Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Publix sale

It is the "Buy THEIRS, get OURS FREE!" sale at Publix! If you buy a national brand product, you get a publix brand equivalent FREE! Click HERE for details!

Click HERE to learn about a Walgreen's deal...it is not yet released apparently, but I am assuming it will work in the NRP area too. I am gonna try it tomorrow. Thanks to "deal seeking mom".

Well...I FINALLY did it!

I quit my complaining and I finally went and got my hair chopped off! I was working out this morning and I just thought..." I am just gonna go for it!" Plus...I had a little encouragement from Tammy and Kina. I taught a class last night, so I used the money that I earned on it, to get a hair cut. I went in having NO idea of what I really wanted to do, so I consulted with the hair dresser and we went through some books together. I ended up getting 7 inches cut off! It is now just above my shoulders, with some light layers. I haven't taken the time to really "play" with it, but I think that I will like it. It is still long enough to pull up, but it is short enough to have a little "style".
FYI..it is REALLY hard to take a picture of yourself! I need to have one of the girls take one for me!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Here is today's code for a free rental: 89ZQJ3

Class tonight.

Just a quick note to remind everyone that I am teaching a class tonight (clearwater), I have had a lot of people ask me to tell them when I have another class....but I never remember who it was that asked, when it comes time...anyhoo, if you are interested, let me know. I am swamped with "stuff" to do today, tons of errands to run, I have physical therapy, soccer games.......I wish you all a Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

CVS ad

Here is the CVS ad for this upcoming week!

Friday, March 27, 2009

just a couple of things....

Lisa, Noah's "other Mommy", brought a Walgreen's deal to my attention. the Stride gum is .79 cents each (with ad coupon), use it along with the $2.00 off 3 packs MQ and you pay just .37 cents for 3 packs! Seems to be a good "gum week" between Walgreen's and WD! Thanks Lisa! Also, I ventured into the dreaded Walmart territory (ONLY because I HAD too!) and I saw that they have an additional 50% off their clothing clearance! I noticed a lot of kids and baby clothes, but there were also some clothes for adults too. I got a satin pj set for $1.25! ALL the clearance is located on the baby department at the SR 54 Walmart.

I leave for ONE night......

Last night I went to Tanya's house to keep an eye on the kids, while she and Chris went to a meeting at the school. BTW-they are working REALLY hard to save First Christian School from going under...they are leading a group of people who are trying get donations from people and businesses, so they can save the school. If you know of anyone who can help out-please send me an email so I can connect you up with them! They have ad space, in a awesome newspaper/ magazine -available in the Trinity area, to sell to businesses. Anyhoo, while i was gone last night, Brett decided it was time to "groom" the dogs. They REALLY did need a trim....but, THIS is what I came home to! Poor Lady bug :(

I got home kinda late so Lady was already asleep in Spencer's room-Brett said "go take a look at Lady bug, I have a feeling this one is gonna make it onto your blog!". Maddie said that none of her friends are allowed to come over until Lady's hair grows out! She begged me not to post these pics.."cause all her friends read my blog"....."WHY?".
Anyhoo, it is like that old country song "It'll grow back, 'honey' don't be mad...God and the rain will bring it back" (The song is referring to a boy talking to his Daddy about a tree he cut down...but it this case, I think the song fits!)

BTW-to really appreciate these pics, you must click on them to enlarge them...so you can see the "detail" of his grooming job! I just have to laugh every time I think about it! In fact, last night, while I was trying to be "serious" I busted out laughing! Brett wanted to know what I was laughing about...when I was trying to be "serious".....when I told him we both had laugh!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winn Dixie find

You never hear me talk about Winn Dixie, mostly because it makes me mad that they raise the prices for their bogos, and their prices are high to begin with! Anyhoo, I got the sales flyer yesterday and I took a look-regardless. They have Mentos gum bogo-the ad says "10 pack", but there is no such thing as a "10 pack" so I asked the manager...it is actually a 15 pack of Mentos gum (located at the register) for $1.59 cents (that SAME pack is $1.28 at most stores.....btw) and it is bogo. I used ONE $1.00 MQ AND ONE .55 cents off MQ for each deal that I got! So, I paid .02 cents a pack. You can't use 2 $1.00 MQs since WD does not allow overage. I bought 16 packs and my total....INCLUDING tax was $1.22! I have more MQs, so I think I will go back and get more before the sale ends next week. Anyhoo, if you have those MQs...(and you should-if you have been cutting them all like I tell you to do :)-then go get yourself some super cheap gum! I bought Tropical flavor-yum, peppermint, wintergreen and strawberry. Gum is helpful for me to fight cravings....so who knows? You may drop a few lbs too!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I did my weekly shopping today, here are some noteworthy deals!
Sunlight dish soap bogo (with ad coupon) $1.79-used 2 .25 cents off coupons= 2 for $1.29
Degree deodorant-on clearance for $1.79 each. Used -.75 cents off MQ= $1.09 each.
Soft soap-.99 cents with ad Q

