAT deals!). The manager was not even aware of this, I asked about it when I got there and he told me that the only coupons you can print are the ones that are only good online (that did not make sense to me so I played around with the computer until I figured it out!). First you want to go to the "shop online" option, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, to the tiny print at the VERY bottom, and click "store coupons", that brings up a page of coupons and you just click "Print"! It gives you the option to choose which ones you want to print, but if you just click "print" they all will print (4 pages). They come out of the printer right there! Some of the coupons are "Super Target" coupons, Target will not honor those (I do not think!) but most of them are "Target" coupons and you can use them right then! BTW-the coupons state "Offer valid for in store purchase only", so obviously they are not for online purchases.I know that I am easily amused, but was just SO excited to learn this! You can also print them from your PC, but I figure-why waste YOUR paper and ink? Also, if you ever forget your coupons, you know that you can get them right in the store!


The Hersey's deal DOES work at Walgreen's. So, I got 6 Hersey bars for free, I also got the Fusion Power razor (made a profit on that), and the foil (also made a profit on that). I have a new weakness, Walgreen's sells "It's Greek to me" Greek chicken soup....SO YUMMY! (only 3 pts per can) it cost $2.19 a can I ate up my profits buying it (no pun intended :). I also got the Excedrin extra strength I also got the the Charmin big rolls deal, some bandaids and 3 tubes of Colgate. My total was just under $14.00 and I got $7.00 in RRs back! Darn soup put me over! Too bad there are no coupons for IT!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pics from my shoot yesterday

Yesterday I took Liz's pregnancy pics as part of her baby shower gift. Here are some of my favs. (I asked her if I could post them and she said "yes").

Weigh in report

I wanted to share my weigh in report from today...I lost 3.8 lbs this week! I was happy with that...esp since I ate at "The Melting Pot".....not the most "figure friendly" place to eat...but SOOOO worth it! :)

CVS and Walgreen's

Here are this week's CVS deals that I find noteworthy:
Revelon products-spend $20, get $10 ECBs! (limit 2 deals)
This one is a GREAT deal when you use coupons! First, make sure you scan your CVS card when you first walk into the store! Today I got a coupon for $4.00 off a purchase of $20 or more! I also got a $1.00 off ANY shampoo, conditioner, or styling product....(VO5 shampoo/conditioners are just .77 cents this week!). Ok, so I bought 3 Revlon eye shadows for $4.99 each and one lip gloss for $8.99 (I could have bought more eye shadows but I wanted the lip gloss!)=$23.96. Now, take off the $4.00 CVS coupon (off $20 or more) =$19.96 and then 4 of the $2.00 off any Revlon product coupons (since you are buying 4 Revlon products)=$11.96. I paid with ECBs (so no cash out of pocket..but if you do not have ECBs you'd pay $11.96 cash) and then I got back $10 ECBs! So.....I paid $1.96 for 3 eye shadows and one lip gloss! Did you get that?
Extreme energy 6 hour shots $4.99 get $4.99 ECBs= FREE! (Limit 1)
Colgate cavity protection toothpaste 4.6 oz-.88 cents Use your -.75 cents off ANY Colgate toothpaste coupon=.13 cents each! (Limit 5)
Gillette Fusion Gamer razor-$7.99, get $4.00 ECBs-use your $4.00 coupon (off any Gillette Fusion razor) and it is FREE! (Limit 1)
Schick Intuition Razor-$8.99 get $4.00 ECBs, use you $2.00 coupon and it is just $2.99. (Not a SUPER deal, unless you prefer that particular razor).
Dayquil or NyQuil (not sure of the sizes or limit -check the ad) On sale 2 for $9.99, get $5.00 ECBS , use 2 $1.50 coupons=2/$1.99!

