Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yesterday Michael Vinson (Vinson Heating and Air) worked 12+ hours replacing our air ducts and I believe that it is going to make a HUGE difference in Spencer's asthma flair ups! I am also excited about not having DUST blown out all over the house! I am going to get started dusting every crevice of this house (even though I just did it last week!) ! After I get my dusting done, I am off to Tanya's to go for a walk! I have really enjoyed our walks together, it has been a great way for us to get to know each other better and to release the stresses of motherhood! She is my WW accountability partner-it has helped me tremendously to know that I have to answer to her! I am not sure how much weight I will lose this week, the only exercise that I have gotten has been on my walks with Tanya, and my body is used to being worked out a bit more in the gym on the days I do not walk with her. There are no excuses...y'all KNOW that I hate excuses! I just did not MAKE the time to go this week. I could have gotten my bum out of bed early to go (which is all I can do when I have a busy day)-but I chose to sleep until 7:00 am. Anyhoo-I think that not working out may effect my weigh in this week (I weigh in on Saturday).
This afternoon I am picking up my little Noah! I am excited about that! Things have been so crazy around here that I have not even seen him in WEEKS! Lisa (his Mommy) told me today that when she told him that I was picking him up-he started to "fake cry" and said "I miss my mama Sherri". Can't wait to squeeze him :) This evening we are going over to my Aunt Ruby's house for supper, my Aunt Aggie is down from Georgia and I am looking forward to spending time with her! She (along with Ruby and Maggie) came to my class on Monday night, but I did not get to really sit down and talk to her much, so I am looking forward to eating supper over there tonight! I wish that my Mom was here too...., I know that she misses everyone! Well, that is about all that is going on today (unless I am forgetting something-like I did Tuesday! I forgot that Maddie and Bubba had soccer practice, and I showed up at school to pick them up anyway and then I ALSO forgot that Brooke had piano lessons starting up again and I was surprised to see her teacher pull into the driveway!.....too much "stuff" going on, for one small brain!)

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