Monday, March 23, 2009


UPDATE! The CVS bogo deal on Hersey's has a limit (sorry...I did not realize that!) if you buy 6 bags, you'll pat full price for 2. Thanks Sherrie!

I ran to CVS this afternoon, here is what I bought:
4 Dawn dish soaps-on sale for $.99 cents each, get back $1.00 ECBs wyb 2=2/.98
3 bags of jelly beans-.77 cents each
2 bags of Twizzlers-bogo @ $2.69
2 bags of Hersey's candy-bogo @ $2.99 (btw-if you buy 4 you can use the $1.50 MQ from last weekend's newspaper insert-by 6 and you can use 2 MQs. The Q is for $1.50 off 3 bags. Since you are getting one free for each one you pay for, you only have to PAY for 3 bags to use 2 it? So 6 bags would cost you $5.97 and if you have the Store Q for $3.00 off, you'll save even more!)
10 trial size bags of Schick razors (2 razors in each bag) .99 cents Used $1.00 MQs=free
1 trial size St Ives face scrub- $1.49 Used $1.00 MQ= .49 cents (I needed it).
2 gallons of milk $3.00 each -earn $1.00 ECB for each one= $2.00 each gallon.
2 rolls of CVS paper towels- 2/$1.00

When I scanned my card at the entrance of the store I got a $4.00 off $20 purchase Q and a $3.00 off any Easter candy purchase of $10.00 or more Q. I used both those Qs along with the MQs and ECBs. My total was .84 cents and I earned back $4.00 ECBS. I usually try to EARN as many ECBS as I spend, but since I bought all the Easter candy that the "Easter Bunny" is gonna bring this year-I figured I'd go ahead and actually spend some ECBs.

I saved $46.16 today.


Sherrie said...

Wow, I didn't really see any CVS deals when I looked at the flyer yesterday but I guess I should look again as you seem to have done great! I've only been scanning my card for a month, but I've never gotten one of those $4 off $20 purch...I always get $1 of CVS brand candy or nuts. I wonder if it varies by location?

Sherrie said...

Hey, this morning I went to CVS and got the $5 off of a $15 purchase coupon from the scanner- I just had to be patient! :) BTW, on the BOGO Hershey's candy, there is a limit of two deals so you can only get 4 bags total on the BOGO. I went ahead and got six to use the two $1.50 off coups & get to $15 cost for the $5 off coupon, but the 5th and 6th bags ring up as $2.99 each. Either way, I got a mountain of candy for a few bucks out of pocket cost. My "boys" (counting my husband in there) will love the candy for Easter!

Cab said...

I think I might have to pick up some of those candy bar deals! :)