Thursday, March 12, 2009


This morning I had a Doctor's appt in Tampa-some of you know what it was for, others may not. It is more of a "personal" situation and until I make a final decision on the matter I am gonna keep it that way. Anyhoo-for all of you who pray....please pray that God would lead me in the situation and that HIS will be done. If I decide (and my insurance company decides), I may be having surgery...not major-just one night at the hospital...while I am there, I 'd REALLY like to take care of another issue-that will NOT be covered by my I'd be needing about $7,000 to get that done. So y'all please pray for God's will and His provision in the matter.

On my way home from Tampa, I stopped at Walmart....did I ever mention that I HATE Walmart??? Well, I DO! The kids needed some school supplies so I just stopped in to pick up a few things. While I was there I checked out the "trial size" section and I found "Johnson & Johnson" body lotion (not the kind for kids, but the kind for women). The trial size was .97 cents and I had $1.00 MQs good on ANY J&J body lotion. I got 15 of those and just paid the tax on them. The cashier manually entered the coupon so there would be no overage. Well, it is about time for me to pick up the youngins...hope you are all having an awesome Thursday!! Oh! I was so thrilled to hear from Tina today, she took my class a few weeks ago and she just called to let me know how much money she is saving!! I LOVE IT! Thanks for letting me know Tina...sometimes I wonder if I am helping anyone or if I am wasting my time.

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michelle said...

Wasting your time, NO WAY!!!
Soo thankful for the info...but I still don't like CVS..hehhe