Sunday, February 22, 2009


So much to share......! Today we stopped by Tanya and Chris' house to see if we could park at their house and go around their neighborhood to try to sell the rest of Spencer's candy bars (we figured we'd have more luck on the "other side of the tracks"). Well, when we pulled up at their house they were all outside playing and Chris and Ryan took Brett, Spencer and the girls around to sell the candy...they sold out within a few minutes! Tanya and I just sat on her front porch swing and enjoyed the quiet! Brett and Chris played baseball with the kids while Brooke and Maddie took care of Ellie in the house, so it was a nice break for us! Anyhoo, I really appreciate Tanya and Chris allowing the kids to come play and for helping us get rid of the candy bars!
Ok...I have some "breaking news" that I am so thrilled to share with you!! Today I learned that you can print Target coupons AT Target! Those computers at the front of the store (that are for wedding/baby registry) also print STORE coupons (which means you can match them with MQs to get GREAT deals!). The manager was not even aware of this, I asked about it when I got there and he told me that the only coupons you can print are the ones that are only good online (that did not make sense to me so I played around with the computer until I figured it out!). First you want to go to the "shop online" option, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, to the tiny print at the VERY bottom, and click "store coupons", that brings up a page of coupons and you just click "Print"! It gives you the option to choose which ones you want to print, but if you just click "print" they all will print (4 pages). They come out of the printer right there! Some of the coupons are "Super Target" coupons, Target will not honor those (I do not think!) but most of them are "Target" coupons and you can use them right then! BTW-the coupons state "Offer valid for in store purchase only", so obviously they are not for online purchases.I know that I am easily amused, but was just SO excited to learn this! You can also print them from your PC, but I figure-why waste YOUR paper and ink? Also, if you ever forget your coupons, you know that you can get them right in the store!

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