Sunday, February 8, 2009


I should clarify, for all you who live in NPR, I ONLY shopped at the CVS on 54-and I ONLY wiped out the Olay products. I went this morning and they still have several different items in their 90% bin! (BTW-the bin says 75% off, but they ring up 90% off). Anyhoo-just wanted to make sure that you all did not think that I wiped out ALL of NPR!! Also, I just came from Walgreen's and I wanted to tell you that you can get the Schick razors for just .99 cents a pack there! Use the store coupon and your M. coupon THIS week! They are on sale for $4.99-minus the $2.00 store coupon and minus the $2.00 MQ=.99 cents a pack! They have three different ones available, look in today's ad to see! Just a tip-I bought all three different kinds and it only took off the $2.00 each for one kind. They adjusted it for me, but just make sure you keep an eye on the register when they scan the store coupon. The managers where baffled by the computer not taking the $2.00 off for all of them, my guess is that it did not do it because it can not read all three different kinds at once. You may want to stick to one type of razor (NOT one "amount", but type) for each transaction, to avoid waiting there while they try to figure it out! Anyhoo.....they also have make up on clearance right now, so check your stores to see what is available!! Happy shopping!

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