9 Gillette men's body wash-$2.00, used $2.00 MQs= FREE!
8 Olay soap (single bars, found in the trial section) .97 cents each...used $1.00 MQ= FREE (cashier manually typed it in-so they took off .97 cents for each bar)
French's mustard-$1.11, used .50 cents MQ=.61 cents
Hostess 100 calories cupcakes-$2.99. Used .50 cent Target coupon (I printed it right in the store!) and .75 cents off MQ=$1.74

bogo Dole fruit cups $2.25 each-used 2 .55 cents off MQ= 2/$1.15!
bogo Smart Balance butter spread-$2.89 Used MQ for a free 1/2 gallon of Smart Balance milk w/ purchase of one SB butter and 1 MQ for free SM butter sticks w/ purchase of SB butter spread. So I got 2 smart balance spreads, 1 box of SB butter sticks and a half gallon of SB milk for $2.89!
Secret Flawless deodorant-on clearance for $2.89, used $2.00 off MQ= .89 cents each.
Johnson's and Johnson's bath wipes-for babies, on clearance for $1.67, used $1.00 MQ= .67 each......although, they rang up at full price-so I got the "Publix Promise" and they gave me one free and I paid $1.67 for the 2nd box , so it was ACTUALLY negative .33 cents for two boxes!
The Glade deal is still going on too! The starter sets (scented oil candles) are ONLY $2.50....you can use your BOGO coupon=2/$2.50 or the $2.00 off coupon=.50 cents each...whichever you have (I think I got the $2.00 one is inside the box from another purchase).
Ocean Spray cranberry juice-bogo $3.49, used 2 $1.00 off MQs= 2/$1.49. I got those coupons at the front of the store....inside a booklet of coupons, located with the sales ads (every Publix may not have them).
So, that is about it...the Publix deals end today-sorry it is so late. My husband gets paid on Tuesdays, so I usually do not get to shop until Wednesday!
*****I am having a class at Karen's house (Clearwater) on Monday....let me know if you are interested in attending! Hope to see you there....Mr "Olive Garden Guy"...and your wife! (Our waiter last night was very interested in the amount of Olive Garden coupons that I had, when I pulled 2 out...so we told him about couponing!....it was Girl's night out last night.....had lots of fun!)*****

Monday, March 23, 2009


UPDATE! The CVS bogo deal on Hersey's has a limit (sorry...I did not realize that!)....so if you buy 6 bags, you'll pat full price for 2. Thanks Sherrie!

I ran to CVS this afternoon, here is what I bought:
4 Dawn dish soaps-on sale for $.99 cents each, get back $1.00 ECBs wyb 2=2/.98
3 bags of jelly beans-.77 cents each
2 bags of Twizzlers-bogo @ $2.69
2 bags of Hersey's candy-bogo @ $2.99 (btw-if you buy 4 you can use the $1.50 MQ from last weekend's newspaper insert-by 6 and you can use 2 MQs. The Q is for $1.50 off 3 bags. Since you are getting one free for each one you pay for, you only have to PAY for 3 bags to use 2 MQs....got it? So 6 bags would cost you $5.97 and if you have the Store Q for $3.00 off, you'll save even more!)
10 trial size bags of Schick razors (2 razors in each bag) .99 cents Used $1.00 MQs=free
1 trial size St Ives face scrub- $1.49 Used $1.00 MQ= .49 cents (I needed it).
2 gallons of milk $3.00 each -earn $1.00 ECB for each one= $2.00 each gallon.
2 rolls of CVS paper towels- 2/$1.00

When I scanned my card at the entrance of the store I got a $4.00 off $20 purchase Q and a $3.00 off any Easter candy purchase of $10.00 or more Q. I used both those Qs along with the MQs and ECBs. My total was .84 cents and I earned back $4.00 ECBS. I usually try to EARN as many ECBS as I spend, but since I bought all the Easter candy that the "Easter Bunny" is gonna bring this year-I figured I'd go ahead and actually spend some ECBs.

I saved $46.16 today.

This week's deals

I am sorry that I have not had the chance to post the deals available at Walgreen's, CVS, or Publix! Things have been very busy around here and yesterday we took time off together, as a family, to go to the park and grill out. We had a great time playing baseball....I got a home run! Anyhoo, I know that the ads were available in yesterday's newspaper but if you see something that you have questions about, do not hesitate to ask me! Wish you all a Happy Monday!! Be determined to LIVE your life today!

I wanted to share some family pics from this past week....our "kitty" is doing really good, he is such a loving animal....already spoiled rotten...but loving!
"Kitty's" spot on Maddie's bed and "scruffy" sunbathing
Spencer, blowing bubbles and Maddie....being goofy! (I told you I was gonna post it Madeline!)

Me, just before my "home run"....although....the "pitcher" (Brett) let me keep swingin' until I finally got a hit :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bringin' out my soap box...

