Monday, February 16, 2009

Hidden CVS deal

I just wanted to share a "hidden" deal that I found at CVS!
If you buy Two Neutrogena bars of face soap (the transparent kind) for $2.99 each, you will get back $10 in ECBs! A $4.00 money maker (even without coupons!)! I think that the deal is good on ANY Neutrogena face product (NOT positive about that, but pretty sure)...but it does work on the $2.99 soap! If you can only find one bar of soap at your CVS, you can always find a second one at another will print the $10 ECBs when you purchase the second bar (even though you are only buying one at a time), since the info is saved on your CVS card!! BTW-the CVS I shop at had several bars left when I went there today. SO, for all your "newbies"...this is a great way to get started earning ECBs!! Just to clarify, if you already have ECBs you can PAY with ECBs and you would still earn the $10 ECBs! Ex-today, I paid with my ECBs-I paid out a couple of bucks cash (I was buying other things too) and then I earned $10 even though I paid most my bill with ECBs. Got it? Let me know if you are able to take advantage of this let me know that I am not wasting my time sharing these tips :)

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