Friday, February 13, 2009


I have been such a "bad blogger" lately-I have to apologize! Things have been so crazy lately and I feel like I am running non stop!! Anyhoo-this is not a pity post, I wanted to share with you some of the deals available at Publix this week!

First...what is FREE! The Milk bone dog treats are bogo this week, BUT there was a coupon (not this past Sunday but the one before) for Bogo on the Milk bone dog treats. I was unsure of how Publix would feel about me using a bogo coupon with a bogo deal (meaning I would get the ONE that I was "paying for" taken off my bill since I was using the manufacturer BOGO coupon), so I asked the manager before I started shopping. TIP...if you are unsure ASK!! The manager said "well, we are going to get our money from the manufacturer regardless of what you pay-so if you are getting something for free....well then good for you!" He also said "if the cashier gives you and problem just tell them that I said it would be fine". Well, the cashier did question it, so I told her what the manager had said, she of course asked him anyway (as if I were lying :) and he confirmed it. If I had not asked the manager first, the cashier probably would have just told me that it could not be done, so ALWAYS ASK the manager when in doubt-do not count on the cashier to know the store's policies! Anyhoo, if you have that coupon, USE it this week at Publix!! If you happen to shop at a different Publix than I do (Trinity), then I suggest asking the manager of that particular store first.

There was a coupon in THIS Sunday's paper for a FREE can of "Purina ONE wholesome" dog food-I found that Publix was well stocked, so you should have no problem using that coupon there. Even if you do not have a dog...give it to someone who DOES or even take it to your local animal is FREE! Believe it or not, that seems to be the biggest hurdle I have while taking people out as a "personal shopper". You'd be amazed at how many people have to stop and "think" about getting a product that they do not use, or are unsure of whether or not the "kids will eat it" (rotel tomatoes) before they will buy it, even it is 100% FREE!!

So Today, on my trip to Publix I got 6 boxes (I did not want to wipe them all out!) of dog treats, 12 cans of the dog food and 2 boxes of Juicy Juice drink boxes (only cause I had to have them, I paid $2.49 for 2) and my total was $4.38 (since you have to pay taxes on dog food)...saving $41.63!.

For the church I bought 6 boxes of "Quaker oatmeal to go" bars and my total was $6.24 (saving $12.87).

Other BOGO deals this week include (you should have coupons for MOST of them-unless you are a "newbie"):
Betty crocker cake mix
Shedd's Country Crock mashed Potatoes
Flatout bread
Juicy Juice drink boxes
Barilla pasta sauce
Betty Crocker cookie mix
Pillsbury brownie mix
Quaker Baked bars
Lipton tea bags
Kraft dressing
Ken's steak house marinade
Post cereals (several varieties)
Enterman's loaf cake
Thomas' english muffins
Shedd's spread butter
Int. Delight creamer
Simply potatoes
Swiss miss pudding
Pepperidge farm cakes
farm fresh cheese sticks
Breathe right strips
Soft scrub cleanser......
All the details are listed in the sales flyer, or you can click on "publx essentials" on the right side of my blog (google ads) and it will take you directly to the ad! Best part about using THAT link......I get paid each time you do! :)

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