Wednesday, April 30, 2008


As you know, last night was "GNO". We had a great time and I got a ton of awesome presents! (BETTER than Christmas!). I know I have mentioned it before but I want to say again how blessed I am to have such amazing "sisters"! We have seen each other through so much. We have been through pregnancies, loss, husband "woes", tears, health crisis......we have also celebrated so many things together! That is a sign of true friendship, when you can feel the pain or joy just as much as the friend who is experiencing the situation. My "Sistas" are like no other! They are CRAZY enough to get a "tat" with you-but compassionate enough to hold your hand when it is your time to get "inked"! (Karen!). They will not take "NO" for an answer and insist on driving you to the doctor's appt where you'll find out the results of your medical tests (Nikki!). They will show up at your door with bags of groceries and a Publix gift card when they know you are in need (Tanya!). They will talk for hours and hours until we realize that the sun will be coming up soon and we'd best be gettin' home (Karen-after a movie and Melissa-in the drive way of her house!)They will make you laugh until you "pee" yourself (Erin!), cry with you until the pain is gone, grow with you and remain with you forever! I know that my sisters will be standing in line with me when it is time to join the "red hat society" and we will probably do something outrageous to celebrate when we do (red hat tat anyone?)! I am so grateful that God has placed these amazing women in my life. I have a few new "sisters" now -Jodi and Amee have become a part of our "family" too! Thank you all for being my "sisters"!! I love you all!

Our "GNO" last night

Our tattoos in Dallas-2005 (above) and my B-day 5 years ago (below) -when my friends got me an "I Love Lucy" birthday cake!

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