Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a new addition to the McCann family......

.....and NO! I am not pregnant! :) (thankfully!)

It all happened while I was shopping for a swim suit (got lucky and bought the 3rd one I tried on....btw!). Brett and the kids walked down to Petsmart while I was at Ross-that was all it took! The pet rescue people were there, trying to get the dogs and cats adopted out. The kids spotted a playful kitten and once Brett held it....it was all over! They drug (literally DRUG) me to the pet store for me to see this kitten that we just HAD to adopt. I, being the "level headed one", said "NO!". They begged and pleaded and I reminded them of Spencer's asthma (and the 3 dogs, hamster and fish that we already have!). The adoption "expert" stepped in and told us that because the kitten has short hair, he should not upset Spencer's asthma....BUT.....if it did then we could return the kitten back to the shelter. Brett and I told the kids we'd "think about it" while we were running other errands. I was hoping that once they could not see the cat, we'd be able to talk some sense into them! We stopped at Starbucks (thanks for the gift card Tanya!) and the kids all sat up at the bar and Brett and I sat at a nearby table. I was pleading with Brett-telling him all the reasons why we'd be NUTS to even consider bringing a cat into our house! He told me that we would need to switch seats-since he was facing the kids. I turned around to see what he meant and there they were, all three of them lined up at the bar, staring at us with anticipation. I knew THEN that we'd be bringing home a cat! I told them that IF their maw Maw said it was a good idea THEN they could get the cat-thinking that my Mother would NEVER say that...we'll she gave them the "go ahead"! They handed me the phone and she said "why did you do that to me?!" and responded..."why did YOU do that to ME!?". I even tried to get out of getting the cat while I was in line at Walmart (...did I ever tell you how much I HATE Walmart?)...the kids were thinking of a name for the cat and they saw the movie "pinnocio" for sale. They asked the lady behind us if she could remember the cat's name in the movie. She said "no". I told them that IF the lady would have know the name, then they could have had the cat...just kiddin' around with them. Anyhoo-needless to say, we got the cat! He really is a sweet kitten, he's 3 months old and he is playful and loving....and fascinated by the slow drip we have in our bath tub (when the kids do not shut the water off all the way). He gets in the tub and just watches it. He sleeps at the top of the bed with Madeline. Once I get home from taking the kids to school, he roams from room to room crying....I am convinced that he is looking for the kids! It is the only time he does that. His name was Einstein-according the shelter worker. The kids have not agreed on any one name just yet though...they mostly call him "Frisky" or "Kitty". Well, I just wanted to share the news with you! Hope you are all having a awesome Tuesday! FIND something to celebrate today...don't just let this day go by "just another" Tuesday!
OH! And FYI....the dogs are getting along just fine with the kitten.

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