Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winn Dixie find

You never hear me talk about Winn Dixie, mostly because it makes me mad that they raise the prices for their bogos, and their prices are high to begin with! Anyhoo, I got the sales flyer yesterday and I took a look-regardless. They have Mentos gum bogo-the ad says "10 pack", but there is no such thing as a "10 pack" so I asked the is actually a 15 pack of Mentos gum (located at the register) for $1.59 cents (that SAME pack is $1.28 at most stores.....btw) and it is bogo. I used ONE $1.00 MQ AND ONE .55 cents off MQ for each deal that I got! So, I paid .02 cents a pack. You can't use 2 $1.00 MQs since WD does not allow overage. I bought 16 packs and my total....INCLUDING tax was $1.22! I have more MQs, so I think I will go back and get more before the sale ends next week. Anyhoo, if you have those MQs...(and you should-if you have been cutting them all like I tell you to do :)-then go get yourself some super cheap gum! I bought Tropical flavor-yum, peppermint, wintergreen and strawberry. Gum is helpful for me to fight who knows? You may drop a few lbs too!

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