Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today was "take your child to work day"-my girls batted their eyes at their Daddy and he allowed them to stay home with me today. The "plan" was for them to experience life as a "stay at home" mom. They folded a couple of loads of laundry and vacuumed but I can not say that they got the "full effect"! By the 2nd load of laundry Maddie said "I am so sorry, mommy"-I guess she was sorry that my life is so "boring". I also had Noah today-it was nice to get to spend some time with him! I miss him so much when he is not here! Maddie got her glasses today-I think that she looks really cute in them! She is adjusting to wearing them but I think that she will do well. I wanted to share some pics!
I went through my closet today and Noah found my neck brace-that I probably should have been wearing while I was cleaning but, I hate that thing! (it doesn't help anyway). He loves dressing up which is why he is wearing a helmet,fishing boots and a batman suit!

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