Alright....I realize that this post is gonna "ruffle some feathers", but truthfully....I really do not care. I have got to speak my mind and bring attention to the state that our "churches" are in! So, here goes..........
At what point did we (the church) forget that we are supposed to be IN the world....but not OF the world? A while ago I got "stirred up" buy a sermon I heard via podcast...and I do not mean "stirred up" in a good way either! I have just not taken the time to speak out against until now. I have also gotten "stirred up" about a local youth group event taking place this weekend...so I am just gonna let loose on both at the same time! First....the "sermon". You may find this hard to believe...unless you go to this particular church or are associated with it in some way, but I heard a "pastor" preach a sermon devoted ONLY to the subject of alcohol...titled "Should Christians be able to drink"....or something along those lines. This "pastor's" point was that "YES", Christians should be allowed to drink alcohol...as long as they do not become drunk. He used the scripture "do not be drunk with wine......" saying that as long as you can "control" your drinking then by all means "drink". Now, I have some friends who drink, and I am not stating that drinking is gonna send you to hell (that is for God to decide)....but, what is the purpose of it? And, WHY on earth would a "pastor" promote drinking?(I have to put the word "pastor" in quotation marks simply because the title describes a true shepherd, who cares about his "sheep" not one who cares about being popular with the "wolves".) Why would he take up an entire sermon to endorse drinking alcohol? Why did he leave out the devastating effects that alcohol has on families, how it KILLS and destroys? Nope...he managed to leave all of that out of his sermon, he only reminds people that they should not buy it for minors (since that is illegal) and that they should not get drunk. SERIOUSLY? Are you for real?? What is the purpose of even just ONE drink? To relax, to have a good time, to "fit in"?? What ever happened to being "set apart", DIFFERENT from the rest of the world? It alters your state of mind....period. If you are not looking for that altered effect, then why not drink Pepsi? EVERY single alcoholic on the face of this earth became an alcoholic beginning with just ONE drink. Where was THAT in his sermon? What kind of example would I be to my kids if I used alcohol, in ANY amount? What is that telling them? I will share with you something that happened a few months ago, I was at dinner with a large group of women when one of them ordered a martini-the drinks were 2 for 1 so she offered the second to whoever wanted it. A few people at our table tasted it, but no one drank it so the woman, who ordered it, finished the first and the second. I asked Brett, later that night, how much it would take for this woman to be too impaired to drive. I explained that a few people sipped from the second drink but there was still a good amount in it when the woman finished it. Brooke, our 12 year old daughter, heard me talking to Brett and she said "Mommy, did YOU take a sip?". The THOUGHT of me taking one single sip was just eating at her! Thankfully, I was able to tell her honestly that I had not taken a sip....nor did I have the desire to! I know that I have a VERY addictive personality and all it would take, would be ONE sip for me to lose control. But regardless, even if you CAN take one sip, or one drink...why? What kind of testimony are you being if you use alcohol in any amount? People who have seen alcoholism destroy lives view it so much more differently than those who have not. They do not see the "one drink", they see the bruises their husband's have left behind, they see the tears running down their children's faces, they see infidelity, heartache, death........ . It all started with one drink. I heard all that I needed to hear from that "pastor" and I immediately went home and deleted the remaining "sermons" and unsubscribed to his podcasts! He is not the only "pastor" I have heard who tries so hard to be "cool" and fit in with the world. Once Brett and I were visiting a church and the "pastor" said from the pulpit.." I am tired of hearing all the Bi*#ching and complaining.....". Unbelievable! The congregation just laughed...it was funny to them! Again, what is the purpose?

Now, onto the "godly" event that a local church is hosting this weekend. You may or may not be familiar with the books and the movie titled "Twilight". Basically, it is about a vampire that falls in love with a woman.....that is really all I needed to know to realize that it was NOT something that my children would be reading or watching. Well, there is a church that is hosting a "Twilight" party where they are going to view the movie as a youth group at the church. What is wrong with that picture. The leaders of this youth group are saying that they are gonna "draw" teens to Christ by offering "fun" events as a way to be introduced to the church. Brett and I have been youth pastors, so we KNOW that it takes some "bait" to get youth into the church, but what does it say about a church who is willing to use the same bait that Satan uses? The problem lies here......a LOT of people (not just at this particular church-but at churches around the country) do not see any harm in vampire movies, or Harry Potter........ They are blinded and do not see that there IS a spiritual world that exists and by allowing that garbage to come into their homes it opens the doors for all kinds of satanic activity. Like it or not...it is the truth. I have friends that think I am NUTS when I talk like this...but it is the truth. Just because it makes you uncomfortable does not mean it is not factual. Anyhoo, I could not believe that this church was going to try so hard to "fit in" with today's youth that they are forgetting the reasons why the church exists to begin with! The world wants something DIFFERENT...not more of the same.....isn't that why people come to Christ to begin with? I know...I KNOW, that I have slammed some people here today-but after all, it IS my blog-intended for MY voice...I am gonna let it be heard! I just get so frustrated with the lows that our churches have stooped to...and for what? Does it bring about change? No-it only allows a person to sit comfortably in a church service as they continue to live the way that they always have....believing (or hoping) that they are right with God...all because the "pastor" wants to be a "seeker friendly" church. Seeker friendly? I guess it all depends on what the person is seeking. If they are seeking the pastor's stamp of approval on their messed up lives...then yes, some churches are "seeker friendly". If they are seeking GOD...? Not so much.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Free Rita's Italian Ice!

Today you can stop by any Rita's Italian Ice and get a FREE regualr sized Italian Ice! If you have never been there beofre, you MUST go!! They are SO good and they even have "light" versions! Take the family out tonight!

