Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My "Prince" and my "little Prince"

Yesterday Brett brought home a beautiful card for me. Inside, he wrote a very sweet and touching letter and he enclosed a gift card to "AMC" theatres (so I can use it to see a movie with my best friend on our upcoming "Girl's Night Out"-YIPPEE!!). Now, you all know by now that I am married to an amazing man-in fact I am told by my MOTHER that if I do not quit blogging about him then people are going to start "hating" me!-I am still not sure if she was kidding about that or not :) . But truthfully, I have already stated that I intend to be completely REAL in this blog and I am not going to "appologize" for or hide the fact that I married such an incredible man and that I fall more in love with him everyday. Of course, we have had our share of "knock down drag outs" in the past and I will PROMISE to blog about any future "disagreements"-(should they occur) if you will "allow" me to brag about my man for now. Now that I have THAT off my chest (happy Mom??) let me get to the REAL purpose of this blog. I am so happy to see our son, Spencer, following in his Daddy's footsteps!! He is turning into quite a gentleman! He is learning how to treat women with respect (we are still working on respecting his sisters, however), he is even learning how to hold the door open for me! Last week, the kids were on spring break so I took them along on my weekly grocery trip. Spencer saw a bouquet of flowers and said "Mommy, I should have gotten you those for your birthday!", then he said, "Well, maybe I could get them for you for Mother's day". I told him that I thought that would be a great idea. Then, he looked at me and said "Mommy, can I buy you those pretty flowers now?". Now, no matter WHAT my budget was I was NOT going to let an opportunity like this pass me by!! I told him that it was very sweet of him to want to buy me flowers and he then picked out the best bunch he could find-he put a lot of thought and effort into his choice. So, that day-my son "bought" me flowers, even though he did not have any money to pay for them-I really believe that he would have paid for them if he could have!! I am so happy to see Spencer turning out so much like Brett and I am equally as happy that my girls are growing up seeing how a woman SHOULD be treated and that "Prince Charmings" really DO exist!

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