Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love Lucy

Christmas is over and now my house reflects that! Today, we took down the Christmas tree and all of the decorations. It feels good to have that behind us! We usually wait until New years day to take everything down, but this year I was just "over" Christmas and today we had the perfect opportunity to do it-so we took advantage of it. Anyhoo-while we were taking everything down and cleaning everything, I finally put up some of my "Lucy" stuff that was just sitting on the front entrance table. It is a bit crowded on my new "Lucy wall"-but it is my spot...just for me. Each one of my "Lucy" things means something special to me-as they are all gifts from friends and family. Karen bought me Lucy book (it ROCKS!-it has copies of real the marriage certificate and newspaper articles) and the key holder, Nikki bought me the Lucy clock, Brett's aunt made me the Lucy B-day card, my parents bought me the signs, Brett bought me the photos, a secret sister bought me the frame (the pic in the frame is of me at my "surprise" b-day party-where Nikki made me a "I love Lucy" b-day cake!), Nikki also bought me the frame that has little Lucy pics in it. My favorite episode has got to be the "Vitameatavegimin" one, where she gets drunk doing a vitamin syrup commercial! Also, I love the one where Ricky and Fred trick the girls by telling them that the potato sack "dresses" that they "bought" them are really very expensive and trendy french dresses......the way that they "strut their stuff" wearing those dresses just cracks me up! I love that they think everyone is starring at them because they are admiring the dresses! Then, there is the "fishing" episode where the girls bet the guys that they can catch a bigger fish-and then BOTH the girls and the guys go out and BUY a large fish from the fish market......then they try to hide it from each other! So classic! I have all but the last season on day I want to get that one too! The pic bellow is them wearing their potato sack dresses!-thinking they were ALL THAT!

Today we took the kids to see the movie "Bolt"-it was really cute! The tickets were only $5.00 each and at the Oldsmar theater, they let you bring in "outside" food so we packed a lunch and brought it along! I think it is awesome that they allow people to bring in their own food! They said that customers could bring in a large pizza as long as it does not distract other customers! Anyhoo-the movie was really funny, and I have the feeling that it is one of those movies that you "catch" more and more each time you see it!