Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today's shoppping trip

Here are a few of the deals that I got at Publix today:
Pop Tarts-bogo $2.39 -$1.00/2= 2/$1.39 (.69 cents a box)
Advil PM 20 ct-$5.29-$3.00 store coupon and -$2.00 peelie MQ=.29 cents each box
Betty Crocker supreme brownies-bogo $2.27-used 2 $.50 cents off coupons=$1.27/2 (.63 cents a box)
Success rice (boil in bag-4ct)-$2.00 used $1.00 MQ=$1.00 a box
Cover girl nail polish-$3.29-used $2.00 store coupon and $1.00 MQ=.29 cents each bottle.
Publix ice cream-$3.00 used -$1.00 coupon found on the BC brownie box ($1.00 off Publix ice cream when you buy 2 boxes of mix)=$2.00
Those are just a few of the things I thought were "note worthy". I LOVE Publix! Their customer service can not be beat!

At Target I bought 6 bottles of Suave shampoo/conditioner for $1.17 each and used 2 -$2.00/3 MQs=$3.02 for 6 (.50 cents each).
Betty Crocker fruit snacks-on sale for $1.99-used 2 .50 cent Target coupons (printed right there in the store) and a .75 cents/2 MQ=$2.23/2 ($1.11 each box).
3 travel size bottles of Suave hand lotions-.97 cents each, used $2.00/3 MQ=.91/3 (.30 cents each).

At Walgreen's I bought more Curel lotion-clearanced to $3.59-used $2.00 store coupon and $1.00 MQ= .59 cents each. I also bought some more Revlon nail files-$1.69, used $1.00 Store coupon and $1.00 MQ= -.31 cents. Check you local Walgreen's for Mylanta-on clearance for $1.69, use $2.00 store coupon and $1.00 MQ for a profit of $1.31 (if your store allows overage). There are a TON of great deals at Walgreen's this week.....go get'um!

You may have noticed my little "savings bar" on the right side of this blog. My GF ,Tanya, asked me how much I save in a month, and I did not have an answer! I did not keep track of weekly/monthly savings-so I decided to start doing that! I separated it by stores and then put the total for the current month at the bottom. EVEN I am shocked by how much money I have saved, just THREE days into this month ($456.90!) ! I encourage each of you to start keep track too!! It really is an accomplishment to be able to save my family money, have plenty of enough for ourselves and have plenty of enough to give away...esp on our teeny, tiny budget! You should be proud when you save money for your families too!
I just have to say...I saw a talk show yesterday and I could NOT believe when the talk show host was SHOCKED by the fact that a family of 5 could live off of $60,000 per year. Are you serious??

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