Thursday, February 19, 2009

My re organized "coupon closet"

Yesterday I took the time to re organize my closet where I store the products I get using coupons. I am glad that I finally did it, since it gives me a lot more room!! I still have a huge tub of things that are set aside for certain people, so I do not put those in with the things we give away or use. Click the pictures to view them can see a lot more detail that way.
Last night I got the chance to go to "The Melting Pot" with Melissa and Michelle. That is my favorite restaurant and I really enjoyed spending time with the 2 "Ms"....Hey! M&M :) or, so not to leave myself out...M&Ms! Alright, I am in a goofy mood...can you tell? Anyhoo, I had a great time. Today I have spent time trying to upload a DVD that I created onto youtube, but it keeps saying that it is removed, due to "violation of terms and conditions"! I have no idea why!! First I thought it may the music...copyrights and all, so I took the music off and it STILL would not go through! I am bummed about that. Oh well. Well, I hope that you are all having an awesome Thursday!!

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michelle said...

It was soo nice to go out with you and Melissa! Yes, don't forget the S, in M&M''re a smart cookie!
BTW: Thanks for the 'coupon' to the Melting was easier on the wallet..., nice of you to share with us! =]