Saturday, February 7, 2009

What is FREE at CVS this week....

This week you can get Nabisco wheat thins or Ritz crakers for FREE at CVS! They are on sale 5/$5 (for the smaller, personal packages) and when you use your -$2.00/2 M. coupon, they are completely free-no tax, since it is a food item! I also hit the "mother load" at my CVS with the clearance section (sorry all you who live in NPR-I wiped us out!). They had 90% off Olay face soap, Neutrogina anti aging lotions, among other things! I used coupons that made most of it FREE-I just had to pay tax! They would have OWED me money, but I told the cashier that she would need to manually enter the coupons since the value of the items was less than the coupon. Example-Olay foaming face wash-.79 cents, I had a $1.00 off coupon. Anyhoo, there are some great deals at Walgreen's this week too-check my blog tomorrow, I will try to go over everything!

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