Walgreen's has some SUPER great deals this week! Here are a few: (The Register reward deals always have a limit of 1)
Gillette Fusion Gamer razor-$8.99 get $6.00 in register rewards (RR). Use a $4.00 off coupon to make a $1.01 PROFIT!
Excedrin (20-24 pills)-$1.99, get $1.00 RR, use your -$1.00 coupon and they are free!
Hersey's single bars Use the BOGO coupon in the ad and then use the BOGO Man. coupon (MQ)=free! (I have not confirmed this one yet....but I think it should work, I will let you know when I try tomorrow)
Reynold's wrap foil-use $1.00 MQ and then use the in ad coupon=free!
Charmin 6 big rolls bathroom tissue-ad coupon=$3.49 also use $1.00 MQ= $2.49
There are more deals available, but that is all I have time for.
FYI-the CVS deals are ALL confirmed! The Walgreen's deals are usually right, but check the Ad when you get it tomorrow to confirm the info before you go shopping.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My re organized "coupon closet"

Yesterday I took the time to re organize my closet where I store the products I get using coupons. I am glad that I finally did it, since it gives me a lot more room!! I still have a huge tub of things that are set aside for certain people, so I do not put those in with the things we give away or use. Click the pictures to view them can see a lot more detail that way.
Last night I got the chance to go to "The Melting Pot" with Melissa and Michelle. That is my favorite restaurant and I really enjoyed spending time with the 2 "Ms"....Hey! M&M :) or, so not to leave myself out...M&Ms! Alright, I am in a goofy mood...can you tell? Anyhoo, I had a great time. Today I have spent time trying to upload a DVD that I created onto youtube, but it keeps saying that it is removed, due to "violation of terms and conditions"! I have no idea why!! First I thought it may the music...copyrights and all, so I took the music off and it STILL would not go through! I am bummed about that. Oh well. Well, I hope that you are all having an awesome Thursday!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Publix deals starting Thursday!

There are a TON of BOGOs this week at Publix!! AND....there are a TOn of coupon match ups to go along with them! Here are some examples:

Ragu sauce

Banquet sausage links

Oscar Mayer bacon

Florida's natural OJ

Juicy Juice

Green Giant canned vegetables

Crystal light drink mix

Wishbone dressing

Crisco olive oil

Kellogg's Special K cereal

Ronzoni pasta

Zatarian's mix

Huggies baby bath products

That is just to name a FEW! Check your coupons and be sure to match them up with these awesome BOGO deals!! Be sure to use TWO coupons for every set of products that you buy!!
To get more info, and to see the actual AD, be sure to click on "Publix essentials" on the "Ad sense" bar to the left.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God is SO good!

Today Michael, our AC guy, ("Vinson Air"-they are AWESOME if you ever need an AC company....they come highly recommended! Let me know if you would ever like their phone #.) came to check out our air ducts. We were pretty sure that they needed to be cleaned or replaced, so we asked him to come out and take a look. They DO need to be replaced so we got an estimate on how much it would cost. After we got the estimate I told him that I would talk it over with Brett and see what we could do....since I knew that we did not have the money to get it done right now. Well, I prayed and asked God to make a way...since I knew it was so important, especially for Spencer, who has asthma! Well, less than 1 hour later, God answered my prayer!! I called my mortgage company to ask about getting our escrow account looked at, since our insurance went down several months ago, but we have not seen a difference in our mortgage yet. Well, not only is our mortgage going down $101 a month but we are getting a REFUND check that is JUST enough to cover the new air ducts!! I never dreamed that we would be getting a refund! God is so faithful to us and I just wanted to share how He has blessed us! I have NEVER gotten an answer to pray THAT quickly!! I is not like I asked God to help me find my car keys or something.....I was asking God for more than $1,000 and it took Him less than an hour to answer my prayer!! Thank you God! Thank you Michael for coming out to take a look at our ducts today!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Friends...who are more like family.

