Monday, April 14, 2008


I just have to tell everyone about my new coffee pot! For our birthdays(mine is April and Brett's is May), my parents bought us a "Keurig" single cup coffee maker. I am LOVING this amazing machine! Today we got the coffee in the mail (it takes "K cups"-they are little cups that you put in the maker and INSTANTLY, you get a cup of fresh, hot coffee!! ). We got seveal boxes of coffee-every flavor imaginable! Tonight, after supper I enjoyed a cup of "german chocolate cake" coffee and Brett had "sugar bush maple". YUMMY! My daughter (Brooke) said "Mommy!, it is JUST coffee" when she saw how excited I was about this new coffee experience! My reply? "It is NOT "just" coffee!" I guess you'd just have to love coffee, the way that I do, to really understand! So, while my daughter MAY make fun of me for squeeling with excitment over my birthday present-I will remember a compliment I recently recieved when someone told me "No matter WHAT you are doing you always seem to be having so much fun!" and I will enjoy every "drop" of my life (AND coffee)!

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Johnnie said...

It is just I would never understand as I am not a coffee drinker at all. However when we drive past a Starbucks my wife instantly turns into a happy b-day!!

- j -