Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia

Last night, while I was busy ordering pictures (for Maddie's science project-she's going to district!!), Spencer asked me if we could "all watch a movie together" (something about "all watching it together"-which is always the way he asks, makes it more fun). At first I told him "no, not tonight, I am busy right now". Then he asked "well, can I just lay here and watch it and PRETEND that you are watching it too?". OK, he "got me" there and of course I welcomed him up into the bed and we started the movie. He wanted to watch "Narnia"-I have seen this movie at least a dozen times but each time I watch it I get more and more from it! If you have not watched the movie yet, I would HIGHLY recommend that you run out an buy it today! For the longest time I would not let my kids see it because it looked "evil" and I was afraid it would scare them. But this movie is anointed by God and had I only looked into it I would have seen that. The movie is made up of symbolism which depicts the sacrifice that Jesus made for our sins. All my life I was raised in church and I have always heard the story of the cross but honestly, it was not until I saw this movie that I saw vividly that it was Christ's LOVE for me that drove Him to the cross. He did not give Himself just because it was "ordained" for Him to do so but because He LOVED us so much that He could not bear seeing us suffer the punishment we deserved. That may seem so elementary to you-but I guess, seeing it in the movie made it even more clear. Last night I saw another symbol that I had not seen before. It was the scene where Peter was fighting off two of wolves (demons) and "Aslan" (Jesus) came to rescue him but instead he restrained one of the wolves ( he knew Peter could not fight them both) and let Peter fight off the other on his own. Sometimes, when times are hard and we are going through a spiritual battle we may wonder where God is or why He hasn't rescued us but He is still there restraining the enemy and yet letting us grow by still allowing us to fight what He knows we can handle. I am not sure why this movie has captured me the way that it has but I can feel the presence of God each time I watch it. I just wanted to share with you and encourage you to watch the movie-it REALLY is anointed by God!

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