Thursday, March 5, 2009

I need "needy" people!

I know that there are SO many people who are going through a rough time financially right now. Lots of layoffs, hours are being cut back, mortgage payments have doubled and tripled for some people....... So I know that there are a lot of people who could use a little help right problem is I do not know how to find them! I do not have much to offer, but my coupon closet "overfloweth" with essential items (shampoo, toothpaste, razors, medications......) , I have already given so much to my church that they told me that they do not need any more at this time! So, if you or someone you know could use a few things, and you live locally to NPR...PLEASE contact me and I will be more than happy to share! I know, from experience, that sometimes you just have to chose what you are gonna buy with the little money you have left, and when it comes down to food for your kids or toothpaste for your are gonna feed your youngins! So, while it may not be much help-it will allow you to spend a little more on food for your "babies"! Email me directly at and we can set up a meeting time and place! God just continues to pour out His blessing on my family, and HE has given "seed to the sower"...I do not want to keep my seed-I WANT to sow it!


Sherrie said...

I am absolutely green with envy over your "coupon closet". Not just the overflowing items, but most especially that fact that you have SPACE to have such a closet! My home features several closets and cabinets, every one stuffed to the limit. There's a lot of reorganization needed at my home so I can achieve a coupon closet of my very own! :)

Sherri Walker-McCann "sha" said...

LOL! I have my closet in the garage..I'd LOVE to have one inside my house but it is tiny!! It is only 1152 sq feet and we have FIVE people in our family! We make use of every space in our teeny house......we HAVE to keep it organized and we go through the kid's things about every other month to clear out anything that is not being used! Good luck with filling your coupon closet!

michelle said...

Did you contact Teen Challenge??