Saturday, February 28, 2009

I know I have had about "50" (JK) posts in the last day or so.....I just did a separate post for each topic-to keep it all straight. Anyhoo, this one is just about my day today. Brooke is off on a youth group trip and Brett is working , so it is just Maddie, Bubba and me. I am not gonna make it to my WW meeting this morning, but I weighed in at home and I did not lose anything since last Saturday. I know that it is because I chose to use my weekly flex pts (ALL of them!) and because I used them late in the week. My body holds enough water to drown someone when I eat anything sweet or starchy-so I think I did well considering!
Anyhoo, I have to run up to the church to drop off the food for the food pantry...I have about $15.00 left out of the $100 the church gave to me to spend (about 1 month ago). I have just been spending a little each week on whatever deals I can find....thankfully, it has gone a loooong way! There is a certain "weight" that comes from spending "God's money". I struggled with every purchase, trying to get the VERY best deal possible! After I drop off the food, I am going to go to the gym....didn't get there enough this week! I got a card in the mail yesterday that GIVES me a shapes membership starting Monday! My health insurance company changed the policy and because I requested "Shapes" to be my gym several months ago (before they told me MY policy did not cover gym memberships) they automatically gave me a "Shapes" membership. I can call and have it changed to whatever gym I choose, but I think I will keep it at "Shapes" for now...I love their hot tub, steam room and sauna! As you already know, we got a YMCA family scholarship a few months I will work out there still-since it is closer. I do not plan on keeping my health insurance for much longer...I am "itching" to go back to work! I am going back to the doctor on Monday, I am going to discuss an out patient surgery with her-if she recommends it then I will go ahead with it (sorry Mom ......I really think it needs to be done) and once I recover from that, I want her to release me to go back to work (which unfortunately means I will lose my Medicare well as my "Shapes" membership). I am a bit worried about losing my insurance.....I just think about all the screws and rods...... that are in my back and it scares me to be without the means to get "checked out" if need be. I will leave it in God's hands when the day comes. that I have rambled on-I am gonna kids the youngins ready to go. Hope you all have a SUPER Saturday!

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