Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Walgreen's trip!

UPDATE! Walgreen's refunded me my $7.99 I was over charged, so my total was actually $7.31 on the first transaction! I feel so STUPID that I did not catch that one!

Walgreen's is a couponer's GOLDMINE this week!
My first receipt I spent $15.30 (actually $7.31 after they refunded me for Blink-they scanned it 2 xs by mistake) and I got back $13.50 in RRs! My total was over $95.00 before coupons...when I saw that I was starting to sweat, but my coupons brought it down to $15.30 ($7.31)! I saved $133.80 all together on that receipt! I got 4 boxes of band aids (on clearance for $1.09-I had a $1.00 coupon for each one=.09 cents each box), Dawn dish soap (.99 cents with ad coupon),2 bottles of Fructis shampoo and 2 bottles of Fructis conditioner ($3.50 each-minus $2.00 easy saver store coupon and $1.00 MQ=.50 cents each),4 packs of Revlon nail files (10 in each pack) $1.59 each pack...(I used $1.00 easy saver store coupon and $1.00 MQ=negative .41 cents each pack), Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste $3.29 (used .75 cents MQ=$2.54 and got back $3.50 in RRs=negative .96 cents-after RRs), 2 Colgate total toothpastes $3.49 (used 2 $2.50 Easy saver store coupons and 2 $1.50 MQs= negative .50 cents each one),Mylanta on clearance for $1.89 (used $2.00 easy saver store coupon and $1.00 Mq=negative $1.11), Revlon eye shadow $4.99 BOGO (used 2 $2.00 MQs=.99 cents for 2), Blink eye drops $7.99 (used $1.50 MQ and got back $8.00 in RRs=negative $1.51 after RRs),Nivea lip gloss $2.99 (used $1.00 ad coupon and $1.00 MQ=.99 cents),4 bottles of Curel lotion on clearance for $3.59 (used $2.00 easy saver coupon and $1.00 MQ for each bottle= .59 cents each) Vaseline lotion $2.69 (used $1.50 MQ and got back $2.00 in RRs=negative .81), 2 Glade refills (2 packs are BOGO), (used BO refill GO warmer and -$1.00 off refill MQs=$3.99 for 2-2packs refills and 2 warmers).
The second receipt I got the Colgate deal and the Blink deal, paid $8.50 got back $11.50 in RRs!


Sherrie said...

I'm just starting this, today I went to two CVS stores but I'm a bit confused about the Walgreen's RR's. Let's say I'm buying the Blink eyedrops, with a $1.50 coupon. I understand that I pay $6.49 but I don't understand the RR- is it a credit to spend on anything (like CVS does)at a later visit or is a coupon to spend ONLY on another Blink eyedrops? Thanks!

Sherri Walker-McCann "sha" said...

The RRs can be used on anything in the store...with a few exceptions (alcohol, giftcards...)!

Julie said...

Sherri, I wanted to get back w/you on the question you had. I checked w/a real coupon queen on this, Little Miss Know It All!Here’s how it works. The $2 coupon applied to the first Glade. Now you’ve bought one, so you get one free. Its called Piggybacking. Now, if the coupon had been $2/2, then that’s a totally different situation, and you know that. But since the BOGO applies to the second item, not the first, then its allowed.
I hope this helps, Julie