I know that I have shared so much about my friends and how blessed I am to have them, but tonight I'd like to share how humbled I am by the blessings they bring. As many of you know, we have had some plumbing issues in our house for MONTHS! Well, when Chris (Tanya's husband) got word of it, he insisted that he come and take a look! He refused to take "no" for an answer and told me not to "take away the blessing of being able to do it". Chris is not a plumber, he is an "IBM" guy-but that did not stop him from coming over and fixing our "issues". He was here for 3 hours, he ran into all kinds of problems (hey, at least we know it is NOT just US!), but he pushed through until things were fixed! He kept asking "OK, what is next?". Anyhoo, I am so grateful for friends who really are FAMILY. I am grateful to God for sending Chris to help us! Now, we can use the money, that we were going to have to spend on plumbing, to get our air ducts cleaned out...which they need BADLY! Anyhoo-tonight I am thanking God for Chris and Tanya!!

Our trip to Disney World!

Hidden CVS deal

I just wanted to share a "hidden" deal that I found at CVS!
If you buy Two Neutrogena bars of face soap (the transparent kind) for $2.99 each, you will get back $10 in ECBs! A $4.00 money maker (even without coupons!)! I think that the deal is good on ANY Neutrogena face product (NOT positive about that, but pretty sure)...but it does work on the $2.99 soap! If you can only find one bar of soap at your CVS, you can always find a second one at another will print the $10 ECBs when you purchase the second bar (even though you are only buying one at a time), since the info is saved on your CVS card!! BTW-the CVS I shop at had several bars left when I went there today. SO, for all your "newbies"...this is a great way to get started earning ECBs!! Just to clarify, if you already have ECBs you can PAY with ECBs and you would still earn the $10 ECBs! Ex-today, I paid with my ECBs-I paid out a couple of bucks cash (I was buying other things too) and then I earned $10 even though I paid most my bill with ECBs. Got it? Let me know if you are able to take advantage of this let me know that I am not wasting my time sharing these tips :)

Free redbox rental

Today's code is : M7DM23
Enter it BEFORE you check out to get a FREE rental from REDBOX today. The code is active until 12:00 am. Make sure that you return the movie by 9:00 pm on Tuesday, to avoid being charge $1.00 per day. You can go online and look at what movies are available in each redbox and you can even reserve the movies that you want to rent!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I told Brett that he could be a guest blogger (see post below)...however he took the liberty to take up an ENTIRE page! LOL! So, if you are looking for tips on this week's deals, look below the "sermon" that Brett just wrote. Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend with the ones you love!

Another CVS find

I overlooked one thing in the CVS ad yesterday....I guess because it will still be money out of pocket but it is still a great deal! Aussie or Herbal Essences products are on sale for $2.99 each. You earn $1.00 ECS for EACH one that you buy, so they are "costing" you $1.99 each. Use your $3.00 off any 2 Herbal Essences products coupon (from 2/8 P&G insert) and they end up costing you .49 cents each. There is a limit of 5. So, lets say you buy 4 bottles=$11.96, use 2 of your coupons $11.96-$6.00=$5.96 out of pocket cost. You will be getting back $4.00 in ECBS at the END of your transaction so they will actually be "costing" you $1.96 for 4 bottles. Got it? Anyhoo, I thought is was a good deal!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


So, if you have not read next week's CVS ad yet...there is not much in there this week. At least I did not think so! They DO have ONE "money maker" though! If you buy the Colgate Total toothpaste (4 oz size) for $2.99, you will get $2.99 back in ECBs. There is a limit of 2. Use your coupons to make it a money maker. Example: I bought 2 tubes for $2.99 each, used $2.00 ECBs and used 2 $1.50 off coupons, I paid $1.26 in cash and I got back $5.98 in ECBs! So, basically I made $3.00 on the deal-you will earn $2.00 if you have the recent coupon for $1.00 off each tube. EVEN if you are a "newbie" and do not have any is STILL FREE and it is a great way to get started at CVS! So, even though there are no SUPER DUPER deals this week (at CVS), it is still worth the trip!