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring....don't you just love Spring? A fresh start, new beginnings, the smell of orange blossoms filling the air (for all you Floridians), birds chirping......beautiful! I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Spring, may God's blessings be poured out upon you as He brings new life to this Earth!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here is the code-good for a free rental...today only!

My weekly shopping trip

Today I did my weekly grocery shopping, here are some of the deals that I got:

Trident Xtra care gum-on sale for $1.00 per pack. Used -.75 cents off MQs= .25 cents per pack (I bought 14 packs).
Crest Pro health night toothpaste-on clearance for .95 cents. Used -$1.00 off MQs= free

IAMS cat food :) 0n sale for $6.49. Used $5.00 MQs= $1.49 per bag.
Duracell hearing aid batteries-$8.49. Used $3.00 Store coupon and $2.00 MQ=$3.49 a pack.
Birdseye steamers meals for 2-$5.99. Used $1.00 store coupon and $2.00 MQ= $2.99 each.
Kellogg's fruit snacks-$2.95 BOGO. Used $1.00/2 MQ=$1.95 for 2 boxes.

Gillette body wash-$2.00. Used $2.00 MQ= free
Quaker Simple harvest granola bars-$2.50 each. Used $1.00 MQs for each box. Buy 5 boxes get $5.00 Target gift card. Final cost=$2.50 for 5 boxes. I used that gift card to get another deal-on that one, I paid $2.50 cash and got back another $5.00 gift card!
Suave shampoo/conditioner-.97 cents each. Used $2.00 off 3 MQ= .91 cents for 3 bottles. I also used another $2.00 MQ on the trial size hand lotions= .97 cents for 3.
Market pantry juice pouches-on clearance for $1.14 per box (10 in each box).

Those a the most "noteworthy" deals that I got.

Tonight Brett will be preaching at Highest Praise Family Church (Tarpon Springs)-if you are welcome to come by!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Click here for a $2.00 coupon good off of ANY Snuggle Creme' fabric softener. Make sure you hit the "back" button (then "refresh") so you can print out two! Thanks Tara.
I have two coupon classes coming up...one on the 30th and another in April, let me know if you are interested in taking one!

a new addition to the McCann family......

.....and NO! I am not pregnant! :) (thankfully!)

It all happened while I was shopping for a swim suit (got lucky and bought the 3rd one I tried on....btw!). Brett and the kids walked down to Petsmart while I was at Ross-that was all it took! The pet rescue people were there, trying to get the dogs and cats adopted out. The kids spotted a playful kitten and once Brett held it....it was all over! They drug (literally DRUG) me to the pet store for me to see this kitten that we just HAD to adopt. I, being the "level headed one", said "NO!". They begged and pleaded and I reminded them of Spencer's asthma (and the 3 dogs, hamster and fish that we already have!). The adoption "expert" stepped in and told us that because the kitten has short hair, he should not upset Spencer's asthma....BUT.....if it did then we could return the kitten back to the shelter. Brett and I told the kids we'd "think about it" while we were running other errands. I was hoping that once they could not see the cat, we'd be able to talk some sense into them! We stopped at Starbucks (thanks for the gift card Tanya!) and the kids all sat up at the bar and Brett and I sat at a nearby table. I was pleading with Brett-telling him all the reasons why we'd be NUTS to even consider bringing a cat into our house! He told me that we would need to switch seats-since he was facing the kids. I turned around to see what he meant and there they were, all three of them lined up at the bar, staring at us with anticipation. I knew THEN that we'd be bringing home a cat! I told them that IF their maw Maw said it was a good idea THEN they could get the cat-thinking that my Mother would NEVER say that...we'll she gave them the "go ahead"! They handed me the phone and she said "why did you do that to me?!" and responded..."why did YOU do that to ME!?". I even tried to get out of getting the cat while I was in line at Walmart (...did I ever tell you how much I HATE Walmart?)...the kids were thinking of a name for the cat and they saw the movie "pinnocio" for sale. They asked the lady behind us if she could remember the cat's name in the movie. She said "no". I told them that IF the lady would have know the name, then they could have had the cat...just kiddin' around with them. Anyhoo-needless to say, we got the cat! He really is a sweet kitten, he's 3 months old and he is playful and loving....and fascinated by the slow drip we have in our bath tub (when the kids do not shut the water off all the way). He gets in the tub and just watches it. He sleeps at the top of the bed with Madeline. Once I get home from taking the kids to school, he roams from room to room crying....I am convinced that he is looking for the kids! It is the only time he does that. His name was Einstein-according the shelter worker. The kids have not agreed on any one name just yet though...they mostly call him "Frisky" or "Kitty". Well, I just wanted to share the news with you! Hope you are all having a awesome Tuesday! FIND something to celebrate today...don't just let this day go by "just another" Tuesday!
OH! And FYI....the dogs are getting along just fine with the kitten.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I did my CVS shopping today, here is what I bought:
Infusium shampoo-clearanced to .72 cents-used $3.00 MQ-cashier entered in manually making it free.
1 Dry Idea deodorant-$2.99 used $2.00 MQ printable and earned $2.00 ECBS=$1.01 money maker
2 Right Guard deodorants- $2.99 each used $1.00/2 MQ and earned $4.oo ECBs ($2.00 for each one)=.98 cents for 2
1 Ajax dish soap=.99 cents
1 Irish Spring body wash 18 oz-$4.99, earned $4.99 ECBs=FREE (limit 1)
1 Colgate Max White toothpaste 6.0 oz-$2.99, earned $2.99 ECBS=FREE (limit 1)
12 trial size Schick razors (2 in each pack)-.99 cents, used $1.00 off ANY disposable Schick razor= -.01 each pack.
I paid $2.11 out of pocket, used $9.99 ECBs and 1 $4.00 off a $20 purchase store coupon (scan those cards BEFORE you shop!!). I got back $13.98 in ECBs.
The Irish Spring and Colgate deals are ONLY available until Tuesday!
Happy Shopping!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunday's Walgreen's ad

