Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God is SO good!

Today Michael, our AC guy, ("Vinson Air"-they are AWESOME if you ever need an AC company....they come highly recommended! Let me know if you would ever like their phone #.) came to check out our air ducts. We were pretty sure that they needed to be cleaned or replaced, so we asked him to come out and take a look. They DO need to be replaced so we got an estimate on how much it would cost. After we got the estimate I told him that I would talk it over with Brett and see what we could do....since I knew that we did not have the money to get it done right now. Well, I prayed and asked God to make a way...since I knew it was so important, especially for Spencer, who has asthma! Well, less than 1 hour later, God answered my prayer!! I called my mortgage company to ask about getting our escrow account looked at, since our insurance went down several months ago, but we have not seen a difference in our mortgage yet. Well, not only is our mortgage going down $101 a month but we are getting a REFUND check that is JUST enough to cover the new air ducts!! I never dreamed that we would be getting a refund! God is so faithful to us and I just wanted to share how He has blessed us! I have NEVER gotten an answer to pray THAT quickly!! I mean.....it is not like I asked God to help me find my car keys or something.....I was asking God for more than $1,000 and it took Him less than an hour to answer my prayer!! Thank you God! Thank you Michael for coming out to take a look at our ducts today!

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