Sunday, March 8, 2009


I already put up this week's Walgreen's deals but I wanted to share what I bought and how much I saved there!I shopped at 3 different Walgreen's today-since I had to drive my niece to Weeki Wachi, to where she left her car. Instead of wiping our any one store, I just stopped a those along the way. All together I got 33 bottles of "Fructis" shampoo/conditioner/ styling products, 11 tubes of Colgate, 3 packs of Revlon emery boards, 4 boxes of "sambucol" medication, 2 candy bars, 2 bottles of Coffee mate creamer, 4 Glade Sense and sprays, & 3 Glade lasting impressions. My TOTAL (for all 3 stores) was $16.26! Some of my receipts had a subtotal into the was -.65, the other was -.08! Too bad we gotta pay the tax! I SAVED...$291.26 (JUST today!), between the 3 stores! Anyhoo, there are lots more deals this week, but I just had to time to get the free stuff for now! I have over $60 in RRs to spend, I just gotta find the time to really look around or more deals! BTW-if you have one in diapers still, the Huggies deal at Walgreen's rocks! Use those printable coupons and get a ton of diapers for super cheap! The printable Huggies coupons re even if you already printed your limit of 2, you can still print 2 more of each one (while they last!)

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Sherrie said...

I'm still working on stockpiling coupons for sales like this, but yesterday I got 2 each of the Glade air fresheners- free, two free Fructis shampoo and two free Fructis styling products. I also took advantage of the Coke deal as we drink a LOT of Coke at my house! Today I'm heading to CVS before work, I'll see what kind of deals I score there.