Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today has been a CRAZY day...I've been so busy! Anyhoo, I have about 300.00 more to add to my monthly savings-but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I did want to share a couple of good deals with you...Publix has their "bird's eye" steamers-frozen veggies on sale for 50% off. Original prices vary from $1.89-$2.39. Use your $1.00 off 3 MQs along with $1.00 off 3 Store Q and you can save a TON! If you choose three that are $1.89 (corn, peas....)-you end up paying just .83 cents for THREE bags!I love these steamer bags...they are so easy to pop into the microwave...my kids sometimes eat them as snacks! Also, Publix has Glade scented oil candles and refills on sale for $2.50 each. Use your BOGO MQ to make them 2/$2.50 and then use the $2.00 MQ inside the box (if you can reach it) to make them 2/.50 cents. I just learned that you can do this. I always thought that if you had a bogo coupon-you could not use another MQ-but I met another Christian blogger/couponer and she assured me that it was perfectly legal...since you are getting 2 products (you would not be able to use 3 MQs-since you can never use more than 1 MQ per product). I tried it out at Walgreen's last week and they register accepted both coupons, so I am trusting that this other lady is correct.....who do you ask about "stuff" like this? She said she confirmed it with a coupon guru. Anyhoo-I'd never want to do anything that would compromise my integrity...I want to please God in everything I do...including couponing! But, I feel safe knowing that this other lady shares my principles and she is "certain" it is legit. PLUS...I am sure the Walgreen's register would have "beeped" if it as not correct...as it does half the time when it IS correct lol!
At Walgreen's...besides the awesome deals that I have already told you about, they have Trident splash gum (peppermint) on clearance for .60 cents. Use your .75 cents off 1 MQs to get them for free (+ overage, if your Walgreen's allows it-if not, they can just enter the .60 cents in manually to make them free) Irish Spring body wash is $4.42-when you buy one the register will print out a coupon for a free Irish Spring body wash.

That is about all I have "in me" right now-I promise to share more tomorrow!

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Sherrie said...

That Steamfresh veg deal ends tonight, but it is a great one. I bought 15 bags of the peas and corn in the last few days using that combination of coupons, it's a great feeling to have the "extra" freezer full with great deals like that.