Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunday's Walgreen's ad

Click here to view this week's Walgreen's ad...thanks to HCW.
Couple of the deals that I spotted are:
Speed stick deodorant .99 cents (final cost after you get $1.00 in RRs-pay $1.99 up front)
Revlon cosmetics: bogo....use 2 coupons for each deal you get!
Dove products: 25% 8 products get $8 RRs, buy 6 products get $6 RRs, buy 4 products get $2 RRs. That is a great deal since Dove is on sale for 25% off and you can use your coupons to make the price even cheaper!
Listerine/ Reach products are on sale 3 for $9. Buy 3 get $6 RRs=final price of 3 for $3...use those coupons to make this deal even better!

That is just to name a few...I often find more deals while I am doing my shopping...I'll let you know what else I find!

Later tonight I will post CVS deals....if I have time.
Just a note...the RRs you may have earned, from the "Blink" deal or the hidden "Dove" deal (2 weeks ago), expire tomorrow...make sure you use them up!
Happy shopping!

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