Monday, March 9, 2009


When you do your Walgreen's shopping, make sure that the cashier scans your MQs BEFORE the store Qs.....otherwise the computer may not allow you to use ALL your MQs. I have found that this varies from store to store-but to be safe give them your MQs first.

God's blessings have been poured out upon us here in the McCann household....we'll you may be shocked to find out that "God" sent Spencer LOTS of new clothes! Well.....maybe not "God"exactly-He may have used someone to give them to us. There was a note in the box that said " This is a little something back because you have given unto others as you would have them give unto you." The sender said she wanted to sign the note "God"...but she was afraid too :)! How funny! I'd probably be afraid to do that too! Anyhoo, Spencer has LOVED his new clothes! The first morning after he got them, I woke up to find him wearing the robe that he got....and his shoes and socks were on! Well, as soon as he saw that I was awake he said excitedly "Mommy, I am wearing this robe 'cause I did not want you to see what I look like" then he flashed open his robe to show me how his clothes looked on him! He had a sweatshirt on, and before I could even look at it, he was stripping that off to show me the shirt he had underneath it! Poor kids must have been sweating to death waitin' for me to wake up! He is so proud of his new clothes ! Thank you God and the people that you use to bless our family!

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