Friday, April 18, 2008

More blessings!!!

Today we received even MORE blessings!! It started this morning when a $75.00 exam fee was "waived" at my new chiropractor!! Then I got a call from the hearing aid repair center-earlier in the week I took in one of Brett's hearing aids that was dropped into water and was no longer working. Usually a repair cost about $300.00 but sometimes they are able to adjust it right there in the center for no charge. Well, the audiologist called me today and she said that there was a hole in the receiver and she had to send it out-she then told me that she may have caused the hole while she was adjusting it and that the center was covering 100% off the repair costs!! Then, this afternoon I got a return call from the Christian school that we are sending the kids to next year-I had called them to find out how much money we would have to come up with the cover the remaining tuition,enrollment fees and book charges. At first the lady was giving me numbers that were adding up to about $2,600!(we figured it would be around $1,000) Then she had me hold while she asked someone else about multiple student discounts-after all was said and done we are now only going to owe $222!! AND, we only have to pay $74.11 up front to be able to register them!! WOW!! What a HUGE blessing that is!! AND, though it may not seem like a blessing to some people, it is a HUGE blessing to me-I found out that my insurance pays 100% of a gym membership! I went today to check out some of the gyms that take my insurance-I found one that I am VERY happy with! It is a brand new gym and it is beautiful. As most people know, I walk most every day for exercise, and with summer coming up quickly, it will soon be too hot to walk outdoors, so now I will be able to go there and workout in AC. God has been so good to us and His blessings just keep coming!! My daughter, Brooke, squealed with excitement when I told her about the school and then she said "Mom, the clouds are starting to clear!"

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