Thursday, February 12, 2009


OMG! If you have not tried the new "South Beach fiber fit" bars....RUN to the store for some now! I have tried the "smores" and "mocha" flavors and they are "out of this world"! It taste like you are eating a candy bar....but they are only 120 calories (2 pts for all you WWs) and have NINE grams of fiber!! Anyhoo, I just love it when I find something that makes me feel like I am indulging...but without the guilt! Let me know what you think!

This morning I went to Walgreen's after I took the kids to school. I had some time between dropping the kids off and meeting Tanya for our walk. I got some amazing deals there today! One of the managers gave me an "employee discount" card (good for family/ friends) that gives me an EXTRA 15% off EVERY thing in the store and 20% off Walgreen's brand items (good only today and tomorrow). I got 2 packs of Schick razors, 4 tubes of Cover Girl lipsticks, 1 thing of Revelon eye shadow, 2 bottles of Phisoderm face wash & 1 pack of barrettes and my total was $3.22 (and that is including tax!). I saved $50.99! Those razors that I told you about earlier in the week are only .24 cents (instead of .99 cents)with the 15% discount, since they gave me the discount BEFORE ANY coupons were scanned (including store coupons!). So, I have this card if any of you would like for me to go with you, or if you would like to use it-email me! It is good for unlimited uses 2/12-2/13!

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