Click here to view this week's Walgreen's ad...thanks to HCW.
Couple of the deals that I spotted are:
Speed stick deodorant .99 cents (final cost after you get $1.00 in RRs-pay $1.99 up front)
Revlon cosmetics: bogo....use 2 coupons for each deal you get!
Dove products: 25% off...buy 8 products get $8 RRs, buy 6 products get $6 RRs, buy 4 products get $2 RRs. That is a great deal since Dove is on sale for 25% off and you can use your coupons to make the price even cheaper!
Listerine/ Reach products are on sale 3 for $9. Buy 3 get $6 RRs=final price of 3 for $3...use those coupons to make this deal even better!

That is just to name a few...I often find more deals while I am doing my shopping...I'll let you know what else I find!

Later tonight I will post CVS deals....if I have time.
Just a note...the RRs you may have earned, from the "Blink" deal or the hidden "Dove" deal (2 weeks ago), expire tomorrow...make sure you use them up!
Happy shopping!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ok, so here are the deals that I spotted so far, if you find more, feel free to post a comment and let us all know!
IAMS cat food-$6.49 Use -$5.00 off any IAMS cat food MQ= $1.49
Lysol spray cleaner-bogo, use 2 -.50 cents off MQs (or $1.00 off, if you still have them).
General Mills cereal-bogo
Bertolli olive oil-bogo
New England coffee-bogo
Bertolli pasta sauce-bogo
Barilla pasta-bogo
Uncle Ben's rice-bogo
Planters trail mix-bogo
Kellogg's fruit snacks-bogo
Post cereal-bogo
Kraft/seven seas dressing-bogo
Orville Redenbacher pop corn-bogo
Bryers Ice cream-bogo

These are just a few of the deals this week-if you want to see the entire ad, click "publix essentials" on the AdSense side bar. I do not have my coupons with me right now, so I am not exactly sure of which ones match up. I am almost certain that there are coupons for each one of these products that I listed-so check your coupon boxes before you go shopping!
Today I cut this week's coupons-now I need to get them filed. It is a chore, but once you see how much money you can save (or MAKE...in some cases), the work is definitely worth it! My dear, sweet, loving, husband-has tried to convince me that I need to "cut back"-he fears it is too much "work" on me. He' s already told me that once I start up my business I am not going to be able to keep up. It really does not take up that much of my time-in my opinion. Once you get organized and you keep up with your weekly coupon cutting it is a smooth process. Now....if you should fall behind, even for just one week...THEN it can be overwhelming. I do feel over whelmed from time to time...but what Mom doesn't?? Running the kids here and there, keeping up with the household chores, church duties, coupons, photography, working out..... it is a lot to do. But I look at it this way-which one of those things can I cut out? NONE of them.
MY DH (dear husband) has also tried to get me to "sell my seed"! He thinks I need to sell some of my stock...I just do not feel good about that. I feel like I 'd get much more in return by sowing it-rather than selling it. Anyhoo, once again-I have just rambled on about the thoughts in my head...some things will just never change. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am so sorry that I have not had the chance to post this week's Publix deals...I am gonna try super hard to do it tomorrow. Until then, you can always take a look at the ad by clicking on "publix essentials" on the right side under "google adsense"....and earn me some money while you are at it :) . I will try to get to the coupon match ups for Publix some time tomorrow....things have just been crazy busy here-each day seems to be as busy as the last and each week-just as busy as the week before.....when will it slow down? I do not know how I ever had time to "work" before!


This morning I had a Doctor's appt in Tampa-some of you know what it was for, others may not. It is more of a "personal" situation and until I make a final decision on the matter I am gonna keep it that way. Anyhoo-for all of you who pray....please pray that God would lead me in the situation and that HIS will be done. If I decide (and my insurance company decides), I may be having surgery...not major-just one night at the hospital...while I am there, I 'd REALLY like to take care of another issue-that will NOT be covered by my insurance...so I'd be needing about $7,000 to get that done. So y'all please pray for God's will and His provision in the matter.