Friday, February 13, 2009

CVS deal for next week!

I found this online on "slick" It is the scan of next week's CVS ad.


I have been such a "bad blogger" lately-I have to apologize! Things have been so crazy lately and I feel like I am running non stop!! Anyhoo-this is not a pity post, I wanted to share with you some of the deals available at Publix this week!

First...what is FREE! The Milk bone dog treats are bogo this week, BUT there was a coupon (not this past Sunday but the one before) for Bogo on the Milk bone dog treats. I was unsure of how Publix would feel about me using a bogo coupon with a bogo deal (meaning I would get the ONE that I was "paying for" taken off my bill since I was using the manufacturer BOGO coupon), so I asked the manager before I started shopping. TIP...if you are unsure ASK!! The manager said "well, we are going to get our money from the manufacturer regardless of what you pay-so if you are getting something for free....well then good for you!" He also said "if the cashier gives you and problem just tell them that I said it would be fine". Well, the cashier did question it, so I told her what the manager had said, she of course asked him anyway (as if I were lying :) and he confirmed it. If I had not asked the manager first, the cashier probably would have just told me that it could not be done, so ALWAYS ASK the manager when in doubt-do not count on the cashier to know the store's policies! Anyhoo, if you have that coupon, USE it this week at Publix!! If you happen to shop at a different Publix than I do (Trinity), then I suggest asking the manager of that particular store first.

There was a coupon in THIS Sunday's paper for a FREE can of "Purina ONE wholesome" dog food-I found that Publix was well stocked, so you should have no problem using that coupon there. Even if you do not have a dog...give it to someone who DOES or even take it to your local animal is FREE! Believe it or not, that seems to be the biggest hurdle I have while taking people out as a "personal shopper". You'd be amazed at how many people have to stop and "think" about getting a product that they do not use, or are unsure of whether or not the "kids will eat it" (rotel tomatoes) before they will buy it, even it is 100% FREE!!

So Today, on my trip to Publix I got 6 boxes (I did not want to wipe them all out!) of dog treats, 12 cans of the dog food and 2 boxes of Juicy Juice drink boxes (only cause I had to have them, I paid $2.49 for 2) and my total was $4.38 (since you have to pay taxes on dog food)...saving $41.63!.

For the church I bought 6 boxes of "Quaker oatmeal to go" bars and my total was $6.24 (saving $12.87).

Other BOGO deals this week include (you should have coupons for MOST of them-unless you are a "newbie"):
Betty crocker cake mix
Shedd's Country Crock mashed Potatoes
Flatout bread
Juicy Juice drink boxes
Barilla pasta sauce
Betty Crocker cookie mix
Pillsbury brownie mix
Quaker Baked bars
Lipton tea bags
Kraft dressing
Ken's steak house marinade
Post cereals (several varieties)
Enterman's loaf cake
Thomas' english muffins
Shedd's spread butter
Int. Delight creamer
Simply potatoes
Swiss miss pudding
Pepperidge farm cakes
farm fresh cheese sticks
Breathe right strips
Soft scrub cleanser......
All the details are listed in the sales flyer, or you can click on "publx essentials" on the right side of my blog (google ads) and it will take you directly to the ad! Best part about using THAT link......I get paid each time you do! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


OMG! If you have not tried the new "South Beach fiber fit" bars....RUN to the store for some now! I have tried the "smores" and "mocha" flavors and they are "out of this world"! It taste like you are eating a candy bar....but they are only 120 calories (2 pts for all you WWs) and have NINE grams of fiber!! Anyhoo, I just love it when I find something that makes me feel like I am indulging...but without the guilt! Let me know what you think!

