Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kids say the darnest things....

Years ago, my Mom told me that I needed to write down all the cute, silly things that the kids say. I wish, now, that I had followed her advise! Today, while I was driving Bubba to therapy, he said..."Mommy! In 5 more days it will be only 10 days until Christmas!" So funny! His brain just seems to process things differently than any child I have ever known!

A few nights ago, we were driving along SR 54 and Spencer saw the lit up cross that is at the church off in the distance...he screamed..."That cross is MOVING! (it does kinda look like it is moving as you are driving along)" We tried to tell him that we were the ones moving, not the cross, but then he rolled down the window and started screaming..."JESUS!! JESUS!!" as if he was trying to get His attention!

One funny story that we still aggravate Maddie about-when she was little, someone must have said something about getting a head cut off (I have no idea why this came up! Brooke says she thinks it was because the lesson at church was about the body of Christ being made up of different parts-using actual body parts for an example)...anyhoo, she said "If your head got cut off, you would DIE!" -then she said "'cause if your head got cut off you could not see where you were going and then you would run into a wall and DIE!"

We were watching something on TV about the importance of nutrition and drinking plenty of water, it said something about the fact that humans can not live past 3 days (or whatever it is!) without water. Maddie breaks the silence and says...."I would die next Thursday!".

I know that there are tons more things I can use to embarrass my kids...I will have to look in their memory books to try to find more! I have a few ZINGERS on Brooke (she better not EVER get "out of line" ! ha ha!) ...but, she will not let me share them here. :(

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