On my way home from Tampa, I stopped at Walmart....did I ever mention that I HATE Walmart??? Well, I DO! The kids needed some school supplies so I just stopped in to pick up a few things. While I was there I checked out the "trial size" section and I found "Johnson & Johnson" body lotion (not the kind for kids, but the kind for women). The trial size was .97 cents and I had $1.00 MQs good on ANY J&J body lotion. I got 15 of those and just paid the tax on them. The cashier manually entered the coupon so there would be no overage. Well, it is about time for me to pick up the youngins...hope you are all having an awesome Thursday!! Oh! I was so thrilled to hear from Tina today, she took my class a few weeks ago and she just called to let me know how much money she is saving!! I LOVE IT! Thanks for letting me know Tina...sometimes I wonder if I am helping anyone or if I am wasting my time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This morning has been a bit slower than yesterday...thankfully! I took the kids to school and then went to the gym. Just before I walk into the gym I tell myself that I am no longer a wife, mother, friend, couponer-lol, .......I am just ME and I choose to put ALL I can into the time that I am giving myself there. It may sound strange, but I make it time to "de stress" and I choose to look at it as a "luxury". Anyhoo.....I do think that the way we look at things GREATLY affects our attitudes and our outcomes! Not sure what all that was about....but it came out so I typed it...much like the way words come out of my mouth...with no good reason.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today has been a CRAZY day...I've been so busy! Anyhoo, I have about 300.00 more to add to my monthly savings-but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I did want to share a couple of good deals with you...Publix has their "bird's eye" steamers-frozen veggies on sale for 50% off. Original prices vary from $1.89-$2.39. Use your $1.00 off 3 MQs along with $1.00 off 3 Store Q and you can save a TON! If you choose three that are $1.89 (corn, peas....)-you end up paying just .83 cents for THREE bags!I love these steamer bags...they are so easy to pop into the microwave...my kids sometimes eat them as snacks! Also, Publix has Glade scented oil candles and refills on sale for $2.50 each. Use your BOGO MQ to make them 2/$2.50 and then use the $2.00 MQ inside the box (if you can reach it) to make them 2/.50 cents. I just learned that you can do this. I always thought that if you had a bogo coupon-you could not use another MQ-but I met another Christian blogger/couponer and she assured me that it was perfectly legal...since you are getting 2 products (you would not be able to use 3 MQs-since you can never use more than 1 MQ per product). I tried it out at Walgreen's last week and they register accepted both coupons, so I am trusting that this other lady is correct.....who do you ask about "stuff" like this? She said she confirmed it with a coupon guru. Anyhoo-I'd never want to do anything that would compromise my integrity...I want to please God in everything I do...including couponing! But, I feel safe knowing that this other lady shares my principles and she is "certain" it is legit. PLUS...I am sure the Walgreen's register would have "beeped" if it as not correct...as it does half the time when it IS correct lol!
At Walgreen's...besides the awesome deals that I have already told you about, they have Trident splash gum (peppermint) on clearance for .60 cents. Use your .75 cents off 1 MQs to get them for free (+ overage, if your Walgreen's allows it-if not, they can just enter the .60 cents in manually to make them free) Irish Spring body wash is $4.42-when you buy one the register will print out a coupon for a free Irish Spring body wash.

That is about all I have "in me" right now-I promise to share more tomorrow!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Free samples

Click here for a free sample of Gain detergent, from walmart.

Click here for a coupon and sample of sun crystals stevia sweetner.


Here is the code for today's free Redbox code : F3T9L6


When you do your Walgreen's shopping, make sure that the cashier scans your MQs BEFORE the store Qs.....otherwise the computer may not allow you to use ALL your MQs. I have found that this varies from store to store-but to be safe give them your MQs first.

God's blessings have been poured out upon us here in the McCann household....we'll you may be shocked to find out that "God" sent Spencer LOTS of new clothes! Well.....maybe not "God"exactly-He may have used someone to give them to us. There was a note in the box that said " This is a little something back because you have given unto others as you would have them give unto you." The sender said she wanted to sign the note "God"...but she was afraid too :)! How funny! I'd probably be afraid to do that too! Anyhoo, Spencer has LOVED his new clothes! The first morning after he got them, I woke up to find him wearing the robe that he got....and his shoes and socks were on! Well, as soon as he saw that I was awake he said excitedly "Mommy, I am wearing this robe 'cause I did not want you to see what I look like" then he flashed open his robe to show me how his clothes looked on him! He had a sweatshirt on, and before I could even look at it, he was stripping that off to show me the shirt he had underneath it! Poor kids must have been sweating to death waitin' for me to wake up! He is so proud of his new clothes ! Thank you God and the people that you use to bless our family!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I already put up this week's Walgreen's deals but I wanted to share what I bought and how much I saved there!I shopped at 3 different Walgreen's today-since I had to drive my niece to Weeki Wachi, to where she left her car. Instead of wiping our any one store, I just stopped a those along the way. All together I got 33 bottles of "Fructis" shampoo/conditioner/ styling products, 11 tubes of Colgate, 3 packs of Revlon emery boards, 4 boxes of "sambucol" medication, 2 candy bars, 2 bottles of Coffee mate creamer, 4 Glade Sense and sprays, & 3 Glade lasting impressions. My TOTAL (for all 3 stores) was $16.26! Some of my receipts had a subtotal into the negative...one was -.65, the other was -.08! Too bad we gotta pay the tax! I SAVED...$291.26 (JUST today!), between the 3 stores! Anyhoo, there are lots more deals this week, but I just had to time to get the free stuff for now! I have over $60 in RRs to spend, I just gotta find the time to really look around or more deals! BTW-if you have one in diapers still, the Huggies deal at Walgreen's rocks! Use those printable coupons and get a ton of diapers for super cheap! The printable Huggies coupons re set...so even if you already printed your limit of 2, you can still print 2 more of each one (while they last!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Allie's pics

A few of my favorite pics from Allie's shoot!

