Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I did my weekly shopping today, here are some noteworthy deals!
Sunlight dish soap bogo (with ad coupon) $1.79-used 2 .25 cents off coupons= 2 for $1.29
Degree deodorant-on clearance for $1.79 each. Used -.75 cents off MQ= $1.09 each.
Soft soap-.99 cents with ad Q

9 Gillette men's body wash-$2.00, used $2.00 MQs= FREE!
8 Olay soap (single bars, found in the trial section) .97 cents each...used $1.00 MQ= FREE (cashier manually typed it in-so they took off .97 cents for each bar)
French's mustard-$1.11, used .50 cents MQ=.61 cents
Hostess 100 calories cupcakes-$2.99. Used .50 cent Target coupon (I printed it right in the store!) and .75 cents off MQ=$1.74

bogo Dole fruit cups $2.25 each-used 2 .55 cents off MQ= 2/$1.15!
bogo Smart Balance butter spread-$2.89 Used MQ for a free 1/2 gallon of Smart Balance milk w/ purchase of one SB butter and 1 MQ for free SM butter sticks w/ purchase of SB butter spread. So I got 2 smart balance spreads, 1 box of SB butter sticks and a half gallon of SB milk for $2.89!
Secret Flawless deodorant-on clearance for $2.89, used $2.00 off MQ= .89 cents each.
Johnson's and Johnson's bath wipes-for babies, on clearance for $1.67, used $1.00 MQ= .67 each......although, they rang up at full price-so I got the "Publix Promise" and they gave me one free and I paid $1.67 for the 2nd box , so it was ACTUALLY negative .33 cents for two boxes!
The Glade deal is still going on too! The starter sets (scented oil candles) are ONLY $ can use your BOGO coupon=2/$2.50 or the $2.00 off coupon=.50 cents each...whichever you have (I think I got the $2.00 one is inside the box from another purchase).
Ocean Spray cranberry juice-bogo $3.49, used 2 $1.00 off MQs= 2/$1.49. I got those coupons at the front of the store....inside a booklet of coupons, located with the sales ads (every Publix may not have them).
So, that is about it...the Publix deals end today-sorry it is so late. My husband gets paid on Tuesdays, so I usually do not get to shop until Wednesday!
*****I am having a class at Karen's house (Clearwater) on Monday....let me know if you are interested in attending! Hope to see you there....Mr "Olive Garden Guy"...and your wife! (Our waiter last night was very interested in the amount of Olive Garden coupons that I had, when I pulled 2 we told him about couponing! was Girl's night out last night.....had lots of fun!)*****

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Sherrie said...

I'm interested in attending the class on Monday night, could you please email me with the address? I'm familiar with the area, so I shouldn't need any directions beyond the address. Should I just bring the book I bought from you last month? I loved that Smart Balance deal at Publix this week, I got it on two seperate trips so I have PLENTY of Smart Balance butter, stick butter and milk in my fridge! (The milk is actually really good.)