Friday, March 27, 2009

just a couple of things....

Lisa, Noah's "other Mommy", brought a Walgreen's deal to my attention. the Stride gum is .79 cents each (with ad coupon), use it along with the $2.00 off 3 packs MQ and you pay just .37 cents for 3 packs! Seems to be a good "gum week" between Walgreen's and WD! Thanks Lisa! Also, I ventured into the dreaded Walmart territory (ONLY because I HAD too!) and I saw that they have an additional 50% off their clothing clearance! I noticed a lot of kids and baby clothes, but there were also some clothes for adults too. I got a satin pj set for $1.25! ALL the clearance is located on the baby department at the SR 54 Walmart.

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