Sunday, February 1, 2009

Missin' Brett :(

It has been REALLY hard, not having Brett around the last two days!! I miss him soooooooo much! We have kept in touch on the phone, he comes to bed after I am asleep (3:00 am!) and leaves before I wake up (or like today-I left before HE woke up!)!! I am so glad that I have him to "do life" with me (that is HIS phrase...he always says "thank you for doing life with me"-sweet!). Anyhoo-I am SO excited about leaving for Disney tomorrow!! We planned on leaving early-but since Brett will not get home until 3:00 am again, we will leave later in the morning. We are going to Downtown Disney and checking out all the different Disney resorts tomorrow. Then, we are going to Disney Tuesday and either Disney again on Wednesday or MGM (depending on if we get to do everything we want to do at Disney the first day). This is our very first vacation together,as a family!! Spencer asked me if the hotel had a BATH TUB! He wanted to know how many clothes to his thinking, if they had no bath tub then he would only need the clothes that he was wearing (I mean....why would you change your clothes unless you took a bath....right?)but since they HAVE a bath tub, he will need to pack enough clothes for 4 days! Sometimes I am amazed at the way his brain works-baffled and amazed!
Well, I have to thank Kathy for coming to take care of our house and dogs!! She is such a blessing to our family!! Thank you!!

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michelle said...

Have a wonderul time, McCann family!
Woohoo, they come!! =]