Friday, March 27, 2009

I leave for ONE night......

Last night I went to Tanya's house to keep an eye on the kids, while she and Chris went to a meeting at the school. BTW-they are working REALLY hard to save First Christian School from going under...they are leading a group of people who are trying get donations from people and businesses, so they can save the school. If you know of anyone who can help out-please send me an email so I can connect you up with them! They have ad space, in a awesome newspaper/ magazine -available in the Trinity area, to sell to businesses. Anyhoo, while i was gone last night, Brett decided it was time to "groom" the dogs. They REALLY did need a trim....but, THIS is what I came home to! Poor Lady bug :(

I got home kinda late so Lady was already asleep in Spencer's room-Brett said "go take a look at Lady bug, I have a feeling this one is gonna make it onto your blog!". Maddie said that none of her friends are allowed to come over until Lady's hair grows out! She begged me not to post these pics.."cause all her friends read my blog"....."WHY?".
Anyhoo, it is like that old country song "It'll grow back, 'honey' don't be mad...God and the rain will bring it back" (The song is referring to a boy talking to his Daddy about a tree he cut down...but it this case, I think the song fits!)

BTW-to really appreciate these pics, you must click on them to enlarge you can see the "detail" of his grooming job! I just have to laugh every time I think about it! In fact, last night, while I was trying to be "serious" I busted out laughing! Brett wanted to know what I was laughing about...when I was trying to be "serious".....when I told him we both had laugh!

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Sherrie said...

Oh my gosh...I've been tempted to groom my wirehaired dachshund myself to save the almost $40 cost...but these pictures will cure me of that! Poor doggie! :)