My CVS trip

Transaction 1= 2 Herbal essence shampoo/conditioner ($2.88 each-earn $1 ECBs for each bottle (limit 5), used $3.00 off of 2 MQ)=.76 for 2 bottles. 1 Secret Flawless deodorant ($3.99 earn $1.00 ECB, used 1 $2.00 MQ=.99 cents).
Transaction # 2=9 Zone bars (on sale $10 for 10...or $1 each...used $1.00 off 1 coupons=free) 4 bottles of Herbal Essence, 4 Colgate total ($2.89 bogo...used 4 $1.50 coupons=negative .04 cents).
That is all I have time for right now.......so sorry!
I have been busy shooting my niece's senior pics..I'll post some later!

Friday, March 6, 2009

NEXT week's Walgreen's deals

Here is a scan of the ad for next week (thanks to HCW!). I see that the Garnier Fructis is going to be FREE this week!! I am so glad that I saved most of my $1.00 MQs, instead of spending them this week and paying .50 cents a bottle!
The Glade kits will also be free with the $4.00 MQs and Easy Saver Qs! OR, If you haven't printed them already, here is the bogo coupon for the "sense and spray" and here is the bogo coupon for the "lasting impressions"-print 2 of each!
Coffee mate will be free to-they are BOGO, use 2 printable coupons and they are free!

Walgreen's ROCKS!

Walgreen's ROCKS! Just take a look at how much money I have saved there THIS WEEK!! $530.26 (I am keeping ALL my receipts this month to help me keep track-let me know if you want to take a look!)!! AND....I have earned $66.00 in RRs that I can use on next week's deals (or whatever I want to use them on).I have a new hidden deal that I am going to share! If you buy any 8 Dove products you will get back $10 in RRs! Now, that would not be such a great deal on most Dove products but the secret is that you can buy ANY dove products to qualify for this deal! Today I bought 6 trial size deodorants (.99 cents each and I used 3 $1.50 off of 2 MQs=$1.49 for 6) and I bought 2 of bars of soap that are advertised in the ad (.99 cents WITH the ad coupon= $1.98/2). That brought my total to $3.44 plus tax and I got back $10 RRs!
On a separate transaction I got 8 trial size deodorants-after coupons my total was $3.98 (with the tax), I used a $2.00 RR and paid $1.98 cash-and I earned the $10 RR! So, if you have them, you can use RRs to earn RRs....as long as it is not the same exact deal!
I also bought several more of the "one touch ultra" machines-they are 100% FREE with the coupon...since there is NO tax on them!

I hope that you are all able to take advantage of these deals...the sale ends tomorrow!! (although...rumor has it that the Dove deal is a monthly deal!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Publix ad

Be sure to click on "publix essentials" on the right side of this blog (google ads) to pull up the new weekly Publix ad!

I need "needy" people!

I know that there are SO many people who are going through a rough time financially right now. Lots of layoffs, hours are being cut back, mortgage payments have doubled and tripled for some people....... So I know that there are a lot of people who could use a little help right now...my problem is I do not know how to find them! I do not have much to offer, but my coupon closet "overfloweth" with essential items (shampoo, toothpaste, razors, medications......) , I have already given so much to my church that they told me that they do not need any more at this time! So, if you or someone you know could use a few things, and you live locally to NPR...PLEASE contact me and I will be more than happy to share! I know, from experience, that sometimes you just have to chose what you are gonna buy with the little money you have left, and when it comes down to food for your kids or toothpaste for your teeth...you are gonna feed your youngins! So, while it may not be much help-it will allow you to spend a little more on food for your "babies"! Email me directly at ilovelucyfan4@msn.com and we can set up a meeting time and place! God just continues to pour out His blessing on my family, and HE has given "seed to the sower"...I do not want to keep my seed-I WANT to sow it!

Starbucks chocolate deal!

This week Starbucks chocolate is on sale for two for $8 at Walgreen's! Use the $6.00 off 2 easy saver coupon (making them 2 for $2)AND a $1.00 off MQ for each box and they are FREE!! The MQs that I have are from the "blinkies" (the coupon machine that blinks) at various stores...I even found one at the Walgreen's that I go to! Even if you can not locate at MQ blinkie, $2.00 for two boxes is still a great deal!!

Oh! And another deal is the "one touch" mini (blood sugar testing kit) is on sale for $14.99 this week (at Walgreen's) and there was a $15.00 off coupon in this past Sunday's "smart source" coupon insert! So it is FREE! Even if YOU do not need it, buy it for someone else who may!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Redbox code

Redbox is now offering free rentals on Wednesday too! Here is today's code: 75EA16

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog post

I recently came across a blog post that mentions and links back to this blog.....I wanted to share with you! Sherrie (we share the name :) purchased one of my coupon class booklets online. She found my website listed on "Top blogs in your area" on feedjit. Thanks Sherrie!
Click here to read it!