This morning I went to Walgreen's after I took the kids to school. I had some time between dropping the kids off and meeting Tanya for our walk. I got some amazing deals there today! One of the managers gave me an "employee discount" card (good for family/ friends) that gives me an EXTRA 15% off EVERY thing in the store and 20% off Walgreen's brand items (good only today and tomorrow). I got 2 packs of Schick razors, 4 tubes of Cover Girl lipsticks, 1 thing of Revelon eye shadow, 2 bottles of Phisoderm face wash & 1 pack of barrettes and my total was $3.22 (and that is including tax!). I saved $50.99! Those razors that I told you about earlier in the week are only .24 cents (instead of .99 cents)with the 15% discount, since they gave me the discount BEFORE ANY coupons were scanned (including store coupons!). So, I have this card if any of you would like for me to go with you, or if you would like to use it-email me! It is good for unlimited uses 2/12-2/13!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I just wanted to take some time to welcome all my new readers that attended tonight's coupon class! I had such a great time sharing one of my passions with you! Just a note.....this blog started out as a personal blog, for me to keep my family and friends up to date with my everyday life, and for me to express myself, to be "heard". It has turned into a blog that people can come to to learn about saving money and finding great deals, however, it is still my personal blog so there will be lots of posts about my family and our everyday life. You are welcome to read ANY thing on this blog and explore all the topics-but in case you are bored to death of hearing about my everyday life, you can always scroll down to where it says "labeled blogs" and click on "coupon queen", that will pull up all the posts that have anything to do with couponing. Also, on the right side of this blog is a section that says "printable coupons", you can print coupons directly from this blog, one by one, OR, you can click the tiny print under the last picture that says "by" and it will pull up ALL the coupons and you can choose which ones you would like to print. Go through each page and click "clip" and on the last page it will say "print all clipped coupons". Just remember not to get frustrated if the first few weeks you do not have a coupon that I am suggesting you use-you will "catch up" before you know it! Thank you all for allowing me to share with you tonight, and thanks Melissa for opening your home for us!! Michelle and Karen....thanks for coming for moral support (since you already knew what I was teaching!). I feel like I am giving an acceptance speech-lol! So, I am going to stop rambling on and start getting ready for bed! It is 11:54 pm! (Karen and I went for coffee after the class). Feel free to call me with any questions you may have, I know it can be a bit overwelming at first!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Redbox code for 02/09/09

Today's rebox code is: 25CH63
Enter is before you check out and it is good for a free retal! Be sure to have your movie back by tomorrow at 9 pm, or else you'll be charged $1.00 per day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Coupon class

FYI, my next coupon class (I really gotta come up with a better name than that!) is Tuesday night. Let me know if you are interested in attending and I will send you an evite! The cost is $5.00 per person and it includes information on where to find coupons, how to cut coupons, how to file coupons, how to use coupons, how to get things for SUPER cheap or ever FREE! It also includes a handout with all the covered information in it! Email me directly and if there are any spots available you are welcome to join us!

Here is a link to show you an example of what you can do with coupons!


I should clarify, for all you who live in NPR, I ONLY shopped at the CVS on 54-and I ONLY wiped out the Olay products. I went this morning and they still have several different items in their 90% bin! (BTW-the bin says 75% off, but they ring up 90% off). Anyhoo-just wanted to make sure that you all did not think that I wiped out ALL of NPR!! Also, I just came from Walgreen's and I wanted to tell you that you can get the Schick razors for just .99 cents a pack there! Use the store coupon and your M. coupon THIS week! They are on sale for $4.99-minus the $2.00 store coupon and minus the $2.00 MQ=.99 cents a pack! They have three different ones available, look in today's ad to see! Just a tip-I bought all three different kinds and it only took off the $2.00 each for one kind. They adjusted it for me, but just make sure you keep an eye on the register when they scan the store coupon. The managers where baffled by the computer not taking the $2.00 off for all of them, my guess is that it did not do it because it can not read all three different kinds at once. You may want to stick to one type of razor (NOT one "amount", but type) for each transaction, to avoid waiting there while they try to figure it out! Anyhoo.....they also have make up on clearance right now, so check your stores to see what is available!! Happy shopping!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What is FREE at CVS this week....

