Friday, March 6, 2009

NEXT week's Walgreen's deals

Here is a scan of the ad for next week (thanks to HCW!). I see that the Garnier Fructis is going to be FREE this week!! I am so glad that I saved most of my $1.00 MQs, instead of spending them this week and paying .50 cents a bottle!
The Glade kits will also be free with the $4.00 MQs and Easy Saver Qs! OR, If you haven't printed them already, here is the bogo coupon for the "sense and spray" and here is the bogo coupon for the "lasting impressions"-print 2 of each!
Coffee mate will be free to-they are BOGO, use 2 printable coupons and they are free!


Sherrie said...

I'm out of Fructis coupons (maybe Sunday's paper will have them), but I see free deals w/ the coupons I have for the Glade Sense and Spray (2), Glade Lasting Impressions (2) and Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste. I'll also be all over that canned Coke deal. Cool- thanks for the sneak peek!

michelle said...

Needed creamer, great coupon, thanks!