Monday, March 23, 2009

This week's deals

I am sorry that I have not had the chance to post the deals available at Walgreen's, CVS, or Publix! Things have been very busy around here and yesterday we took time off together, as a family, to go to the park and grill out. We had a great time playing baseball....I got a home run! Anyhoo, I know that the ads were available in yesterday's newspaper but if you see something that you have questions about, do not hesitate to ask me! Wish you all a Happy Monday!! Be determined to LIVE your life today!

I wanted to share some family pics from this past week....our "kitty" is doing really good, he is such a loving animal....already spoiled rotten...but loving!
"Kitty's" spot on Maddie's bed and "scruffy" sunbathing
Spencer, blowing bubbles and Maddie....being goofy! (I told you I was gonna post it Madeline!)

Me, just before my "home run"....although....the "pitcher" (Brett) let me keep swingin' until I finally got a hit :)

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