Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Hersey's deal DOES work at Walgreen's. So, I got 6 Hersey bars for free, I also got the Fusion Power razor (made a profit on that), and the foil (also made a profit on that). I have a new weakness, Walgreen's sells "It's Greek to me" Greek chicken soup....SO YUMMY! (only 3 pts per can) it cost $2.19 a can I ate up my profits buying it (no pun intended :). I also got the Excedrin extra strength I also got the the Charmin big rolls deal, some bandaids and 3 tubes of Colgate. My total was just under $14.00 and I got $7.00 in RRs back! Darn soup put me over! Too bad there are no coupons for IT!

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