Today's shoppping trip

Here are a few of the deals that I got at Publix today:
Pop Tarts-bogo $2.39 -$1.00/2= 2/$1.39 (.69 cents a box)
Advil PM 20 ct-$5.29-$3.00 store coupon and -$2.00 peelie MQ=.29 cents each box
Betty Crocker supreme brownies-bogo $2.27-used 2 $.50 cents off coupons=$1.27/2 (.63 cents a box)
Success rice (boil in bag-4ct)-$2.00 used $1.00 MQ=$1.00 a box
Cover girl nail polish-$3.29-used $2.00 store coupon and $1.00 MQ=.29 cents each bottle.
Publix ice cream-$3.00 used -$1.00 coupon found on the BC brownie box ($1.00 off Publix ice cream when you buy 2 boxes of mix)=$2.00
Those are just a few of the things I thought were "note worthy". I LOVE Publix! Their customer service can not be beat!

At Target I bought 6 bottles of Suave shampoo/conditioner for $1.17 each and used 2 -$2.00/3 MQs=$3.02 for 6 (.50 cents each).
Betty Crocker fruit snacks-on sale for $1.99-used 2 .50 cent Target coupons (printed right there in the store) and a .75 cents/2 MQ=$2.23/2 ($1.11 each box).
3 travel size bottles of Suave hand lotions-.97 cents each, used $2.00/3 MQ=.91/3 (.30 cents each).

At Walgreen's I bought more Curel lotion-clearanced to $3.59-used $2.00 store coupon and $1.00 MQ= .59 cents each. I also bought some more Revlon nail files-$1.69, used $1.00 Store coupon and $1.00 MQ= -.31 cents. Check you local Walgreen's for Mylanta-on clearance for $1.69, use $2.00 store coupon and $1.00 MQ for a profit of $1.31 (if your store allows overage). There are a TON of great deals at Walgreen's this week.....go get'um!

You may have noticed my little "savings bar" on the right side of this blog. My GF ,Tanya, asked me how much I save in a month, and I did not have an answer! I did not keep track of weekly/monthly savings-so I decided to start doing that! I separated it by stores and then put the total for the current month at the bottom. EVEN I am shocked by how much money I have saved, just THREE days into this month ($456.90!) ! I encourage each of you to start keep track too!! It really is an accomplishment to be able to save my family money, have plenty of enough for ourselves and have plenty of enough to give away...esp on our teeny, tiny budget! You should be proud when you save money for your families too!
I just have to say...I saw a talk show yesterday and I could NOT believe when the talk show host was SHOCKED by the fact that a family of 5 could live off of $60,000 per year. Are you serious??

Monday, March 2, 2009

Redbox code for 03/02/09

Here is the Redbox code, good for a free rental-today only! MS72K3
Pop some popcorn and pop in a family movie tonight!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Walgreen's trip!

UPDATE! Walgreen's refunded me my $7.99 I was over charged, so my total was actually $7.31 on the first transaction! I feel so STUPID that I did not catch that one!

Walgreen's is a couponer's GOLDMINE this week!
My first receipt I spent $15.30 (actually $7.31 after they refunded me for Blink-they scanned it 2 xs by mistake) and I got back $13.50 in RRs! My total was over $95.00 before coupons...when I saw that I was starting to sweat, but my coupons brought it down to $15.30 ($7.31)! I saved $133.80 all together on that receipt! I got 4 boxes of band aids (on clearance for $1.09-I had a $1.00 coupon for each one=.09 cents each box), Dawn dish soap (.99 cents with ad coupon),2 bottles of Fructis shampoo and 2 bottles of Fructis conditioner ($3.50 each-minus $2.00 easy saver store coupon and $1.00 MQ=.50 cents each),4 packs of Revlon nail files (10 in each pack) $1.59 each pack...(I used $1.00 easy saver store coupon and $1.00 MQ=negative .41 cents each pack), Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste $3.29 (used .75 cents MQ=$2.54 and got back $3.50 in RRs=negative .96 cents-after RRs), 2 Colgate total toothpastes $3.49 (used 2 $2.50 Easy saver store coupons and 2 $1.50 MQs= negative .50 cents each one),Mylanta on clearance for $1.89 (used $2.00 easy saver store coupon and $1.00 Mq=negative $1.11), Revlon eye shadow $4.99 BOGO (used 2 $2.00 MQs=.99 cents for 2), Blink eye drops $7.99 (used $1.50 MQ and got back $8.00 in RRs=negative $1.51 after RRs),Nivea lip gloss $2.99 (used $1.00 ad coupon and $1.00 MQ=.99 cents),4 bottles of Curel lotion on clearance for $3.59 (used $2.00 easy saver coupon and $1.00 MQ for each bottle= .59 cents each) Vaseline lotion $2.69 (used $1.50 MQ and got back $2.00 in RRs=negative .81), 2 Glade refills (2 packs are BOGO), (used BO refill GO warmer and -$1.00 off refill MQs=$3.99 for 2-2packs refills and 2 warmers).
The second receipt I got the Colgate deal and the Blink deal, paid $8.50 got back $11.50 in RRs!