Saturday, January 31, 2009

More deals

Here is the pic of everything I got at out of pocket cost.....=.74 cents (I spent ECBs and also earned an extra $5.00 ECBs on this transaction)! Click on the picture to enlarge it, to spare me from having to type out everything I bought.


Milk-2.99 per gallon

Hersey's bagged candy-in ad coupon=$1.89-you can use your $2.00/2 coupon on this deal-if the sizes are correct.

Pop tarts-2/$3-use your -$1.00 off coupon!

Loreal-bogo (coupons will be in tomorrow's paper-if you do not have any)

Pert-$1.99 after instant coupon (from the NEW easy saver that comes out tomorrow!) Use manufacturer's coupon with this deal to make it .99 or less!

There are TONS of free after rebate items available too-if you do that.

Now...I just LOVE getting a new easy saver booklet-it is always packed full of great coupons! The new one is no exception! (Thanks Mr. Manager for giving me one early ;) Are are a few of the good ones:

-$1.00 off Bic razors (use your $2.00 off one along with the store coupon)

-$2.00 off Schick razors (use your manufacturer's coupon too!)

-$4.00 off Ecotrin pain reliever-there was a coupon in last Sunday's paper for this item too!

Just a short note on Publix-they have Nabisco wheat thins and triscits bogo this week. Use your -$2.00/2 manufacturer's coupon and they are just two boxes for .79 cents!

Stacy pity/bagel chips are 2/$5-use your -$1.50 coupon and they are just $1.00 per bag (we bought the cinnamon and sugar ones-YUM!)

Happy shopping everyone!

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