Monday, April 14, 2008

God's promise

As you know, God has been doing so many exciting things in the our lives lately-this morning while driving home from taking the kids to school I was just thanking God for everything He has done. When I pulled into our drive way, I looked up and saw a beautiful sky-with the clouds covering the sun and there were several beams of sunlight escaping. I was thinking to myself "wow", what a beautiful God we serve!! Then, God spoke to my heart in such a real way that it brought tears to my eyes! The words I heard were "Those beams of sunlight are like the blessings I have been pouring out upon your life, soon, the clouds will clear and the sun will over take you". I am amazed at the mercy and grace of our God. I know that it was God's MERCY that gave me my insurance. I remember one night in particular that I cried out for Mercy-pleading out, in pain, for God to have mercy on me and grant me favor so that I could get health insurance and get relief. I knew that night that He heard my cry-I felt that I touched His heart with my plea. I am so grateful that we serve a LIVING God who chooses to communicate with His children! Thank God for His mercy and grace!! I took a picture of the sun-but the picture does not do its beauty justice.

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