Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My weekly shopping trip

Today I did my weekly grocery shopping, here are some of the deals that I got:

Trident Xtra care gum-on sale for $1.00 per pack. Used -.75 cents off MQs= .25 cents per pack (I bought 14 packs).
Crest Pro health night toothpaste-on clearance for .95 cents. Used -$1.00 off MQs= free

IAMS cat food :) 0n sale for $6.49. Used $5.00 MQs= $1.49 per bag.
Duracell hearing aid batteries-$8.49. Used $3.00 Store coupon and $2.00 MQ=$3.49 a pack.
Birdseye steamers meals for 2-$5.99. Used $1.00 store coupon and $2.00 MQ= $2.99 each.
Kellogg's fruit snacks-$2.95 BOGO. Used $1.00/2 MQ=$1.95 for 2 boxes.

Gillette body wash-$2.00. Used $2.00 MQ= free
Quaker Simple harvest granola bars-$2.50 each. Used $1.00 MQs for each box. Buy 5 boxes get $5.00 Target gift card. Final cost=$2.50 for 5 boxes. I used that gift card to get another deal-on that one, I paid $2.50 cash and got back another $5.00 gift card!
Suave shampoo/conditioner-.97 cents each. Used $2.00 off 3 MQ= .91 cents for 3 bottles. I also used another $2.00 MQ on the trial size hand lotions= .97 cents for 3.
Market pantry juice pouches-on clearance for $1.14 per box (10 in each box).

Those a the most "noteworthy" deals that I got.

Tonight Brett will be preaching at Highest Praise Family Church (Tarpon Springs)-if you are welcome to come by!
Happy Wednesday!

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