Thursday, April 17, 2008

School dance

Be sure to "click" on the pics (to enlarge them)-some of the expressions are priceless!

Tonight was the annual elementary family school dance. This year the theme was "country western". We had a lot of fun just being "goofy". Spencer was not very interested in dancing-he just wanted to eat! (and eat and eat and eat!) Brooke got to see some of her old friends who were on her "Odyssey of the mind" team last year. Maddie had fun running around with all her friends-and I noticed a "certain boy" who seemed to be following her around. I can not believe we are to THAT point already!! Brett did not want to accept the fact that a little boy was chasing after his "baby girl" so he stood up real tall and flexed his muscles hoping to intimidate this little 3rd grader! Of course, I was the one behind the camera trying to capture the fun. Next time I think I will wear a T-shirt that says "I do not work for the school OR the newspaper!". I had tons of little ones under my feet trying to get their pics in the paper ( I guess my camera made me look "official" because I also kept getting asked by strangers how much it cost for a picture!"). Well, we had tons of fun and I wanted to share the pics with everyone! Oh and YES, that is my Kooky husband (and son!) doing the ROBOT! Sooner or later Brett is going to realize that if DOES crazy things, they WILL show up on my blog!! :) That's OK-his "goofy" personality makes me love him even more!

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