Friday, February 6, 2009

I just wanted to let everyone know that you can get FREE Aleve pain relievers at Publix this week! I was there today and noticed it-but I did not do my whole week's worth of shopping so I did not make note of all the other deals available. Aleve is on sale for $2.99 each this week, Publix has a store coupon for -$4.00 off any 2 Aleve (among other brands) products. ON THE BOX, there are "peelies" for -$1.00 off each one-so they are FREE when using the coupons together! If you can not find ones with peelies then you can also use your $1.00 coupon from the newspaper inserts from several weeks ago.

Brett and I did our taxes today, we were a little bit worried that we would not be getting any money back this year or we may even have to pay in. THANKFULLY, we will still be getting a refund-so we are officially DEBT FREE (other than the mortgage and car loan, of course)!! I am so excited about that!! God has worked it all out this year so that we could pay off the credit card! We put EVERYTHING that I needed to start my photography business on my credit card (lighting, camera, memory cards, backdrops, backdrop holder, advertising expenses.........)-so we had a LARGE balance! My camera ALONE was nearly $4,000!! Thankfully, we had a zero % interest this past year so we paid nothing in interest! I just wanted to share-GOD is so good! We have been very disciplined this past year and God honored that. I was a bit worried that we would not be able to pay off the card, even with getting a refund, since we had to pay for Brett to go to the doctor today. I was worried that we'd have about a $500 bill once everything was said and done. Instead, we went to the walk in clinic to get an xray, because Dr. Hanff's office told us that we would have to bring that in since they were gonna fit us in since we are friends of Dr Hanff's. At the walk in clinic, the xray showed NO fracture, but the doctor feels that he may have torn a ligament. He put a hard shell brace on Brett and did NOT charge ANYTHING for the xray! We only paid $166. for the whole visit! When we came in, the person at the front desk said it would be $250. BEFORE any treatment or brace! Another example of God's goodness and favor! So, Brett has orders to continue using his crutches, wearing his brace and they started him on an anti inflammatory medication. We are praying that he will not need any other treatment-he said to give it 3-4 weeks to see how he does. Thank you for all your prayers, phone calls and emails!! I really appreciate knowing that we have friends who we can count on to lift us up in prayer!

I STILL want to tell you all the details of our trip-it was an amazing adventure!! maybe tomorrow I will have a little more time to post pics and details....we still have not unpacked yet!

FYI-we have used to do our taxes the last 3-4 years and it has saved us more than $1,000!! We were paying "Jackson Hewitt" more than $300 every year to do our taxes-since we do a long form with itemized deductions and since Brett is "self employed" for his 2nd job. Anyhoo, it is SUPER easy and a standard return is FREE-because we file so many forms we have to pay $7.95 to do the taxes AND file them electronically!! Several years ago, we were in line at walmart, about to buy a "turbo tax" software, when the lady in line in front of us told us about tax act-what a blessing that has been! BTW...this is NOT one of my paid ads...I really do believe in this website! We have never had ANY problems with getting our returns! And, the awesome thing is that they save all the info for you, so next year, when you use it again, they already have all the dependant info , employer info/addresses.......less work for you!
Well, I am ready to curl up in bed and watch a little tv now!! Hope all is well with each one of my readers!!

PS...I have a little "guilt" and I have a confession to make......I know that I run the risk on sounding a little "flaky" by admitting this, but.....I went to a WW meeting last week. I was interested in finding out what changes they made to the program this year. Tanya and I were talking about it and my curiosity won, so I went. I weighed in....and oh my! I have gained some weight since the last time that I went (several months ago)! I KNEW how much I weighed, I weigh at home every week. I have not gained since I started my "no diet diet"-which is amazing in itself! But, I guess I did not realize that I weighed so much less when I was following WW. Anyhoo-I wanted to get that off my chest! Tanya and I have a "pact" and we have decided to conquer this thing together! Honestly, the thought of counting points again, makes me SICK......but the thought of staying this weight forever-makes me even MORE SICK! I really need my clothes to fit! Brett, trying to be sweet-tells me that I do not need to lose any weight and that I am too hard on myself. So, I tell him that I will need to buy a new wardrobe then-hes says "then do it"! MEN!

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