Saturday, February 28, 2009

My CVS trip

I bought 1 Gillette Fusion Razor (on sale for $7.99) and 13 packs of gum (on sale for .99 cents each) -my total after coupons was $1.18 and I got back $4.00 in ECBs! I used 13 Free Wrigley gum coupons and 1 $4.00 Gillette coupon and 1 CVS $4.00 off any $20 purchase coupon (which I got from scanning my CVS card at the store)and I paid the $1.18 in cash (used NO ECBs) so I literally MADE $2.82 on the deal! Remember-when you get those $4.00 (or $5.00....or whatever) off a $20 (or $25.....) purchase-the SUB total has to be at least $20 (before taxes and BEFORE coupons!). So even though the packs of gum were free with my coupons, they still counted toward that $20 total!
On a separate transaction I bought 3 Renuzit tri scent starter kits (on sale for $5.49-used 3 $4.00 coupons and earned $2.00 ECBs for each one=.51 profit for each one), a bottle of CVS brand vitamins ($2.99-earn $3.00 ECBs-for a .01 cent profit), & 1 box of Carnation instant breakfast($4.99-used $1.00 coupon and earned $4.99 ECBs=$1.00 profit)......after coupons and ECBs I made $2.54! I spent ECBs to get these deals-but made I more ECBs than I spent-since I had coupons for all the free items!
Make sure you grab these deals EARLY tomorrow....they sell out fast! If they sell out before you get there, ask for a rain check ...make sure they print the price of the item and the amount of ECBs that should be earned on the deal. Happy shopping! PLEASE....I am BEGGING....PLEASE post or email me the good deals that you find....I gotta know that taking my class (or reading my blog)has actually helped you! Thank you!


Sherrie said...

This was my first time getting an ExtraCare card at CVS, so I'm starting from zero. I got the Gilette Venus razor, $7.99 minus a $2 coupon with $4 ECB back. I also picked up two of the Softsoap hand soaps on sale for 99 cents. Nothing big this time, but once I start to gather more coupons I should do better. Both CVS's I went to were out of the Carnation Instant breakfast and I forgot to ask for a raincheck so I'll try the one by work tomorrow. (I did find that my husband and son don't have the patience for me wandering around the store...I'll have to shop alone on my way to work, LOL!)

Sherri Walker-McCann "sha" said...

So glad that you are on your way to saving a ton of money at CVS! Thanks for purchasing the booklet-BTW! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may is my passion to help others "learn the ropes" ! :)