Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well...I FINALLY did it!

I quit my complaining and I finally went and got my hair chopped off! I was working out this morning and I just thought..." I am just gonna go for it!" Plus...I had a little encouragement from Tammy and Kina. I taught a class last night, so I used the money that I earned on it, to get a hair cut. I went in having NO idea of what I really wanted to do, so I consulted with the hair dresser and we went through some books together. I ended up getting 7 inches cut off! It is now just above my shoulders, with some light layers. I haven't taken the time to really "play" with it, but I think that I will like it. It is still long enough to pull up, but it is short enough to have a little "style".
FYI..it is REALLY hard to take a picture of yourself! I need to have one of the girls take one for me!


michelle said...

You are sooo beautiful! Looove the new hair cut!! =] Good for you to do something for yourself, you deserve it!! =]

Sherri Walker-McCann "sha" said...

You are so sweet Michelle! Thanks!

GAIL NH said...

The new 'do is way cute! Exceptional resolution on the photo. Gail

Sherri Walker-McCann "sha" said...

Thanks Gail! ...the pic was taken with my "back up camera"..which is a Canon digital rebel-it is a great little camera-MUCH lighter than my Pro Canon 5D!
Are you a photographer too?