This week you can get Nabisco wheat thins or Ritz crakers for FREE at CVS! They are on sale 5/$5 (for the smaller, personal packages) and when you use your -$2.00/2 M. coupon, they are completely free-no tax, since it is a food item! I also hit the "mother load" at my CVS with the clearance section (sorry all you who live in NPR-I wiped us out!). They had 90% off Olay face soap, Neutrogina anti aging lotions, among other things! I used coupons that made most of it FREE-I just had to pay tax! They would have OWED me money, but I told the cashier that she would need to manually enter the coupons since the value of the items was less than the coupon. Example-Olay foaming face wash-.79 cents, I had a $1.00 off coupon. Anyhoo, there are some great deals at Walgreen's this week too-check my blog tomorrow, I will try to go over everything!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I just wanted to let everyone know that you can get FREE Aleve pain relievers at Publix this week! I was there today and noticed it-but I did not do my whole week's worth of shopping so I did not make note of all the other deals available. Aleve is on sale for $2.99 each this week, Publix has a store coupon for -$4.00 off any 2 Aleve (among other brands) products. ON THE BOX, there are "peelies" for -$1.00 off each one-so they are FREE when using the coupons together! If you can not find ones with peelies then you can also use your $1.00 coupon from the newspaper inserts from several weeks ago.

Brett and I did our taxes today, we were a little bit worried that we would not be getting any money back this year or we may even have to pay in. THANKFULLY, we will still be getting a refund-so we are officially DEBT FREE (other than the mortgage and car loan, of course)!! I am so excited about that!! God has worked it all out this year so that we could pay off the credit card! We put EVERYTHING that I needed to start my photography business on my credit card (lighting, camera, memory cards, backdrops, backdrop holder, advertising expenses.........)-so we had a LARGE balance! My camera ALONE was nearly $4,000!! Thankfully, we had a zero % interest this past year so we paid nothing in interest! I just wanted to share-GOD is so good! We have been very disciplined this past year and God honored that. I was a bit worried that we would not be able to pay off the card, even with getting a refund, since we had to pay for Brett to go to the doctor today. I was worried that we'd have about a $500 bill once everything was said and done. Instead, we went to the walk in clinic to get an xray, because Dr. Hanff's office told us that we would have to bring that in since they were gonna fit us in since we are friends of Dr Hanff's. At the walk in clinic, the xray showed NO fracture, but the doctor feels that he may have torn a ligament. He put a hard shell brace on Brett and did NOT charge ANYTHING for the xray! We only paid $166. for the whole visit! When we came in, the person at the front desk said it would be $250. BEFORE any treatment or brace! Another example of God's goodness and favor! So, Brett has orders to continue using his crutches, wearing his brace and they started him on an anti inflammatory medication. We are praying that he will not need any other treatment-he said to give it 3-4 weeks to see how he does. Thank you for all your prayers, phone calls and emails!! I really appreciate knowing that we have friends who we can count on to lift us up in prayer!

I STILL want to tell you all the details of our trip-it was an amazing adventure!! maybe tomorrow I will have a little more time to post pics and details....we still have not unpacked yet!

FYI-we have used to do our taxes the last 3-4 years and it has saved us more than $1,000!! We were paying "Jackson Hewitt" more than $300 every year to do our taxes-since we do a long form with itemized deductions and since Brett is "self employed" for his 2nd job. Anyhoo, it is SUPER easy and a standard return is FREE-because we file so many forms we have to pay $7.95 to do the taxes AND file them electronically!! Several years ago, we were in line at walmart, about to buy a "turbo tax" software, when the lady in line in front of us told us about tax act-what a blessing that has been! BTW...this is NOT one of my paid ads...I really do believe in this website! We have never had ANY problems with getting our returns! And, the awesome thing is that they save all the info for you, so next year, when you use it again, they already have all the dependant info , employer info/addresses.......less work for you!
Well, I am ready to curl up in bed and watch a little tv now!! Hope all is well with each one of my readers!!

