Friday, March 13, 2009


Ok, so here are the deals that I spotted so far, if you find more, feel free to post a comment and let us all know!
IAMS cat food-$6.49 Use -$5.00 off any IAMS cat food MQ= $1.49
Lysol spray cleaner-bogo, use 2 -.50 cents off MQs (or $1.00 off, if you still have them).
General Mills cereal-bogo
Bertolli olive oil-bogo
New England coffee-bogo
Bertolli pasta sauce-bogo
Barilla pasta-bogo
Uncle Ben's rice-bogo
Planters trail mix-bogo
Kellogg's fruit snacks-bogo
Post cereal-bogo
Kraft/seven seas dressing-bogo
Orville Redenbacher pop corn-bogo
Bryers Ice cream-bogo

These are just a few of the deals this week-if you want to see the entire ad, click "publix essentials" on the AdSense side bar. I do not have my coupons with me right now, so I am not exactly sure of which ones match up. I am almost certain that there are coupons for each one of these products that I listed-so check your coupon boxes before you go shopping!
Today I cut this week's coupons-now I need to get them filed. It is a chore, but once you see how much money you can save (or some cases), the work is definitely worth it! My dear, sweet, loving, husband-has tried to convince me that I need to "cut back"-he fears it is too much "work" on me. He' s already told me that once I start up my business I am not going to be able to keep up. It really does not take up that much of my time-in my opinion. Once you get organized and you keep up with your weekly coupon cutting it is a smooth process. Now....if you should fall behind, even for just one week...THEN it can be overwhelming. I do feel over whelmed from time to time...but what Mom doesn't?? Running the kids here and there, keeping up with the household chores, church duties, coupons, photography, working out..... it is a lot to do. But I look at it this way-which one of those things can I cut out? NONE of them.
MY DH (dear husband) has also tried to get me to "sell my seed"! He thinks I need to sell some of my stock...I just do not feel good about that. I feel like I 'd get much more in return by sowing it-rather than selling it. Anyhoo, once again-I have just rambled on about the thoughts in my head...some things will just never change. :)


Anonymous said...

Well, I went to Walgreens and saved $95!!! I only walked out spending $5!!! And that was the tax! Thank you for the class!

Sherrie said...

Another good deal at Publix- 2 liters of Pepsi products are 99 cents, with peelies on the bottle to buy two get one free AND I used a $1 off Food Lion Pepsi coupon so I got three two liters of Pepsi Wild Cherry for 98 cents total. I ended up saving $23 and an out of pocket cost of $33- not huge, but saving over $20 is always welcome. Also, the Tombstone pizzas are $2.99 this week, we had one of the supreme ones last night and they were tremendous so we picked up 4 of those tonight.

Sherri Walker-McCann "sha" said...

Thanks for the tips Sherrie!
Amy-so glad you are able to use my tips to save your family money!

michelle said...

Did you call Teen Challenge?
Did Melissa contact you about a family in need?...