PS...I have a little "guilt" and I have a confession to make......I know that I run the risk on sounding a little "flaky" by admitting this, but.....I went to a WW meeting last week. I was interested in finding out what changes they made to the program this year. Tanya and I were talking about it and my curiosity won, so I went. I weighed in....and oh my! I have gained some weight since the last time that I went (several months ago)! I KNEW how much I weighed, I weigh at home every week. I have not gained since I started my "no diet diet"-which is amazing in itself! But, I guess I did not realize that I weighed so much less when I was following WW. Anyhoo-I wanted to get that off my chest! Tanya and I have a "pact" and we have decided to conquer this thing together! Honestly, the thought of counting points again, makes me SICK......but the thought of staying this weight forever-makes me even MORE SICK! I really need my clothes to fit! Brett, trying to be sweet-tells me that I do not need to lose any weight and that I am too hard on myself. So, I tell him that I will need to buy a new wardrobe then-hes says "then do it"! MEN!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We're home!

Just wanted to let y'all know that we made it home safely! I can hardly wait to upload pics and tell you all about our trip! Pray for Brett, we are taking him to the doctor tomorrow for his ankle-I will update everyone on his status! Looking forward to sharing our memories with you....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Checking in!

I just wanted to check in with everyone and let you all know that we are having so much fun!! We got here on Monday-we toured "Downtown Disney", we went to The Magic Kingdom yesterday and today we are going to "take it easy"-maybe go to a movie and hang out around the resort! Tomorrow we are going to Hollywood studios. After breakfast I am going to try to post some pics-so check back!! I did not bring my card reader-so I can not upload my own pics, but I want to post the pics that they took of us all over Disney. Be back soon!

BUMMER! I can not post the pics directly to my blog-so I will just have to post the pics when I get home! Unless.......I pick up a USB cord while we are out and about today-we'll see!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Disney World bound!

See you all.....Thursday or Friday (we may stay an extra day!). Thanks again, Kathy, for house sitting and dog sitting for us!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Maddie and her frog....yuck!

Maddie has captured a frog, his name is "Tommy"........only Maddie!
2 seconds after I posted these pics-I look out our large picture window and see Maddie and Spencer running around playing under the sprinkler!! It is what...? 40 degrees outside?! They decided that they wanted to play under the sprinkler...Maddie sent Bubba in to "ask" but when he came in all he said was that he got wet (I THOUGHT from the water in frog bucket) and he was gonna change his clothes-what he MEANT was that he wanted to get wet and he was gonna change his clothes! Youngin's!..... did I mention that I MISS BRETT!?

Missin' Brett :(

It has been REALLY hard, not having Brett around the last two days!! I miss him soooooooo much! We have kept in touch on the phone, he comes to bed after I am asleep (3:00 am!) and leaves before I wake up (or like today-I left before HE woke up!)!! I am so glad that I have him to "do life" with me (that is HIS phrase...he always says "thank you for doing life with me"-sweet!). Anyhoo-I am SO excited about leaving for Disney tomorrow!! We planned on leaving early-but since Brett will not get home until 3:00 am again, we will leave later in the morning. We are going to Downtown Disney and checking out all the different Disney resorts tomorrow. Then, we are going to Disney Tuesday and either Disney again on Wednesday or MGM (depending on if we get to do everything we want to do at Disney the first day). This is our very first vacation together,as a family!! Spencer asked me if the hotel had a BATH TUB! He wanted to know how many clothes to his thinking, if they had no bath tub then he would only need the clothes that he was wearing (I mean....why would you change your clothes unless you took a bath....right?)but since they HAVE a bath tub, he will need to pack enough clothes for 4 days! Sometimes I am amazed at the way his brain works-baffled and amazed!
Well, I have to thank Kathy for coming to take care of our house and dogs!! She is such a blessing to our family!! Thank you!!